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Today, I’m teaching you how to start a podcast, and I’m bringing in a podcast pro who’s racked
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Welcome to The Sunny Show, for the bright side of being your own boss and building your
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Hey boss. I’m Sunny Lenarduzzi and, before we dive into
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start your podcast. Now, I turned to an expert on the topic, an
absolute podcast pro, a friend, and a mentor who taught me everything that I needed to
know to get The Sunny Show podcast up and running. Mr. Pat Flynn. Pat Flynn is a father, husband, and entrepreneur
who owns several successful online businesses. He’s a Wall Street Journal bestselling author,
and host of the Smart Passive Income, and Ask Pat podcasts, which have earned a combined
total of over 50 million downloads, multiple awards, and features in publications such
as The New York Times and Forbes. And a fun side note, it’s kind of like Pat
and I have switched places. Pat actually just launched his own YouTube
channel and it’s got lots of great tips for bosses like you. Head over there, tell him that Sunny sent
you, and stay tuned until the end of this video because Pat is generously offering free
access to his free mini course, How to Start a Podcast in 3 Days. So, I’ll give you the link and all the info
for that at the end of the video. Now without further ado, the master of podcasting
himself, Mr. Pat Flynn. Pat Flynn:
Hey. Thank you, Sunny, for that amazing introduction. I’m super stoked to be here. And hello to the fellow bosses out there. Really excited to be talking about podcasting. It’s become a passion of mine over the years. I’ve been podcasting since 2010. So, let’s just dive right into the content,
and make sure you stick around because I’ve got a lot of great stuff for you in this. Now before I get into the how to, let’s talk
about why you should even get involved with podcasts in the first place. Three quick things. Number one, it’s growth. There’s a lot of opportunity for growth, and
exposure, and listens in the podcasting space. When you consider the numbers, there may be
500 million YouTube channels, just roughly. When you consider podcasts, there are less
than one million. At least … at the time of this recording,
less than one million active podcasts out there. That’s such a significantly less number, which,
means there’s a lot more room to get involved in this space. Now, the thing that holds true, no matter
what platform you’re on is that, the cream will always rise to the top. You gotta create great content, so make sure
you consider that when you are creating a podcast or when you’re going to become a guest
on another person’s show. You want to make sure you deliver because,
no matter what, even though there’s not as many podcasts as there are YouTube channels
and also blogs, you still need to do well, and create great content, and provide value
in order to be found and shared. Number two, with podcasting, unlike any other
medium, you are able to build a significantly deeper audience. Now, a lot of you may argue with me against
that because with video obviously, you’re seeing a person’s face, you’re getting to
understand their personality a little bit. But the big reason why I say this and why
I feel podcasting is, in my opinion, one of the top platforms out there that you can be
on, is because of the amount of time that people are listening to you. When you consider how much time a person may
spend watching a video, it’s just maybe ten, fifteen minutes- But with a podcast, people are listening sometimes
for an hour or even two hours. They’re binge listening to shows. Why are they doing that? It’s because you can passively consume this
content. I might be doing the dishes, or walking the
dog, or doing a workout while I’m listening to podcasts. That’s not stuff you can really do while watching
a video. Now, perhaps you could, but what about driving? 135 million commuters every single day travel
alone in their car, which is just crazy in terms of pollution. But also, crazy in terms of the amount of
time that they have to themselves where they could be listening to your show. With that amount of time and literally your
voice in their ears, and it becomes a routine for them, they’re going to develop an amazing
relationship for you. They’re going to trust you. They’re going to be feeling like you’re their
friend, and really, that’s how it is. I remember I was listening to a podcast once
that stopped producing their podcasts, and I felt like a part of my life was missing
because they were literally a part of my life at that point, and then they had to stop their
show. So, you can get the same kind of feeling when
you create your podcast too. And then number three, and finally, the big
reason why you might want to start a podcast is because of the level of authority that
you can have. Now, for a few reasons. One, now you have a show where you can invite
the on. So that’s one thing. Number two, because they’re hearing your voice,
because you’re coaching them through your voice, because they are getting to know you,
and your vibe, and your personality, if you were to actually offer any coaching or an
online course, or some sort of product, they’re going to trust you a little bit more because
of that relationship and just how much you are now a part of their lives. So many benefits to podcasting. I’ve had 50 million downloads, and I’ve done
over a thousand episodes of all my shows so, I’m stoked to be able to share this information
to you. So let’s just get into the step by step. What do y’all need? How do you get started with a podcast? Number one, first let’s talk about equipment. Equipment is obviously very important, and
since it’s an audio show, the most important piece of equipment that you need to have is
a great microphone. Now, there’s probably a thousand different
kinds of microphones that you can use that range between five bucks to thousands of dollars. There’s one mic in particular that I would
recommend, and it’s called the ATR 2100 by Audio Technica. It’s great because it plugs in via USB. Part of how I teach podcasting is trying to
make it as simple as possible. Yes, you could go broadcasting style with
all these different boxes, and devices, and limiters, and amplifiers, and blah blah blah
blah. You don’t need all that stuff. Make it simple for yourself. Just start with that. You can add on those other things later, which,
to the naked ear, don’t really matter at all. Now, there’s some other things here that you
can see, like this little foam ball, or if I pull this across, you can see this little,
what’s called a windscreen. This reduces the plosives that you have. Plosives are words like P words, and B words
that, when you say those words, air kind of jets out of your mouth. That is not good for your audio and your microphone. It might make the audio not very enjoyable
to consume. So that’s why we have the foam ball or the
windscreen. Personally, I prefer the windscreen because
it allows for that voice to stay more natural. The foam ball may muffle a little bit, but
most people … Again, it doesn’t really make a difference. Now, the thing you see here is called a shock
mount, and this is really important because this is what allows the vibrations from your
table to be absorbed by these little rubber bands and not absorbed into your microphone,
and then get on your podcast. So, there might be stuff that you can’t even
hear that would get picked up on the microphone like the vibrations of your computer, your
laptop, or other things. It all gets picked up and absorbed in the
rubber hands here that … Literally, to spin this microphone in mid air. That’s why you see this in a lot of professional
broadcasting studios. Number two, let’s talk about your show details. Maybe you’ve gotten that equipment ordered,
you’re waiting for it to come in, now’s a great time to think about your show details. That is, what is the title of your show going
to be? What’s it going to be about, obviously. Also, the show description is really important. Before anybody listens to your show, they
see a few things. They see the title, they read the description. But guess what? Even more important than that is the cover
art or the podcast artwork because, people see that before they even get into anything
else. Now, technically you need a piece of art that
is 3000 by 3000 pixels. Have it square, but also make sure that when
you shrink it down, that it’s also readable because most people are flipping through their
devices and, something that looks great at a big size may not translate so well at a
smaller size. So, make sure it looks great when it’s small
as well. Now that we’ve nailed our show details, let’s
talk about your episode details. How are they going to be run? What kind of episodes are they going to be? Let’s plan ahead a little bit to make sure
that we’re not just jumping into this and then by the time we’re creating content, we’re
kind of stuck. So, it’s always great to plan ahead. What I would recommend is actually, list out
your first 10 episodes. Now, it’s important to plan ahead because
that gives you an idea of, okay, who should I start reaching out to now, to ask for an
interview? How might I start doing research for some
of these things that may require a little bit more research? Those kinds of things. So, plan out your first 10 episodes. That’s going to help you quite a bit right
at the start. Now, it’s also important to realize that iTunes
is also a search engine. A lot of people are going to be searching
for information using the iTunes search engine. And also, Sticher and Google Play. Those are search engines as well, in addition
to directories for these podcasts. So, make sure that when you are creating these
episodes, you’re also considering for search engine optimization. What are the titles? What keywords people might be typing in to
find similar kinds of content. That’s going to help you get search. And, that’s not anything that you’re going
to see immediate results from. But over the long term, that’s something that’s
going to help out quite a bit. All right, number four, let me give you a
few tips for recording your show. How do you actually capture your voice and
mess around with the audio to create your podcast episodes? Well, you use a software tool like GarageBand
or Audacity. Those are free tools you can use to begin
to capture your audio on your microphone, to drag and drop music in, to drag and drop
your interviews in, so on and so forth. So, you can craft these episodes any which
you want. And that’s the beauty of podcasting. It’s your show. Be creative. Do it any which way you want. Do some test recordings and then export it,
and listen to it, and see what it sounds like. You might need to tweak your levels a little
bit. A recommendation for tweaking your levels
… That means, how loud or soft is your microphone? And, if you want to ere on the side of safety,
record a little bit softer than higher because, when you go higher, if you clip, which means
you go beyond what that mic and your computer can handle, you’re going to get distortion
in your voice and in the sound. That’s just not a pleasant listening experience. And final tip for you when you are recording
is, to not try and record everything all in one take, especially if you’re doing a sole
show. It’s very tempting to speak for a couple minutes
and then mess up, and then want to start over. No. Do not do that. Now, maybe I’m preaching to the choir here
because you all know how to edit YouTube videos, or most of you do. It’s very much the same process. Typically, my episodes have dozens, and dozens,
and dozens of cuts, slices, and tips, and inserts, and drags, and drops, and all those
kinds of things. So, it’s going to look really messy on the
outside, but when it’s exported as a MP3 file, it’s going to sound wonderful. All right. Number five, you need to tag it, which means
you include metadata in it. So, when a person plays it, it actually shows
the correct show title, episode title, the artwork is there, all that stuff. It’s embedded inside the file itself. There are a lot of external tools that you
can use to take that MP3 file and then embed this stuff into it, but the way that I actually
recommend is to drag and drop that MP3 file into your iTunes. Just create a little playlist, go into your
library, drag and drop it in, right click it and click on “get info.” And then, change it to a podcast. That allows you to fill in all the forms. That just puts all that content in there so
that, when you take that MP3 file out of iTunes, just drag and drop it to your desktop. That’s the final file that you’re going to
use to upload to your post, which is the next step. All right. Step six, your media or audio hosting company. You need to set yourself up with an account
with a company like Libsyn or Buzzsprout … and there’s several different others … to host
your audio files. It can be very tempting to put your audio
files on your website server, but that’s very, very dangerous because when a person plays
that audio file, it eats up some bandwidth. And so, you want to go and use these companies
out there that are meant to play these things. This is what happens, guys. This is actually the big realization for me
when I started out. I thought that podcasting was, you create
this MP3 file and then you upload it individually into iTunes. And then, you upload that into Stitcher, and
then you upload it into Google Play, and that’s how it works. That’s actually not how it works. The way it works is, you upload it to your
host and that’s where you put in the information. And then Stitcher, iTunes, Google Play, Alexa,
wherever. They take the feed that media hosts create. That feed is what these directories look at
and check in to see if there’s anything new. If there’s anything new, it just serves them
up to anybody that subscribes. So, a subscriber will subscribe to you via
iTunes, for example, or the podcast app, and that app will check your feed every day, or
multiple times a day, to see if there are any new episodes. If there are, it’s going to serve it up to
you automatically. That’s the cool thing about podcasting. When you create an episode, it gets pushed
to that person, so when they open that app the next time, they’ll see a new episode in
there and they’re going to be listening to you on the road and enjoying it, and having
a great time. So, you need to get set up with a host. You can go through, or Buzzsprout,
or whichever one Sunny might recommend, and go through there. You’ll need to set up your show and upload
an episode there. Once you upload an episode, you’ll see that
you’ll be able to get your feed. Your feed is this longer-ish URL. That’s the magic feed, you want to tattoo
that on your arm because that’s what you’re going to send out to those directories when
you get up on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play. The final step here at number 7 is to submit
your RSS feed to the directories you want to be on, most likely iTunes, Stitcher, and
Google Play. Those are easy ones. I’m sure they will be linked somewhere where
you can get more information about actually how and where to set this up. But for iTunes specifically, because that’s
the big one, all you have to do is go to Once again, that’s Just sign in with your Apple username. Once you’re there, it’s going to ask you for
the RSS feed. You plug that in there, just that feed that
you grabbed from your host. It’s a link. You put it in there, and you hit “check,”
and it’s going to check to see if it’s actually legit. You check again. Yes, it’s good to go. You hit submit and then the party starts. It’s there, you can play it, you can listen
to it, and that’s awesome because then you can share it with the world and people are
going to discover it too. So, that’s podcasting, how to start it in
a jest. It can really make a big difference in your
business, and it has truly made a big difference in my life. It opened up so many new opportunities that
I never thought would exist. From book publishers now wanting to work with
me, because they know I have an audience, they know I have a voice, people who want
me on stage because they know I have a voice and can present myself in an engaging way
on a podcast. I had somebody from Hollywood want to work
with me as a result of my show. There’s so many cool things that can happen. The number one thing you need to do, actually
two things. Number one, you just need to get started. Number two is, you need to commit. It’s very easy with something like this that
does take a little bit of technical work to just get started and then be like, “I don’t
know if I want to do this,” or “I’m just going to go back to that thing I was good at.” You will get better. And if you go back to my first episodes, they
were trash. I keep them up there just to remind myself
how far I’ve come but also, remind all of you how far you can go. And finally, bosses, I just want to thank
you so much for the time you spent with me today. I’m looking forward to hearing more about
you and your show and how it goes for you. Hopefully I can see you on my YouTube channel
as well. And again Sunny, I appreciate you. Thank you so much. Crush it! Sunny Lenarduzzi:
Whoa. Pat knows podcasting, right? See, I told you, he is the absolute master
at this. If you’re starting your own podcast, I want
you to comment below this video and tell us what it’s called so we can all support our
fellow bosses. Plus, as mentioned, I’m going to give you
access to Pat’s free three day mini course on how to start your own podcast. But before I do, as mentioned, The Sunny Show
podcast is live and we did an incredibly informative extra bonus interview with Pat on my podcast. He talks about what motivates him, what daily
practices keep him focused, and how he had a record breaking, multi million dollar year
last year in his business. I had so many aha moments, and I know you
will too. You’ll get a lot out of it. Make sure you go download it and listen to
it at And as promised, the link to access Pat’s
mini course on how to start your podcast is below. All you have to do is go click it and get
access for free. Thank you so much for watching. Thank you so much to Pat Flynn for such an
informative video, and for being a guest on The Sunny Show. Make sure that you go listen to the podcast
interview, and let me know what you think of the brand new Sunny Show Podcast. Again, if you like this video, hit the like
button below, share it with your friends, and be sure to subscribe. Thank you so much for watching, and I will
see you in the next video.

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