How To Start A Podcast On Your Phone | 3 FREE Apps to get you Started

How To Start A Podcast On Your Phone | 3 FREE Apps to get you Started

in this video I’m gonna show you three
apps you can use to start your podcast today all through your mobile device what’s going on you fantastic people
I am the fantastic Joe welcome to apps that roll where I bring you the best
applications for your mobile device so starting a podcast is the big
up-and-coming thing a lot of creators are starting to do it now that are
already established on other social media platforms but I’m here I’m gonna
drop a couple apps for you guys to check out these apps will do everything from
start to record your podcast you can chime in with other people your
listeners all kinds of stuff these apps can do and you can also post it and get
it out to Spotify and anchor and all those things which I did another video
on I’ll go throw that in a description go check that out after you watch this
video alright so the first app we’re gonna jump into is the Spreaker studio
app so the first screen is going to be the draft screen where you can go back
and listen to your drafts this is stuff that hasn’t been published or anything
like that then you can go in here on the shows your shows will appear here once
you create one and you publish it out there statistics obviously this shows
you all your statistics on your listeners how many listeners you’re
getting oh your shows data basically in a nutshell and then obviously when you
jump over here in the record you can go live or you can go offline which is
pretty cool if you want to broadcast live so you can import some files your
favorite songs background music or old drafts to play while you’re recording
obviously you want to watch for the copyright issues just like in video and
everything like that you don’t want to jump jump on that study you don’t want
to get into that jump over to effects you can edit effects that you don’t want
you can go in here and get different sounds and everything let’s listen that’s pretty cool so you can throw
those effects in to your podcast and then you can go over here when you’re
alive going live you can interact with your
listeners through a chat so it’s kind of like a youtube live stream but you’re
doing a podcast alright so the second app we’re gonna check out it’s called
pod bean you could jump on here and obviously listen to podcasts that are
already out there so it’s kind of like Apple podcasts or
google podcast type situation you can also look at the bottom right hand
corner here with the red microphone you can click on that button it’s gonna pop
you in to your own mobile making podcast right from your phone it’s pretty cool
pretty easy you can go in here obviously you want to use headphones for
better quality you could do it through your phone like this as we’re talking
but why would you want to do that you want to have at least the best quality
you can mobile phones come with ear buds and stuff like that nowadays especially
if you can’t afford aftermarket ear but it’s basically so what you do is you can
go in here it has effects we got some clapping kind of cool you could go in
you can add some music so you can go in and also check out the echoes it’ll
it’ll be like you’re in a church or a classroom can also go into tone and you
can lower it I’ll make it a little bit higher depends on what you want to do
sometimes you want to make some goofy stuff it’s fun you can create whatever
you want real quick let me know if you plan on starting a podcast go down in
the comments real quick type hashtag yes or no we’re gonna talk about a third app
it’s called anchor it’s my favorite app pretty easy just go in and you hit the
create button click on the record you can start recording your podcast as I’m
doing right now you can add flags which is kind of cool
because that’s little notes if you want to add some stuff when you go back into
the editing phase you can add background music that they already have in here
from different beats you can import your own obviously go in and you can trim
your trim your audio and everything like that we’re not gonna do that I’m just
kind of throwing you guys throwing this around for you guys you can also go into
your library you could do some interludes so that’s stuff like your
intro when you’re jumping in to your pod caprara to your podcast you can have
some cool beats that bring you into your podcast like a lot of you guys probably
listen to got different sounds if you want some chime some creepy stuff it all
depends on what your podcast content involve you can also add songs from your
Apple music or Spotify premium accounts as well as I said before watch out for
the copyright stuff you don’t into that alright so there are three
fantastic apps they’re all free that you can find on the Apple Store or on Google
Play Store I put links in the description below for you guys to check
out why don’t you check out this playlist right here it’s all about
mobile podcasting a lot of good stuff in there or you can check out this video
real quick that YouTube recommends you watch next and I’ll see you guys next
time peace

12 thoughts on “How To Start A Podcast On Your Phone | 3 FREE Apps to get you Started

  1. First 🤣🤣🤣 Great video dude! I started my first podcast on Spreaker. Super awesome platform, but I gotta say I'm with you on Anchor. I think it's the best. Never messed with Podbean.

  2. Second but as long as it’s to Jay Lippman I’m cool with that. You’re going to make me end up starting a podcast I think #yes congrats on your first YouTube milestone of 100. Onward and upward.

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  4. Awesome stuff joe!! This should help a lot of potential podcasters!! And so easy on a phone!!

  5. Dude.. It use to be so complicated to post a podcast online.. these apps are a lifesaver!!!
    I want to get back into podcasting. Great video bro!!!

  6. I have been thinking of working on a podcast for a while now. Just got into Live streaming but podcast is next on the list. Great channel name by the way. Keep them coming.

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