How to Start a Podcast Like a Boss 5 Tips Smarter Online Marketing Podcast

How to Start a Podcast Like a Boss 5 Tips Smarter Online Marketing Podcast

Hi, Vickie Siculiano here from
So do you want to know how to start your own podcast but you’re not sure where to begin?
Well, in this video I’m going to show you five rules that you need to know before you
even start. So it’s going to save you time and money before you even begin your own podcast.
If you want to know how to podcast like a boss, I’m going to show you what you need
to know. Stick around and stay tuned. OK, so my number one tip for your podcast is for
you to invest in some great equipment. Ok, you can just start with the basics and the
beginning like what I’m using here to record the audio on this video is an ATR3350. It’s
a lavalier. You can use that, but just get the audio off of whatever it is that you’re
recording your podcast on. So if you’re using your computer, don’t use your PC microphone.
Get an external microphone and get that audio super super sharp. For my podcast, currently
I’m using a Blue Yeti microphone. And in another video you can check it out. I show you how
I use this with a pop filter to cushion the sound.
And you want to keep improving your audio for your production so that people, subconsciously,
are not going to notice that you have super crisp audio but they are going to pay attention
to what it is that you’re saying. And you want to draw your audience in. Ok so that’s
my number one tip. Secondly you want to make sure that you come
up with a theme for your podcast. Don’t just have a podcast like “Vickie’s Podcast.” Yay,
everyone come on over and listen to what I have to say, because it’s so super important.
Really. People want to know what the theme of your podcast is, what your show is about.
When you’re big maybe you can have a show like Kelly and Michael, or The Today Show.
People know what that brand is. If they’re not familiar with who you are, you need to
know what value it is that people are going to find when they come to listen to your podcast.
Ok, so a theme. My number three tip is to make sure that you
come up with at least 20 ideas for that theme. Now my podcast is Smarter Online Marketing.
I encourage you to go and check it out, sign up and see what it’s all about, All of my
episodes have to do with one theme, online marketing. And that could be a number of things.
There are subcategories within that. There’s visual marketing, social media, search engine
optimization and now I’m going to be helping people with podcasting because it’s such a
popular topic, something that I’m very passionate about. So just make sure that you have a theme
and within that category you have subcategories. Write down at least 20 to make sure that you
have a go for your idea. My number four tip is to make sure that you
record regularly. Make sure that you record regularly so that people know that they can
come to you as an authority and they can trust that you’ll be there for them when they need
you. It could be on a Tuesday schedule. Make sure that you’re posting every Tuesday. I
post Tuesdayish, somewhere around there. If that’s what works for you then make sure that
you’re posting regularly once a week. John Lee Dumas, a phenomenal host for a podcast,
he is crazy big, he is crazy good. Entrepreneur On Fire with John Lee Dumas. He posts a post
once a day. His podcast episodes are daily. You can always find something new there. That’s
what he chooses, that’s what works for him. For myself, and Pat Flynn, I also recommend
checking out Amy Porterfield, Michael Hyatt completely and a hsot of others. They record
content regularly. Now they have a team that helps them with editing and show notes and
stuff like that, but make sure you can get on a consistent schedule for producing your
podcast before you even begin. If you can come up with those 20 ideas, record them at
the beginning. Make sure that you have some content from the get go and then my number
five is always learn how to improve. Don’t always expect that you are the best podcaster
and everything will always be just as good as it needs to be. There’s always some new
technique, always new equipment, always new stuff to learn. I’m going to pan around here
with my iPhone, which I’m recording on, so that you can see what I did to my wall. I
just recorded a podcast with it today so I want to see how the sound quality is. But
what I’ve learned is that you can also produce the audio by just cushioning the sound reflections
that bounce back and forth. Now I have a pretty big screen here. My screen, if I talk into
it, it’s going to come back at me with sound. Now we’ll talk about that in a future video
but for now just know that you just need to invest in some good equipment, you need to
make sure that you come up with a theme, have at least 20 ideas, record regularly and make
sure that you’re always improving. Never just sit back and relax, there’s always room for
improvement. If you have any questions, please post your comments below for me in this video
and I look forward to hearing from you.This will also be a podcast. The audio is not going
to come directly from this video so if you want to see the podcast that I made talking
about this topic, it’s And please subscribe to my podcast, Smarter
Online Marketing. It’s on iTunes, it’s on Stitcher. I so think that these questions
that are coming to me are fabulous and I look forward to helping you in a future video and
podcast. Thanks for watching.

20 thoughts on “How to Start a Podcast Like a Boss 5 Tips Smarter Online Marketing Podcast

  1. Very helpful!  I am considering starting a podcast about my cosplay photography and this helped me narrow some things down.  Subscribed and thanks again!

  2. This a great video in starting a basic podcast for beginners like me. thank you Vickie!  I think I want to start a podcast about religion topics.

  3. I want to start my own podcast but i would like to play music, is there anything i need to do to be able to play music, or do i have the freedom to do whatever?

  4. Could you guide me on how to get started do I have to sign up at a site or can I just logon and just start speaking I'm in the podcast application on my phone what how is it that I get started that's my question

  5. Also is it expensive is their community podcasting is there what is this kind of like a journal for yourself or is it just information that you put out there for people to listen to I just have so many questions and I've looked them up online and everywhere I look it's kind of gives me a different answer

  6. Great video, thanks for the tips definitely helpful. You have a great voice, I felt like I could listen to you for hours. Were you ever critical of your voice when you started?
    I want to start a podcast on growth, leadership and influence.

  7. Do i need to cushion the walls? And, I'm not forcing you, but would you want to check out my podcast when I make it?

  8. @xXSuperGLaDOSXx Hi, Good question.  You don't have to cushion the walls.  I just did in my case as there was an echoey sound when I recorded with sound bouncing off the walls.  So if you have furniture, or pillos and carpeting in the room, you might not need to.  But for me, I did – And sure, send me a link when it's up and running.  Good luck!

  9. I don't understand the 20 ideas to a theme. My future podcast, I'd like to do something like a music show, not playing music, because getting the rights to songs sounds like a pain in the neck, but talking about music, specifically heavy metal bands, classic and new school. And, I actually work for a political talk radio show where I live, so I wouldn't mind throwing in some current events and opinion type stuff. I've got loads of ideas, but it's something akin to a soup at this point. Ha ha. Any advice?

  10. free podcast programs to use for people not in the same area? like how can I record skype chat? or something like that

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