How To Start A Podcast in 2019 – Make A Podcast for Free

10 thoughts on “How To Start A Podcast in 2019 – Make A Podcast for Free

  1. Are you looking to start a PODCAST? Do you have a Podcast?

  2. I actually JUST started a podcast the other day, then this video came out, its fate
    As the podcast name, I've decided to call it the SMCast, what do you think about the name?

    (Also, is it weird that I like listening to the #StartCreating Podcast when I sleep? I've had it on in the background for the last few weeks)

  3. I've made one podcast. I haven't looked into doing any more at this stage, but might after this video…HERE WE GO!!

  4. Still not sure if there is a need for a podcast with the spoilt for choice streaming platforms out there. Maybe I'm utterly wrong. Great advice Alan as always. Thanks for sharing.

  5. One final comment before I head to bed (1 am here down under) is that recently I've been making sure most of the text on my YouTube thumbnails is larger for that very reason. I did a survey on my community TAB a while back and it revealed that the majority of people watch YouTube videos on their mobile, so now even the little pop-up notes I might put throughout the video, I don't make any smaller than font size 14.
    Goodnight – have a fantastic day tomorrow buddy! – time for another canal walk I think; I love those you make!๐Ÿ‘

  6. i can tell

    youre really passionate about this topic Alan

    thanks for creating a video about Podcast,
    im currently developing one myself and film it for youtube content ๐Ÿ™‚

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