How to Start A Podcast In 2019 For Free! | Complete Guide To Podcasting | Tutorial by Viralizers

How to Start A Podcast In 2019 For Free! | Complete Guide To Podcasting | Tutorial by Viralizers

what’s going on Kevin DaSilva with
and in this video I’m going to be showing you how to start your own
podcast without having to be some tech wizard and also without having to be an
expert on the topic that you want to be covering and you’re going to be learning
how to do this instantly and for free, and I know that sounds hypey.
I know that sounds probably too good to be true,
but just stick with me for a few minutes and you’ll see what I’m talking about.
Now, the first thing you want to do is pick a
winning topic. Now to pick a winning topic,
what do you want to do is you want to look if there’s already podcasts about
that topic, right?
One thing that you, you know,
want to make sure you don’t do is you do not want to go too specific. Like you know,
there’s a category such as dogs, but then there’s a category such as
German shepherds. Maybe you’re a fan of or,
or you know, you have a German shepherd that you
love. That’s not that,
but you don’t want to go too, too deep,
like, you know,
um, people that have German shepherds that
were breeded with chihuahuas, you know what I mean?
That would be way too deep. So you want to go subcategory but not
too deep. And on the next slide we’ll be talking
about how to come up with a big idea that will allow you to achieve success
much easier. Now,
another way to find a great topic is to go to is where you could see if there’s
already magazines about your topic, and if there is,
that is a great way for you to find a topic that you want to,
that you should pursue because number one,
obviously there’s a magazine. So there’s interest.
Number two, because there is for a magazine to
exist, they need to have what?
Advertisers, right?
They need to have advertisers. So if a magazine exists,
that means that there’s advertisers for that specific topic.
Now another thing that you want to look into is affinities.
Now affinities might be, for example,
politics, right?
So a lot of podcasts and a lot of topics,
people think they have to be the expert, right?
They have to be an expert, they have to create information
products, which you don’t,
you do not have to be an expert, you do not have to create information
products, for example,
politics. You can get into politics,
you could do a show where you speak about politics.
And a big thing that’s happening now is something called Patrion,
right? Where people support the,
um, you know,
support the content creators by subscribing to them and donating as much
as they want. Uh,
so some people give five bucks a month, some people commit to giving $20 a month
and patroen takes that money and gives it to the content creator every single
month. And so that’s one way,
another way. Um,
but let me step back for a second, but when it comes to the affinities,
the reason have affinities are important.
Meaning other interests, uh,
is because based on their other interests,
those are where you’ll be getting your advertisers from,
right? Those are where you’ll be getting an
advertisers from. So you might find that people into
politics normally, uh,
um, have an income that’s over six figures,
right? They usually hire class or I really like
using that phrase, the high class,
but, um,
they make more money. Um,
they usually going to be driving expensive cars.
They’re going to have, you know,
a, a,
a more expensive houses. So that means that real estate agents
and you know, there’s a bunch of different people that
will want to advertise. Um,
so that’s one way, but again,
you don’t have to worry about advertisers as much anymore because now
a lot of people, what they’re doing is they’re supporting
the content creators that they like, which is huge.
This is a whole new thing that’s a culture shift.
And if you want to see examples of this, just go on to
and you’ll see a bunch of people. They’re not,
you know, no offense,
um, you know,
meant, but they’re not people that are,
you know, sophisticated with.
What I mean by sophisticated is these are not people with,
um, you know,
uh, um,
elaborate studios. I mean,
these are people that are sitting in their living room,
um, that you can tell are just catching up
on what’s going on. There’s one topic,
it’s controversial, it’s an quote unquote conspiracy theory,
a niche, but look Qanon,
and I’m on youtube and you’ll see a bunch of people that have these,
um, these talks,
they do these youtube videos and the only reason I bring that up is because
what you’ll see is a lot of these people sitting in their kitchen that’s sitting
on a recliner in the living room. They record these videos.
And if you don’t know Q is supposed to be on the president,
United States team, he does these,
like Intel drops every few days. Well,
every time there’s an intel drop, there’s,
you know, the,
the, the,
the drops are very cryptic. Well,
what happens is you have these people that make videos and say,
okay, you know,
I mentioned this today, and he mentioned something.
And what they do is they break down. They explain what that posts means.
And these are not people that went to school for this.
These are not people that have worked in Washington DC.
These are just fans of the topic, right fans of following these kinds of
conspiracy theories. But what you’ll see is they have tons
and tons of followers. There’s another,
there’s one channel that’s called, um,
uh, the truth,
something the truth. Um,
I forget the name, but you’ll see a bunch of people,
you know, one guy just went to,
um, he just went over to France where
they’re doing the yellow vest thing and he went there to do some citizen
journalists journalism and he went there with the money that his subscribers or
his supporters gave them. And what they do is they’ll do a live
stream and they will actually do a live stream.
And then they do something called the super chat where you have to donate
money and if you donate money, your,
you know, your chats. When you put a comment in the chat,
it gets highlighted. And when it gets highlighted,
you know, you’re more likely to be seen and it’ll
show how much you gave. And then that makes the,
the person speaking. I’m actually,
you know, see your comment.
And call you out and people give 25, some people get fifth.
It’s insane. It’s really,
really cool. And it shows that people are really sick
of advertisements. And this is something, And,
and which is basically me. I’m,
I’m a huge. I’ve been saying this now since 2011.
There’s a huge, huge change coming.
I called podcasts coming back back in 2010,
2011. And people literally back then were
saying things like, oh,
you know, that was so 2008,
uh, the podcasting is dead but blah blah
blah. And I knew that they were wrong when I
seen that car radios are going to be coming out with podcast apps in them. Uh,
when I seen that, you know,
you could take podcasts with you and that they’re becoming more
sophisticated. Yeah.
They had a, you know,
they had that 15 minutes moment but then they went away.
But a lot of people stuck with it. You know,
you’ve got the Pat Flynn’s out there, you’ve got the um,
John Lee Dumas. So you’ve got the people that stuck with
it, the Gary Vaynerchuks,
and they stuck with it and they were able to absolutely crush it.
We did it ourselves with rail traders,
If you go to youtube, there was such a realtor is webinar.
Uh, I turned that company into a six figure
company from zero and 11 months and with the leads regenerated from that
business, which I don’t know anything about
trading, but yet I hosted these multi speaker
event, which we then turn the replays into
podcast, but we were able to generate enough
leads to feed into a second company. They trading zones where we generated
seven figures of income. I told the I’m the owner who was a
client of mine consulting client a, listen,
I’m going to turn this company in seven figures within a year.
Started laughing at me, thought I was nuts.
He only had one employee on at the time. And um,
they both laughed at me uncontrollably, but they love the optimism they said,
but they never thought it would happen. We ended up hitting one point 2 million
in 11 months. So they were right.
We didn’t do it in 12, we did it in 11 months and we did one
point 2 million all for free using the leads that we generated from the podcast
that we created, a firm multi-speaker events we talked to
replace those became podcast and we put it onto youtube.
All the interests that are generated from youtube and Sel till today,
five years later, still generating 30 to 50 leads per day,
which you can go and you can check it out and see the number of views.
So affinities are very important. Uh,, huge help.
And also looking at the podcasts that are currently there.
Now, if you really want to crush it,
okay, if you really want a question and you
want to stand up, what you have to do is you have to come up with your quote unquote big
idea. There’s somebody out there,
his name is Todd Brown. Todd Brown does a great job of covering
the big idea. He’s actually given away his book for
Free Right now. Um,
uh, he’s given away his book for Free Right
now. And you know,
I don’t have a link for you or anything, just do a search with Todd Brown,
a big idea book or something. And um,
I think you pay seven bucks or something for shipping and handling and he sends
you the book. But Todd Brown is a mentor of mine.
I was paying $10,000, a $10,000
a year to be in his mastermind group. And he,
that’s his thing, right,
is he covers the big idea and I’m going to give you pretty much a summary of
what he teaches in a couple of minutes. So one of the things that he talks about
is what you can do when it comes to creating a big idea is you might cry,
you might take two topics and combined them to create a new category. Now,
my first mentor when I came online, his name is Eben Pagan.
Now Eben taught me that, which I think he learned this from Wyatt
woodsmall. Wyatt woodsmall.
If you don’t know who he is, I mean look them up.
Wyatt woodsmall is, I mean,
just you. Nothing can be said.
I mean, there’s no words to explain how
brilliant this man is, but,
um, he’s been studying entrepreneurs his
entire life, I believe he’s in his seventies,
eighties, a,
him and his wife. And what they do is they study
entrepreneurs, they pick up on the commonalities
between all entrepreneurs and they teach that in school.
So what they said is basically that if you create a new category,
basically by definition, you dominate that category,
right? It makes sense.
So if you create the category, you dominate that category.
Now how could you create a category? Well,
creating a category might be doing something as such as combining two very
popular topics into one topic, right? So how would you do that?
So let’s take two topics. So let’s say podcasting,
podcasting is one topic. Now what do I know that all podcasters
are going to need? Well,
they’re going to need a tribe, right?
They’re going to need traffic, they’re going to need listeners.
So what’s a good way to generate listeners for free?
Um, well,
social media, marketing,
social media marketing. So,
um, maybe I would create a new category such
as something that you could call, you know,
social podcasting or uh, you know,
podcasting tribes, you know,
something like that. Now,
if you’d do that, even though there’s a bunch of podcasts
on the topic of podcasting, even though there’s a bunch of podcasts
on the topic of tribes, how many podcasts are out there that are
on the specific topic of how to promote your podcast using social media to build
a tribe. You see?
So that’s one way. Now,
the next bullet point is how you can differentiate your podcast.
One of the most important things is making sure that your podcast is
perceived as being different than all the other ones.
Now, here’s a technique that I learned from
rich Schefren. Now,
rich Schefren is someone who dominated the Internet marketing niche.
And I’m not talking about the hypey stuff.
I’m talking about, like these are the guys that were doing
seven figure launches. They were the first guys to do seven
figures in one day using product launches.
I mean, these are the best,
most brilliant marketing minds in the world.
I moved to Miami, Florida just to be around these guys and
you know, I was blessed to be able to become
friends with them until today I still have an office in Boca Raton and I go
down there and I jumped into a mastermind,
but we meet once a month in Boca and we just exchanged ideas and rich taught me
something that I will never forget. So basically,
and this is extremely, extremely valuable.
Okay. So what he did right is he launched his
business overnight basically by creating a free report.
Now, unlike everyone else that was creating
free reports on, you know,
how to generate 10,000 visitors to your website or cheesy shit
like that. What rich Schefren did was he created a,
a, a report and he took all of the problems
that everyone else’s content was trying to solve,
right? This guy was teaching how to get
traffic. This guy was teaching,
um, you know,
um, how to do video marketing.
This guy who was teaching how to build a website,
this guy, and what he did was he created a free
report and he has, I actually have it right there.
It’s called the Internet business manifesto.
And on the cover page, he’s got a mind map with all of these
bubbles and all the insane amount of things that we try to do a solo
entrepreneurs get traffic which includes winning ads,
which includes, um,
you know, running ads,
social media, email list,
you know, capturing leads. Then you’ve got to take each of those
and break them down. So email list,
you know, you’re got to write the emails,
you got to learn how to write copy. You got to set up the autoresponder,
you got to pick the right service, you got to connect the autoresponder to
the lead capture page. And that’s just,
you know, one leg of one branch.
Now when you start to look at the entire scope of what people are trying to do,
it’s insane. And this is why most of us don’t sleep.
This is why most of us go crazy. And this is why most people fail.
So what he was able to do is he was able to take that thing that everybody was
promising to solve, right?
All these different problems. And what he did is he said,
you know what, yeah,
those are problems, but those are all symptoms to an overall
disease. And that overall disease is being a
business opportunity seeker versus a strategic entrepreneur because a
strategic entrepreneur knows that they cannot do everything by themselves.
They need to get people that they can outsource specific tasks to and they’re
only going to do the things that only they can do,
right? Such as creating content,
uh, being a consultant,
whatever it is, everything else they’ll delegate to
someone else. So that is being a strategic
entrepreneur. And now what he did was with this one
free report, the Internet business manifesto,
which if you around him like 2008, you know who I’m talking about,
rich Schefren and you know exactly what free report I’m talking about.
Um, and for years this was the report,
right? And he was able to build a multimillion
dollar business overnight. He was able to get all the other quote
Unquote Gurus, right?
I’m talking about again, the real gurus,
right? Uh,
the guys that I followed and I mentored were mentors of mine,
like Frank Kern, Eben Pagan,
um, you know,
a Jeff Walker, I mean the best of the best.
He became their coach overnight with this one for your report,
and he was able to generate seven figures from this one free report that
he gave away. So that’s huge.
So think about how you can do that. How can you create a big idea,
right? Which is,
is what your podcast will be about, such as building a tribe using social
media, right?
And you might do something such as, well,
let’s go onto the next one and I’ll explain this in greater detail.
So I say over here that you should create a manifesto.
Now, what do I mean by a manifesto?
A manifesto is something that displays to everyone what your beliefs are,
right? What your beliefs are.
There’s a, there’s a talk that you should look up
and it’s by Simon Sineck, Simon,
his last name is Sinek s I n e k Simon Sineck did a talk for Ted talks,
right? And I’m in it.
He talks about how people don’t follow you for what you do.
They follow you because of why you do it,
why do you do what you do? Right?
So like, why do people love apple?
Why do people love apple? Is it because they love the iphone?
Is it because they love, you know,
um, how much ram is in the computer,
the computers they sell or is it something deeper?
Is it that they are always trying to innovate and they love simplicity?
One of the things that I have everything Mac.
Okay. I got Mac,
I got a Mac pro. It’s like a $5,000
computer. I got the new iphone x and I’m about to
upgrade it to the x s I think it is. I don’t even know what it is,
but I’m upgrading. I’m,
I have a Mac book, Pro Laptop.
I have an ipad pro. Um,
you know, I have the iphone watch you name,
I got it and one of the reasons I love apple and I love Mac and I haven’t been
able to go back to windows for years is because of the simplicity,
the sleek design a Steve Jobs, one of the things that he did is he
spent years studying calligraphy and design and,
and, and,
you know, really having a great appreciation for
art and design. And you’ll notice that apple computers
are just, you know,
so simple. Even their website,
if you go to that website, it’s just so simple,
but it looks so classy, right?
So what you want to do is you want to create a manifesto.
So I would watch that Simon Sinek video and figure out what is your why and what
is the beliefs that you stand for. And then that becomes your manifesto.
So what do you stand for? And most importantly,
what do you stand against? Most people are going to try to like do
things that they can appeal to everyone. For example,
I swear I swore once or you just were much more,
but I swear when I talk and you know why?
Because I don’t do notes. I literally have no notes right now.
I am just going bullet points. I usually don’t even have slides.
Um, but I just talk and I am a Yam and some
people will love me, some people will hate me,
right? But you’d rather have some people love
you and some people hate you. Then have everybody be like,
ah, right.
So what is my manifesto look like? So this is a manifesto that I created
back in 2011 until today. I still believe in every single word.
So number one is to love the hustle, right?
Love the hustle. So you got to love what you’re doing.
If you’re not in a, a topic that you love,
then you might as well just give it up. Now,
that’s my opinion. Some people think differently.
Personally, I believe that it’s going to take hard
work. You’re going to have to stay consistent.
Like you’ll see that right there, right,
right here. Make a commitment to staying consistent.
That’s one of our beliefs because you have to understand that,
especially with podcasting, okay,
especially with podcasting, you have to understand that things are
not going to blow up overnight. You’re not going to get a million
downloads in one night. That’s not how it happens.
How it happens is you do one episode, you put it out there and you’ll get a
few downloads. Now,
does that mean that you want your episodes to get better and better as you
go on and that you can kind of do things half ass in the beginning? Absolutely not,
because what’s going to happen is when people you know you’re going to put out.
Let’s say you put out 10 episodes, well most people think they put out one
episode and that’s it. That’s supposed to become a star
overnight and it doesn’t happen, and they say,
oh, I know this didn’t work well.
That’s not the way it works. What works is you put out one episode,
then you put out another, then another,
then another, and now every time more and more people
are starting to listen. So the first time you do it,
maybe you know you get 10 people to listen to on social,
but they like it and they retweet it, but now they start following you because
they want to see the next time you put it out.
Next time you put it out, soon as you put it out,
boom, they share it with everybody. Now they start to take you a little bit
more seriously because they say, oh,
this person actually stays consistent. Which right there,
you’re already going to beat out 99 percent of the competition just by
staying consistent. But what happens is as you get into the,
you know the fifth, the sixth,
the seventh, eighth episode,
you’re going to get more and more people that are sharing and sharing and every
time you’re picking up new people. But what’s going to happen is you’re
going to get a lot of people that are always.
So you’re always going to get the most listeners on the most recent episode
that you released because that’s when you had the most people right from the
last episode, but that they’re going to share it with
all new people. So your most recent episode will always
have the most downloads at first. But then what’s going to happen is as
those people listened to that 10th episode,
they’re going to say, wow,
this is an awesome freaking podcast. And guess what they do?
They do what everybody does on Netflix. And netflix figured this out a long time
ago. They binge,
they bench, they go back and they listened to every
single episode you have ever created. Then they search your name on Google,
they search your name and and you know, they try to find your website and they
want to consume everything that you’ve ever done because they just became a
biggest fan, right?
So that’s the way that it works. So you want to stay consistent knowing
that it might not be today, but as long as you stay consistent,
the day will come where everybody’s going to go back and start listening to
the beginning. I mean,
look at somebody like a Joe Rogan Joe Rogan has 90 million people downloading
his episodes. 90 million.
Do you understand 90 million people to put that in perspective?
Cnn I believe gets. I,
I heard, I used to. I know it was around like it used to be
like a couple of years ago. I know now the numbers are really
inflated because of trump, but it used to be that CNN used to have
like a million consistent viewers, right?
All Day, all night.
MSNBC was about 300 to $400,000 and Fox News was three to 4 million.
So Fox News was, you know,
the biggest and they have three to four times the audience of a CNN,
which is three to 4 million. Now compare that to the megaphone that
Joe Rogan has of 90 million people downloading his episodes.
Now, why are they downloading his episodes?
Well, it’s because there’s no commercials.
It’s because he goes three hours with this podcast,
but, and,
and here’s the deal, if you’re embarrassed to be on video,
do not worry about it because I actually,
because I was actually thinking that lately,
like, wow,
you know, a lot of people doing video. Maybe I got to start doing videos,
but you know, you gotta you gotTa,
make sure you clean your area, you’ve got to put up the green screen.
It’s a lot of work. Right?
And it’s, it’s,
it takes longer, put out episodes and it starts to get in
the way of just putting out content. So on.
But then I heard him do an EPA, a podcast the other day,
Joe Rogan. And in it he said,
you know, 60 to 70 percent of his listeners of his
downloads come from audio, not video,
audio. And I was like,
you know, I didn’t get it because I know I like to
listen to audio by like to see the person.
Right? But then I realized,
you know what? That’s not true because when you’re
driving in the car, when you’re at the gym,
when you’re walking around the mall, when you’re walking around town,
when you’re going for a run, guess what you’re doing,
you’re putting on a podcast and you’re listening and you could go do whatever
and you don’t have to be looking at your phone. So it’s actually a benefit to have just
audio. So don’t think you have to do video,
but let’s look at the other ones. Build relationships,
not just numbers. All these people would.
I have 40,000 followers.
I have 100,000 followers.
It means nothing. I have 47 or 43,000
followers on twitter. It means nothing.
Don’t get me wrong, it means everything but not the 43,000.
Because while I was doing the trading stuff for a few years,
I had gotten out of teaching, you know,
I’m just now starting to put out content again.
But um, so those 43,000
people, when it comes down to it,
when I started to put out content, I’ll see how many are actual true
friends fans. Now.
Many of those were true fans and I tried to keep going and,
and I was about to launch Viralizerizers,
but I got so we just had so much success in the trading and the street and there
was only me, you know,
my business, but my business partner who owned the
businesses before I jumped in and um, one,
one employee from England and that was it,
a who wasn’t very tech savvy, so I’d had to do all the marketing,
all the website building, all the sales copy,
all the emails, all the,
you name it, I did it,
uh, my business partner created the content
and, and did that. And then the employee Jack,
he did all the customer service and that was his thing.
So it was a lot. And when you’re talking about two
businesses, one doing one point,
2 million and then the other one doing hundreds of thousands of dollars,
it got, it was just insane.
It was insane for a few years. And I’m just now getting back to this.
So I broke my rule of staying consistent.
Well, one of the reasons I didn’t launch was
because I knew that I was not going to be able to stay consistent.
Now would have been, would it have been better to put
something out there instead of nothing? I don’t know,
but I just knew I didn’t want to do it unless I knew for a fact I could say,
okay, every Tuesday I’m going to put something
out. Now I’ve left the trading companies
because I want to do this, you know,
I still own a piece of them and I still am. I’m part of it.
But I’m now 100 percent focused on Viralizer diseases because that’s my
thing. I need to stay consistent.
Um, but when it comes to this building
relationships, not just numbers,
which you have to think of is you can have,
you can go buy 10,000 fake followers and it’s just nothing.
But let me tell you something. One True Fan,
let me put it this way. Um,
we figured out right over that, especially over the next four years
because we ended up doing much more a year to year.
We figured out that it takes a thousand clicks.
If you could send out an email and get a thousand people to open that email and
click on the link that you shared, you got a seven figure business.
It’s pretty much a guaranteed. You’ve got a seven figure business.
Okay? Now a thousand clicks.
That means you need to doubt, so you’ve heard people say a thousand
true fans. It’s true.
Now you’re not going to go from zero to 100 overnight.
It’s just not going to happen, but what you can do is you can pick up
two or three per day and just think about that.
What does it take to become a true fan or to pick up a truth and it’s something
as simple as somebody re tweeting your podcast episode.
You’re going to get a notification. Now all you gotta do is just reply to
that and say, hey,
thanks bob for sharing my podcast. I’m,
I’m, I’m pumped that you enjoyed it.
What was your favorite part? Now,
once you do that, like could you imagine you’re listening
to a podcast or your favorite podcast, Joe Rogan,
and you’ll retweet Joe Rogan’s latest podcasts and Joe Rogan applies to you
and says, Hey,
what’s up? Thanks so much for sharing that.
Really appreciate it. Could you imagine like how pumped you
would be? Now?
Tell me how much more of a fan you would be of Joe Rogan’s or whoever you know,
filled Joe Rogan with whoever, whatever podcast you listened to,
and just imagine how much that would you know,
just increase how much you’re a fan of that person.
Well, that’s all it takes,
right? So you want to build relationships,
not just numbers. Now over here,
this is like a belief that we have. Making money is easy when you have a
tribe. Building a tribe is easy.
When you provide value, providing value is easy.
When you love what you do, right?
So that’s our belief. We love what we do.
We provide massive value without trying to sell people and we do so that we can.
So we can build a tribe and once you have a tribe,
you can make money. When you have a bunch of true fans that
are following you, that trust you,
that know you, like you and trust you. There’s a million ways to make money,
right? Maybe there’s a product that you just
bought our service you just signed up for and you say,
hey guys, I just signed up for this service and
you’re being honest. You’re not just,
you know, blowing smoke up people’s ass saying,
oh, I just,
you know, go sign up for this service.
It’s 50 percent off. No,
it’s, you just signed up for it and you think
it’s awesome and you know, you tell people that now,
guess what? When you provide people with value,
which I’ve been doing for years, you don’t even understand how many times
people would email me and say, cap,
please can you just promote something? Can you just give me an affiliate link
to something? I don’t care what it is,
I just want to buy it. I just,
I need to do something for you. People feel that sense of reciprocation.
I’m of a on take action, take massive action being certain of success.
That’s an important one when it comes to creating episode one,
episode two, knowing that it’s not going to get as
many downloads in the beginning, but as you go on,
what’s going to happen is that first episode is going to be your most
downloaded episode ever. It’s always gold.
Look at any of stats for podcasts. You’re going to see that the first
episode is always the one that has the most downloads because everybody always
goes back and start to episode one and continues on.
Well, you want to create that first episode
already in your mind believing, not believing,
but like you gotta feel it. You’ve got to emotionally feel as if
you’ve already reached Joel, Joe Rogan’s.
Level of success are right. You got to think of it like this is
going to be seen by everyone and you’ve got to put your best,
best content out there. Now,
with that said, let me just give you a warning.
The first episode to the Viralizer diseases podcast,
I recorded literally over a hundred times.
It was, it took months,
months, and I just never was perfect,
never was perfect. Well then I remember hearing good tip,
which was a good tip and until today I share it,
which was you. When you create a new podcast,
you want to release three to five episodes,
right? Three to five episodes right away,
one, two,
three, maybe in the same day or at least back
to back. You want to release three episodes so
that when people see it, they can really dive in and binge,
right? So you want at least three episodes
there, especially for seo purposes so you can
rank high in the itunes store and stuff. At least three,
three to five episodes right away. Well,
what I did was I created episode one, episode to episode three. Well,
I got so fed up at trying to make that episode one so perfect because I was so
concerned with telling them who I am and why I’m doing this and Bubba Bubba and
and what I plan on doing, what I hope this does for them.
And episode two, I didn’t do that.
I just got right into the content, right,
and I just started providing value and guess what?
I ended up using episode two as my first episode for Viralizerizers,
which still today is still on [inaudible] dot com.
The first episode, the first three episodes of the best
episodes, I believe everybody should listen to it.
I go into all of this in much greater detail,
but I’m just take action, take massive action being certain of
success, but don’t be a perfectionist.
Remember that you can replace any episode whenever you want.
Moving on to receive value or weight to be acknowledged. You must first acknowledge everybody
wants to put out content and they want everybody to retweet them and and they
want to be this, you know,
they want to be this instant success. That’s not the way it works.
I remember what I said. If somebody retweets you or whatever,
you acknowledge them. Once you acknowledge them,
watch how fast they acknowledge you. Now,
one of the things that I did to build my tribe before the 3000 was I started
following people I had. I have formulas that I teach with
Viralizer launches right? Which I glad to share with anybody,
but I’ll do that in a different video. Um,
what I did was, for example,
if you go to twitter, you can use the twitter search feature
and if you put in quotes, you have to use the quotes because if
you just search for somebody’s user name,
um, you know,
if you do sign and then use the name, it’s going to bring up that person’s
profile. But what you gotta do is you’ve got to
put in quotes at sign the user name of somebody else that has a podcast that’s
just like yours. But when you’re done typing as you’re
typing, you’re going to get like a dropdown box
with suggested search terms. Right now you’re going to see the first
one is going to be that person’s profile.
But what you want to do is scroll down to the bottom and you want to hit,
you want to hit the last, uh,
uh, suggested thing which is all results.
Then you want to go to the tab on twitter that says the latest,
the latest post. Now,
what that’s going to do is if you search for at sign the user name of somebody
that will potentially be a competitor of soon,
it’s going to bring up everybody that is we tweeting that person. So everybody that’s read tweeting,
you know, Joe Rogan,
you could pull them up and now what I would do is I would stop following all
of his retweeters. That’s what I call a Viralizer realized
or fin that starts somewhere that’s just a fan of his,
his podcast, which means if I do a similar podcast,
there’s a very good chance they’d be a fan of my podcast if I could do it
better, but that’s somebody that loves it,
loves that podcast, and that shares it with all of their
followers. So that’s a Viralizer or fan that’s a
fan, that Viralizer advisors,
that content. Um,
so those are the people I show you to go after.
Well, by searching for that,
you can now get them. Now,
I would follow those people first. Now some people might say,
oh, but that’s cheating.
Oh, that’s this.
Or those are not true followers. You know,
you’ve got these snobs out there that think,
oh I have 50,000 followers and I only follow five people.
Yeah, you’re a Douche bag.
Big Deal. What’s that mean?
Right. I love to.
I love these. I love my fans.
So like if somebody tweets me or if somebody follows me,
why wouldn’t I followed them back? Right.
Cause you know, how many people since then have followed
me first, but yet I soon as they follow me,
I followed them back because I feel like,
you know, to say,
Oh, you’re important enough.
I’m important enough for you to follow and for you to listen to everything that
I put out there, but you’re not important enough for me
to have to listen to everything that you say.
I think that’s so snobby and that’s just,
that’s just me. But every teach their own.
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the way other people do it. Maybe they don’t use it.
Maybe they only use that channel to put stuff out,
whatever. But I believe in acknowledging other
people first. Okay.
So acknowledge other people before you expect to be acknowledged and then to
receive value. You must first provide value.
Everybody expects to sell their course or to do this,
do that without providing anybody with value.
They want to run ads to a squeeze page that promises to deliver this and this
and this, but then they say,
oh, give you,
give me your email address and then I’ll show you this great thing and it’s like
you expect these people to like just handle with their email address or
handle the money and just based on promises,
it’s like provide value first, stop with all the games,
just provide as much value, hold nothing back and people will want
to buy from you just because they feel like they owe you,
right? Make a commitment to stay consistent.
We talked about that and remember to look at yourself from the outside in.
So obviously we get all wrapped up in ourselves and this is another way of
putting that is being self aware, right?
Being self aware and knowing to look at yourself on how you’re being perceived,
right? How are you being perceived?
Think about if I came to my website right now,
you know, um,
how would this website looked to me? Would I be interested?
Are they offering something of value? All in all it takes is that kind of a
mindset shift and you’ll look at your website and a completely new perspective
and you’ll be able to spot all the things wrong versus only you know,
you’re so busy trying to do all this stuff that you’re not able to spot all
the things that are wrong. Now,
I’m about to show you the service that I use that’s going to allow you to launch
a podcast overnight, but I want to let you know if you stay
until the end of this video, I’m going to show you the biggest
mistakes to avoid and how to not only avoid them,
but avoid them completely and go the right way and achieved massive success.
But first, let’s go over to the service that I use
that is going to allow you to launch a podcast overnight.
Now, first,
let me show you one other thing. There’s a tool that I want to show you,
which is a facebook audience insights. So go,
go to Google, do a search facebook audience insights,
and what you could do is come over here, right?
And look at what facebook does, right?
They just allow you to look at all this data.
So if I come over here and let’s say I wanted to do a podcast on podcasting,
right? So let’s do podcasting,
podcasting. So if I put podcasting in there,
right? Um,
so you see the serial podcast, the Nerdist podcast that given me the
names of certain podcasts, um,
but let’s say let’s try doing something different with let’s say,
um, Internet marketing,
Internet marketing. All right,
so his internet marketing. So I’m going to choose that.
Ended up marketing Ninjas. So I think what you have to do is you
have to search for the name of the fan page.
So what I could do is I could search for like Ryan dice,
Frank Kern, the names of some gurus.
Now look at what they do. What they do is they give you the
percentage of demographics, how many the percentage of men,
that percentage of women that followed that topic and to our,
you know, our fans of Internet Ninjas a shows you
their relationship status. Fifty percent of them are married.
Twenty nine percent of single 14 percent are in a relationship education level.
Seventy one percent have an education level of at least going into college.
A 12 percent went to Grad school. Now we come up here,
we could see page likes, right?
And it’ll tell us, hey,
they’re fans of Internet Marketing Ninjas,
but they’re also fans of top rank marketing.
The also fans of outbrain, which is an advertising network,
um, which they like a content network where
you can advertise on other people’s content.
Um, these are the softwares that they use.
Sem Rush Mas, Infusionsoft,
clickfunnels, big commerce,
mailchimp, they follow content marketing institute.
So the interested in content marketing, um,
they follow Pat Flynn’s podcast, Gary Vaynerchuk,
I’m so, I’m starting to see a trend when it
comes to, when it comes to content marketing.
So if we come over here on the page likes right search engine journal,
so now you get to see all the other pages that the following,
what softwares they use. Now let’s go to location for go to
location. UJ gives you the top cities that the
from let’s go to activity. Um,
so pages that they like for the devices they use.
I mean, look,
33 percent used android, 33 percent use iphone,
a 33 percent use computer. It’s just insane how deep you can get
with this, uh,
with this. Um,
and you could just basically break it down all the way down to like politics.
I mean, it’s insane all that you can do and you
can even, once you search all this,
right, what you could do is you can actually
save these people as a custom audience to run ads to.
All right? So this would be 2000 to 2,500
people, right?
So tell me, that’s not cool.
Me, that’s not valuable to really get into
the minds of who you’re following is going to end up being,
right. Um,
so you can see, here’s the affinity,
the affinity score. Remember we talked about infinity’s.
Um, so that’s one way to do that right now.
Let me show you another one which is
So here’s a place where you can go to, to see other podcasts and the different
categories based on hashtags. If we go to Itunes,
if you’re in Itunes, you go to the store,
you go over the podcast over here, and then you go to categories and you
could look at the different categories and then you could see what do I want to
rank right now? If you follow my tip of putting three to
five episodes right away, then there’s a very good chance they’re
going to show up in the new and noteworthy section,
um, within the first week.
That’s their way of giving you a shot, but putting you at the top. And then from there I’m from there,
you’ll, they’ll decide what you belong.
Okay? So that’s that.
Now let me show you this tool right here.
Oh, one more
That’s another place where you can go to,
to find out, um,
what topics you could be going into, economy,
politics, whatever,
but again, remember you can create your own
category to now, let me show you this right here.
So here’s a tool that is completely free.
Not, believe me when I tell you it is
completely free. This is no catch.
It’s not some trial that you have to take.
It’s 100 percent free. You can do it right from your phone.
You could do it from your computer. Okay?
Um, you could prerecord it if you want.
So you can use a free software such as or audacity,
which is open source and works on both Mac and pc to recall prerecord your
episode. Or you can use anchor.
Now. Anchor will automatically.
Okay, submit your podcast to apple podcasts,
to Alexa, to Google podcast to itunes is submit
your podcast everywhere you get unlimited free hosting you at the.
They have like sound effects and transitions that you can include.
You can add segments so you can record a section that’s segment one.
Then you could do like a transition sound and then you could do it like a
commercial. It’s insane.
All the stuff that you could do, you can record podcasts with friends.
Okay? You can like let other people call in so
much, so much stuff.
You can monetize your podcast. Just let them know you’ll look to
monetize your podcast and they will find people to pay you to advertise on your
podcast. Okay?
So there’s so much that we could talk about,
but let’s just jump in here so that I could show you exactly what I’m talking
about and how it’s so much easier to do this. Okay?
It’s so much easier for you to do this than waste your time with,
uh, um,
you know, trying to install,
you know, uh,
um, usually you have to pay for podcast
hosting and then you have to install a wordpress plugin that will allow you to
create podcast episodes. And then,
you know, you have to connect that wordpress
plugin to your, your,
your, uh,
podcast hosting. Then you have to go and you have to grab
this rss feed, which is complicated.
You have to create a, uh,
a whole new category, which is just for your podcast.
It’s such a pain in the ass and for what you get stats,
okay? You get stats on his,
uh, um,
has a, um,
a new account I just created, right?
And I added my episodes. My episodes are still on my old hosting
account, but I’m switching everything over to our
anchor and look, you can activate a anchor sponsorships. Um,
it says right here, wanting to get paid when people hear
your podcast, turn on anchor sponsorships in one of
your episodes to get started. Okay?
You could share it. You have a podcast profile that you can
share with people. And this will have your episodes,
right? I only added five of my episodes so far.
I started to do this a few months back, but I just never finished,
but I’m going to be finishing now. But right there are the first three
episodes. Those are the ones to listen to a if you
want to go back and listen to them. Um,
but you can listen to these book available on 11 platforms,
11 platforms. So if I come over here,
right, and then come back here.
So let’s see. I’m right.
Yeah. So other aren’t even know where the
other uh, coming from.
Um, but 58 listens because the episodes on
my blog on [inaudible] dot com are not anchor. I,
they’re not anchored. That’s still my old hosea cut.
So I’m not even sure where these came from.
It must have been from what they’ve done.
So anchor one person is as an anchor for people who have listened to it on
spotify. I’m six plays have been on Ios.
I mean, do you see this?
This is insane, right?
All you gotta do. Oh look,
available on 11 platforms. So if we come over here and scroll down,
where can you podcast be heard? Look at this.
It’s on anchor, right?
So it’s anchored the FM. That’s the website address.
By the way, Anchor Dot fm forward slash spiralizers
brings you to the [inaudible] podcast to that page.
We were just at apple podcasts, um,
is right here. Google podcast is right here.
Spotify breaker castbox, Google play music.
Um, so it’s in the Google play store.
Overcast pocket casts. It’s in radio public,
it’s in stitcher. Okay.
And then look at this over here. Here’s your rss feed.
So if you wanted to, um,
if you want to a copy of this, you can go and submit this anywhere that
you want, right?
Anywhere that you want, um,
but it’s automatically submitted to all of those places.
Now, look,
if you’ve manually distributed your podcast,
additional platforms, click here to paste in the links so you
can click there and you could paste in the additional places like pod bean,
a tune in. It’s absolutely nuts.
And if I’m not mistaken, he used to say that it’ll show up in
Alexa. I’m on Amazon,
Alexa and other ones, but maybe I’m mistaken,
but I don’t think I am. I’m almost positive that it is include
listener support. Link in your show notes,
a customize your message to supporters. So right here,
show optional sponsorship segments and all episodes so you can add an
additional segment to each episode for people that sponsor your podcast,
right, to people that pay you money to listen
to your podcast. So all you got to do to start is at an
image for your cover or you can create it,
right? They let you add text and build your
own. You come up with a podcast team,
right? Which I did VIP and I do.
Each episode is Vip Eight, zero,
zero one zero vip eight, zero,
zero two. Um,
but I call it VIP, which stands for Viralizer allies are
insiders podcast. Um,
and then over here, podcast description,
you put a description, you choose a category I choose business.
You choose what you want after the, you know,
slash anchor, dot fm forward slash bomb.
What your website, your name.
I always put my name and then I put a pipe and then I put virologic and then
my email address. Okay.
Now if we come over here to a new episode,
look, meet the anchor episode builder ready to
Make Your first episode, upload an existing file or create an
audio, a create any audio you want. Try recording with your friends,
ask listeners for voice messages, orange,
orange, reducing your new podcast.
Now here’s the cool thing. One day I recorded in a,
um, something,
right, and that was just fooling around,
right. And I just started spitting out some,
some content and I was just fooling around and I swear to you,
I was like on my balcony in Miami and um,
I remember just sitting there on the, on the balcony,
it was like midnight or two in the morning and I just said a bunch of stuff
and then all of a sudden you start getting messages.
Other people, listeners can listen to your podcast and
they can start recording audio messages to send you and they’ll start.
Hey, what’s up Kevin?
Thank you so much. That was an awesome episode.
Welcome. You know,
um, you know,
uh, what is it that you do? I was listening to what you were talking
about. That sounds awesome,
man. I would love to get involved.
And it was like I had two people send me messages like that within five minutes
and I was like, wow,
that’s insane. And what you could do is you can even
take those voice messages that people send to you and then you can decide to
like make it live and share it with everybody and make it part of your next
episode. How cool is that?
But now look at this, right?
So for you to build your episode, right?
So here’s your episode right here, right?
So right now it’s empty. Now over here,
check this out. You can browse all the audio you have
created or uploaded to anchor. But I believe if I’m not mistaken,
if I’m correct, what you can do is if you’re on your
iphone, you can use any song that’s in your
music library as your music, as your song. But if I’d come over here to record
right? All you gotta do is record a new
recording so I can do new recording right?
And I could record a new segment so I could say.
So look, check this out,
send the recording link to your phone so you could do this right from your phone.
Alright. But I come according to a segment,
right? I’ll say allow microphone.
Yup. Use a USB and then I’m going to stop
recording. Alright,
so I said, hey,
what’s going on guys? It’s Kevin the solar with VIP,
the Viralizer it inside his podcast. In this episode we’re going to be
talking about, but I bought right?
Stop recording. Now it’s December 30th,
2018. So that’s my episode.
So as that’s going, I can grab this and drag it right into
my episode. Boom.
Not says, do you want to activate sponsorships?
Right? So I’m not going to do that.
Now we’ll cover that in another episode. But that’s really cool.
Now messages, right?
So remember those two people I told you about.
Boom, right?
That was the first time I had tried it. And look,
those are the two people I told you about,
right? How cool is that?
Transitions. So you can listen to these transitions,
right? So now let’s add warranty.
Use that as a transition I’ll get to do is click the plus sign and boom,
now it’s there. So now you would have my intro.
I can have it go through this music, right?
I can have a go to this music and then I could put in another,
I can record my next segment and then boom,
drag that in. If you have a,
um, um,
if you have other podcasts episodes, right?
So my library, here’s other episodes that I’ve
uploaded, right?
I can grab, you know,
um, episode three and put it there,
or I can grab some other segment. Let’s say you recorded this segment.
Let’s say you record, I’m a commercial,
right? Let’s say you record a commercial for,
um, for your,
your podcast service, right?
I mean, or for your,
whatever. Maybe you have a membership site,
maybe you have a sponsor, whatever it is,
if you record a commercial, like a 32nd spot,
all you gotta do is record it once and then have it in here and you’re in your
library, right? And then what you could do is you can
record a segment and then say, all right guys,
uh, um,
you know, we’re gonna.
Take a little break while you listen to a quick word from our sponsor.
And then boom, you just stop recording.
That’s a segment jacket over here. Then you find that 32nd spot you
recorded right where it’s you saying, hey guys,
you know, go check out this sponsor or whatever.
You could just drag that in. Now personally,
my advice is if you’re going to have a sponsor and do that,
I say prerecord the, you know the commercial and then just do
what I just said. Hey guys,
I’m going to take a quick break while you guys listen to a quick word from our
sponsor who without their support we wouldn’t be.
This wouldn’t be possible. And then let it cut to a 32nd pre
recorded commercial. I can’t tell you how.
Just know much. It turns me off when I’m listening to a
podcast or I’m watching a podcast which is even worse.
I’ll be watching a podcast and it’ll be like an interview between two people and
it’ll be getting like really heavy, like you’re really into it and then
they’ll just stop. And the person that’s like,
you know, it’s their podcast will turn and look at
the camera and be like, Hey,
do you need home security? And just like go into like a salesperson
mode and it’s like, what the fuck,
what is going on right now? And it just,
it just seemed so in, like not genuine.
You don’t meet. I’m all about being genuine.
That’s just so not genuine. I just,
you, that’s not for me,
but this is what you do to record your episodes.
And it’s that simple. Once your episodes are recorded,
right? So right here,
you can come here. Hey,
what’s up everybody? And you can actually grab these,
uh, you can grab this embed code,
right, and you can just embed it onto your
website and it’ll, it’ll,
you know, embed into your web,
your website or you can grab this right here,
this link to this episode. You can grab it and you can use it with
other plugins. These plugins,
now that they have that, um,
work with anchor, right,
for, for wordpress.
But I believe that this is the way to go.
It’s so much easier to get your episodes on,
to itunes, onto all these different,
um, until all these different networks.
Uh, it’s so much easier for you to record.
You don’t have to go mess with any softwares or anything.
It’s, it’s great if you want to start making
money. I mean,
look, you can just make money by telling
people about your podcast and right here,
tips for increasing revenue. Ask Your listeners to support you.
Ask Your audience for this support. Remember what I was telling you about
earlier. Um,
you can explain how their support helps you keep your,
keep making a, your podcast,
activate sponsorships and episodes. Uh,
the amount you can make from sponsorships is calculated across all
your episodes. So the more sponsorship segments you
have active in your back catalog, the better when possible.
Use mid role ads. Higher CPM sponsors,
ones who are willing to pay are only available if you’re at least,
um, if you have at least one sponsorship
segment in the middle of your episode. So right here you haven’t yet activated
listening to support. So you can activate listener support and
then, um,
you could do, but,
um, you could do monetization,
right? So you could monetize by advertising.
Now, let me show you something.
Take a look at this. So I did a search in Google,
right, right.
From Google a podcasting advertising rates.
Let me show you something. Did you know that podcasting is by far
the most expensive form of advertising of all mediums?
Okay. It’s more expensive than the TV.
More expensive than the newspaper on a per thousand impression or listens per
thousand. Listens.
I’m a 32nd spot. Um,
commands $10 per 1000 listening. Listens.
Okay? Now think about that.
That’s 1000 downloads. So I just want to talk about something.
This is something I talk about in Viralizerizers.
This is going to be one of our main beliefs,
right? And one of our main,
the myths that we just blow up, which is you don’t want Freebie seekers,
you know, all these freebie seekers.
You only want the buyers. That’s complete bullshit.
Listen, those seekers are your,
your key to success, okay?
The freebie seekers are your key to success.
I’ll say it again. Those freebie seekers are the key to
your success. What do I mean?
What I mean is you could have the best content and I don’t care if you could
charge 10 grand, right?
All these guys, they do these courses and they think
they’re so smart because they teach you how to make this cost and then they tell
you are right now he has, he has the secret.
You’re going to charge $10,000 for this cost.
Now think about it. All you gotta do is get 10 people bump
you just made 100 grand or going to do is get 100 people,
boom, you’re a millionaire and he sounds
fucking brilliantly like, oh my God,
why didn’t I think of that? Why?
Night thinking about just charging people 10 grand,
nevermind whether you actually have $10,000
worth of content for people to pay for, but that’s besides the point,
right? It’s so dumb,
but now let’s say that that happens. Let’s say you could charge $10,000.
Your contents that good. You got a thousand people to pay you 10
grand each. You just made a million bucks.
Now here’s the deal. How many people in the world?
No, you’re the best when it comes to that
topic. So this is even if you are the best when
it comes to speaking about a certain topic,
if you were able to charge 10 grand than you did,
how many people, if you sold a thousand causes would know
you are the best when it comes to that topic,
a thousand people right now, think about a thousand people.
As soon as you stop running ads, boom stops.
Everything stops your business dies. You have to run ads,
right? If you rely on ads,
that means that your business cannot grow without running ads,
which means that facebook upstair prices,
they charge double per click. All of a sudden you got to do it.
You’ve got to deal with it, right?
But now if you put it that same content out there for free,
now if it’s that good and you put it out there for free through podcasts,
through free videos, through whatever,
how many people do you think you would have that?
No, you are the best when it comes to that
topic. I think it’s going to be a thousand or
you think it’s going to be more like hundreds of thousands if not millions.
Now think about that. Now,
if you have hundreds of thousands of people that think you are the man or you
are the woman, you are the best when it comes to that
topic, right?
Well do you think you’re ever going to have a problem like making money?
Never. You will never have a problem making
money. You will get paid six figures to speak
for an hour. Go Van.
The chuck gets about 150 grand to go speak for an hour at seminars and he’s
booked 200 days out of the year booked. So that’s what,
200, let’s say 150 grand per trip.
Plus they paid for his flights and everything,
but you know, let’s say that’s what,
$2,000,000, $2,000,000
for 200 talks for one hour. Now every time the he talks,
guess what happened? That audience of his grows,
he picks up more people. He’s traveling all over the world and
getting paid millions of dollars per week,
right? If he does,
he talks he’s making like a million bucks per week to do what?
To build his tribe and take their buyers because now all the people that paid
thousands of dollars to be at that seminar just became fans of his because
they’ve been blowing him up all week long saying,
oh my God, you don’t even know,
and they want to make gary look bigger than life. Why?
Because he’s going to be at their event and they want their event to be a
success and they want you to want to go to their event so they have to make gary
scene like you know you’re going to be seeing Jesus Christ himself and that’s
what happens. So he’s getting paid millions of dollars
for his brand to get even bigger and then guess what happens?
He starts getting calls from Coca Cola. He starts getting calls from a Nike and
all the biggest multibillion dollar brands in the world to manage.
This is their social media accounts. He gets seven figure book deals.
He’s getting TV, show offers.
He’s got his own sneakers. Think about it now,
think about whether you want to keep all your content to yourself and go hide it
behind some membership site and pay people to see it,
or do you want everybody in the fucking world to see your content and how great
it is. You can decide that for yourself,
but if you ask me, it’s better to give it to everybody in
the world for free. Content will be free.
I’m still ahead of the curve when it comes to this.
I know, but content equals free.
Put it out there for free. People are still trying to fight this.
Put it out there for free. You want to charge charge for your
coaching. If they want to be able to ask you
questions live. If they want to be able to like you
know, I’m following an outline.
Okay? Join my masterclass.
You’ll get coaching with me and you basically you say,
listen, the masterclass is free,
but you’re going to get coaching calls every week with me twice a month for 100
bucks a month, 200 bucks a month,
500 bucks a month, whatever,
but to speak to you. Now,
and you could still do one call with a group on it and you’re still making a
ton of money, but if you’re going to go down the
content content path and you want to sell content,
that’s what I would do. That’s what I would do,
and and just put it out there and build a tribe.
If you build a tribe, look,
our adventure comes out with. Didn’t even come out.
I think he came up with his own sneakers.
I mean, once you have a brand look at apple,
apple could launch. They won’t sneaker brand.
They could launch a line of backpacks and guess what?
Every single item they launch would be a success.
Look at Donald Trump. Donald trump built his brand,
right? He had water,
he had steaks, and he became the president.
Whether you love him enough, I’m not getting into that.
I’m just saying the brand. When you make everybody love a brand
that brands can take you anywhere. It took,
you know, Donald Trump to the presidency,
right? By why?
Because he didn’t hide his content. Right now I’m not saying you have to
brag or you have to do any of that. I’m just saying,
put your content out there for free. Help as many people as you can and
you’re going to build true fans. People are going to talk about you.
Everybody’s going to want you at their event and that’s how you do it and
that’s how you get all their buyers and then you get all of these people’s buys
and those people’s bias and now you are known as number one and all.
Look at Garrett venture. He’s been saying the same exact things
at every single one of those $200 something events per year since I
started following him and and I talked to him back in 2008,
2008. I remember hitting up Gary Vaynerchuk
and even back then he made a video for my members because I was trying to build
a membership site and he made a video for my membership site.
I’ll never forget it. I lost it,
but I’ll never forget it. It was the coolest thing and I was like,
wow. Until today.
I’m a huge fan, which is why I’ll give him so much
credit right here and right now. Um,
so that’s my advice for you. Um,
listen, I know this was a long video.
I hope you got a ton of value from it. Believe me,
the things that I shared with you, our life lessons,
these are lessons that would have taken you a very long time or a ton of money
to learn. Um,
it’s taken me 11 years now to learn all the things that I just shared with you,
um, to learn.
You know, what the best tools are,
a, to learn all the easiest ways to build a
tribe. Now,
what’s the biggest mistake? Remember I said I was going to share
with you the biggest mistakes to avoid. Let me tell you how you can screw up
everything I just taught you. So one of the biggest mistakes that
people make is they assume that if they build it,
people will come. No,
they will not. No,
they won’t. They’re not going to come.
Just because you build it does not mean they’re going to come.
Remember what I told you earlier, I’m following the people re tweeting
your competitors. Do that.
Go get into the groups on facebook, get involved in forums,
go on Reddit and stop participating in the sub categories or the subreddit,
which is basically like a subcategory about your topic.
The smaller ones, right?
Not Marketing, but Internet marketing or social media
marketing or these that have like, you know,
20 to 100,000, 200,000
people subscribed to it and it’ll tell you when you go to that category on the
top, on the right side,
it’ll tell you on the sidebar, there’s,
you know, 100 people in this category right now
and this subreddit right now. You want the ones that have the posts.
When you look at the posts, look at the posts that are,
you know, at the top that have five or six likes.
If it with five or six likes, likes,
it’s at the top of the page. That means that all your shares,
if you share something, it only has to get five or six likes to
be at the top of the page. So what do you do?
You go and first you have to participate in these things,
participate, follow other people member.
You have to acknowledge before you get acknowledged,
acknowledged other people participate, going to the groups,
share actual value with them and then when you create your episodes,
go out there and share it with those people and do stuff like you could do
stuff. Like when somebody follows me,
I used to have an auto direct message go out on twitter that says,
Hey, my name is Kevin. Thanks so much.
Following me a if you want to see what you know,
if you ever need help with anything related to internet marketing or
building a tribe, you can go to [inaudible] dot com.
See what I’m about. And if you think there’s something I can
help you with, you know,
feel free to hit me up and asked me anything.
So I did it like that in a cool way. Like go to our lives.
Just see what I do and if you think there’s ever something that I can help
you with and I really would help people. I would help people for free all the
time. Especially when I got started,
it’s getting harder and harder, especially now,
but back then I would talk to anyone for free.
Anyone. I’d hop on skype with them for free and
basically, you know,
we were friends, but quote unquote,
I say friends in quotes, but rarely it was just I was a free
coach. I was coaching for free,
but treat every single fan like gold. Appreciate every single one.
You know, you see these people.
Oh, I only got 200 followers.
Listen, if you were to put 200 people in a room
and you had to speak in state onstage in front of 200 people,
let me tell you 200 people is a lot more people than you could possibly imagine
and if you told that to an entrepreneur from the 19 sixties that you could just
get 200 people and a couple of days online to speak to.
They would call us so stupid for actually complaining and all these
people that are out there crying and whining about the times or the economy
bullshit. No one has a right to complain.
No one. I didn’t get a high school education,
I didn’t get, did not get a high school education.
I was getting in trouble my whole life until I came online. And then I realized,
Holy Shit, I can learn anything.
You can go on youtube and learn anything.
You don’t need money to go to the best colleges.
You can learn from people better than the best professors at Harvard,
right online, right.
I learned from guys that, you know,
started in mobile homes or you know, were broke and they built 30 to 60 to
$100, million dollar per year.
Businesses such as Eben Pagan, such as Frank Kern,
uh, um,
you know, Dan Kennedy,
I was able to learn from them for free in the beginning.
Those are the people you want to learn from,
not some college professor that’s making 100 grand a year that’s never owned a
business in his. So there’s no excuse.
Treat every fan like gold and understand that there’s nothing that you can’t
learn and do and remember, become a Viralizer as a fan.
Don’t just try to get Viralizer loads of fans. Become a Viralizer as a fan yourself.
Share other people’s podcasts. One of the biggest things I tell people
is you don’t have to be an expert. You can literally do.
I mean, look at Fox News.
We talked about Fox News, how it’s number one immediate,
whether you liked them or not, besides the point,
but what is Fox News? This is what I’m trying to teach
everybody to be with Viralizer Viralizerizers to be your own media
company. Look at Fox News.
What’s. What’s shorthand?
What does he do? All he does,
he does not create his own content. Think about it.
All he does is say, oh,
so you know this morning I was reading the New York Times and I’ve seen this
article about, but Bubba,
so to discuss that, here’s so and so and so and so.
It brings on a couple people and they discussed this article that showed up in
the New York Times this morning. All they’re doing is discussing
articles, other people’s content basically,
right? That’s all they’re doing is discussing
other people’s content. What did I do?
Real trade is Webinar that allowed me to build a six,
a multi six figure business and from the leads from that business,
a seven figure business for free. All I did was invite experts to come
speak at our events. I would do a Webinar.
I would host it, go to real traders Webinar,
go to youtube, search for real trade is Webinar.
You’ll see what I’m talking about. I did the hosting,
but I knew nothing about until today. I know nothing about trading.
I can write an email that will make people go buy whatever I want,
but I, because I know the keywords,
I know the triggers. I know what people gets them excited,
you know what I mean? But when it comes to doing it like
trading, I know nothing about trading,
but yet you’ll hear my voice introducing every one of those top experts and we
were able to build the website. You know,
real treat webinar. It’s a Webinar with only real traders.
You go to that one spot and you get content from all the top experts on
every single topic related to trading. So now I had free content that I was
able to use it as bait, but it was content from the number one
expert on forex. I had content from the number one expert
on on candlesticks, the number one content,
the content from the number one expert on options trading,
and then I could use to go out there as bait to generate free traffic through
Seo, uh,
and so mine from Google, from a youtube,
which til today we rank not only in Google,
but youtube, which is the number two search engine in
the world, gets more searches than Yahoo and bing
combined and timestamp. So understand the power of this,
understand the power of free content and understand the power of being able to
interview other people or not even interviewed them. Just disgusting their content,
just discussing their content. You follow me?
So listen guys, that’s it for this video.
I hope you got a ton of value. My name is Kevin de Silva.
Again, my website is [inaudible] dot com.
If you want to check out our podcast again,
it’s called the spiralizer inside his podcast,
vip. Um,
I’m going to be coming out with a new series,
it’s going to be episode one o one, which kind of,
you know, one on one,
uh, but that’s gonna be the first episode
since the original ones were at zero, zero,
one, zero,
zero two. But listen to the first three episodes
first. That’s on [inaudible] dot com right now,
the original series listened to those first three episodes where we talk about
creating good manifesto and I detail all the stuff on how to launch a podcast,
how to think of your brand, how to come up with a good name,
all that stuff, everything that you need to know to
launch a successful company built around your tribe. But most importantly,
we focus on building the tribe because what everybody gets wrong is that they
just got to create the content and put it out there and boom,
they’re going to be successful. No,
you need the tribe, right?
You build the tribe. Then you build the,
you make the con, the podcast to give to your tribe,
and your tribe shares it with all their friends and that’s how you go.
You follow me? Podcasting is used to,
uh, an easier form of content and easy for
them, kinds of that you create to create value
to share with your tribe. Even if it’s three or four people,
just go follow some fans, some Viralizerizerr fans of your
competitors, make friends with them and then share
your podcast with them and watch how fast they will share it with their
friends. And then it’ll just go from there. All right.
Again, if you want to check out our website,
our, feel free to follow me.
Message me. I’m at the following sites on twitter.
My username is at Kevin the silver. You can go to my facebook fan page which
is forward slash Kevin de Silva fence, Forward slash come into civil fans or on
Forward slash user or forward slash. Yeah,
something like that. But just do a search for Kevin de Silva
videos with no spaces and you’ll find my videos are right.
That’s it for this episode. I hope you have an awesome 2019 if
you’re watching this before they, if we’re already in 2019.
Here’s the question in 2019 and I hope this helps and I look forward to your
comments and to seeing what you think about it and what you would like to see
more of next time. Talk to you then.
Hey, what’s going on guys?
This is Kevin and I just want to share a bonus tip with you.
So this is not like a blooper reel per se,
but I want to show you something. So when I was just recording this video
for you, I made one mistake,
right? So I made one mistake.
As I was talking, as I said,
I don’t use notes or anything, I just go with the flow and I made a
mistake, which I’m going to let you listen to
right now. The diff and Diff, one of the most important things is
making sure that your. Did you see that?
So what I did was right here. So one of the most.
So right there, we’re.
So I’m staying right here. So one of the most important things,
and then I screw up, but instead of just growing up and then
waiting a couple of seconds and then starting again,
you know, look at this track right yet.
Look at this Jack. So this is like an hour and 13 minutes,
right? So if you look at this,
you know, how would I have possibly spotted that
screw up? But what you’ll notice is look at this,
look at the timeline and look at all the way across.
What’s the one thing that stands out, that little peak right there,
right? So all I did was all I did was if I zoom
in, right?
If I zoom in, you’ll see that I’m right there.
Bone bone, bone,
all I did when I screwed up is I just clap three times.
I pause and then I go. And what that’s gonna do is that’s going
to put on your audio track three spikes, bump,
bump, bump,
and you want to do it really close to the mic.
Said that it, it,
it, you know,
does what did right there, which was it leaves like a,
um, you know,
it, you see the red peak peeks into the,
uh, you know,
to the distortion area and now you’re able to spot it instantly.
And now what I could do is I can go in, cut it up,
right? I just go in and you could see that I’m
saying right about here, so one,
so one of the most important things. So all they gotta do now is chop it
there and you could see it right after the three claps right here.
I started off by saying one of the most, one of the most important things. And then I just go like this,
right? And then I’ll just chop that out.
I’ll delete it, I’ll grab this,
drag it over, and boom,
if I play it down, entry is your podcast,
one of the most important thing you see how it just goes smoothly.
Now obviously you have to be using our software to do this.
Like, you know,
udacity or you know, I,
I use adobe audition personally. Um,
but what I’m using right now is screenflow.
Screenflow is the best for videos when it comes to making videos on your Mac.
If you use, um,
if you use a pc, then what you want to use is a software
called Camtasia. Camtasia,
okay. I believe they’re both made by
Techsmith, if I’m not mistaken.
So you’ve got Camtasia, screenflow,
and then. I’m sorry.
No, it’s not made by texting with screenflow
is made by techsmith. But camtasia is another one for pc.
Or You could use something such as a cloud.
There’s an app I have called cloud and you could just record little videos and
stuff. There’s all sorts of chrome extensions,
but these are the ones that I choose to use.
But I just wanted to share that kill a tip with you that allows to find any
screw ups that you made. But personally I try not to screw.
I screw it up right there and you know, I chopped it out.
But that’s the only time I did it. You don’t want to go too crazy because
you’ll be clapping too many times just to try to get used to it.
And one of the best ways is to do facebook lives.
So you can record your podcast live. You could do a live stream on facebook
and the facebook group, right? Maybe you build a facebook group.
This is something we’ll be talking about,
realizes, um,
but that’s another cool way that you can do things where you get people,
you do it live, and by doing it live,
you’re not going to be able to screw up. Well,
if you screw up, you screw up,
you just keep going, right?
But you’ll get used to speaking without stopping.
And then you take the recording. That’s your podcast.
That’s your podcast, right?
And then one final tip for you is if you want to get people to join your email
list so that you don’t have to rely on an itunes or facebook,
especially now with these, you know,
these, these,
these, silicon valley,
uh, websites are getting very,
um, you know,
um, let’s just say they’re interfering,
right? That they’re starting to choose which
content gets seen, which content doesn’t. So you want to get people into your
world. And what you could do is like I created
this podcast, right?
Yeah. One of the things I could do is I can
take all the tips that I shared with you as I’m going to do and I can,
you know, uh,
take all these tips and I’m going to create a one page cheat sheet.
So that one page cheat sheet, we’ll have all of these tips on that one
page. And you know,
what I’ll do is I’m going to create a url which is Viralizer [inaudible] dot
com forward slash start your own podcast,
right? Or No,
I’ll do, I’ll do something much simpler as such
as, um,
all right, so I’ll do Viralizer,
forward slash podcast dash cheat sheet,
forward slash podcast Dash, a little dash and then cheat sheet.
So now if you go to [inaudible] dot com, forward slash podcast dash cheat sheet,
you’ll be able to putting an email address,
subscribed to our podcast and get a one page cheat sheet. So now that’s how people will be able to
come into my world, joined my email list,
and now I could stay in constant contact with them and then one of the things
that I could do is on the thank you page,
right? I could say,
Hey, thank you,
and if you want to, you know,
join a community, go over to this url which will link them
to our facebook group, which will most likely be Viralizer
[inaudible] dot com forward slash fb group,
right in FB group will redirect them right to the [inaudible] facebook group,
which is completely free. And now you have everybody in your
facebook group, but again,
you still want to have that email address just in case,
especially if you’re in a, you know,
you’re talking about politics. If you’re not talking about politics you
should be okay. Um,
but still, I don’t like,
you know, leaving anything up to chance. You never know what could happen.
Facebook changes their algorithm all the time,
just like fan pages. We used to build up fan pages and then
boom, one day to the next,
there goes all your organic views, right?
Because they decided no more showing content,
they’re only gonna show a post from their family and friends,
which you know, not for nothing,
but it goes back to the argument I was making about Freebie seekers because
those Freebie seekers, just the drive that home,
and I’ll end it with this because it’s so important and I truly believe it’s
the key to success and it’s the opposite of what everybody’s telling you to do,
which is focused on the Freebie seekers because what are they looking for?
A freebie. So if you provide them with the Freebie,
they’re going to love you, right?
And you’re giving them what they want, but guess what? They become fence just because they
don’t have money. Who Cares?
Some of them do and some of them can support you.
You could do the support where anybody can give whatever they want.
You don’t have to. You know,
that doesn’t need to be a set amount, but at the same time,
let’s say you come up with a book that you put on Amazon and for the first week
you make it free, but you ask people to leave a review.
Guess what happens if you can get a thousand reviews all saying fivestars
from those quote Freebie seekers, guess what happens?
Now your book is going to be ranked number one,
now it’s going to be considered a best seller.
You just became a bestselling author in your niche.
Your, your book is rated five stars by
thousand people, which is going to be better than 99
percent of the other authors out there and now you’re going to be visible to
all the other quote unquote buyers, right? So like all these,
this bullshit about non buyers, non buyers,
you only want the bias, it’s bs because those buyers of what’s
going to get you seen by the buyers. And then most importantly,
look at facebook. They changed it so that you only see
posts now from family and friends, which means what?
Which means unless somebody sharing something with their family and friends,
facebook won’t show it unless it’s facebook groups.
That’s one of the tricks. So that’s where we’re going to be using
it. But,
um, if you can get people’s family and
friends to share your content with them, that’s how you get into the newsfeed.
You follow me? So people that is going to be the way
going forward, its people.
And that’s why I believe in Viralizer realizes.
I believe that every one of us should be our own Fox News.
You might not like Fox News, MSNBC,
whatever you want to use, but you should be your own media
company. Right?
And the cool thing about a media company is you don’t have to be the expert.
So no more wasting time trying to be the expert at Viralizerizers.
We have a tool. I’m not going to try to sell you because
I don’t have to, uh,
um, uh,
you know, how I think of things,
I’d like to provide value. But one of the things we do have is a
wordpress plugin that every time you share something,
you create your link that’s from your website.
So it’ll be like forward slash how to get six pack abs.
And you can read the wreck, those people to an article on CNN,
for example. But everybody that clicks gets put into
a custom audience on facebook, Google,
Linkedin, twitter that you could want ads too,
but you know what they’re interested in because only people that clicked on the
link to go see that CNN article got put into these custom audiences so you know
exactly what they’re interested in and I show you how to use Google optimize,
which is free. Um,
so that based on which link they clicked on a you can have,
it’s just so much advanced stuff I won’t get into here.
But I believe sharing other people’s content,
figuring out what they want, given them exactly what they want and
then letting them become the people that share it.
And I believe that each of us are already doing that.
Everybody’s already sharing all this content with their family and friends,
right? So why not get paid to do it?
Why not become an influencer? Right?
Everybody always talks about influential marketing.
Well, I kinda,
that’s what Viralizer is, is. And I’ve been talking about this since
2011, but I don’t just want to be.
And I don’t want you to be an influencer marketer.
I want you to influence all the influencers out there.
You follow me, become the influencer that influences
all of the other influencers, Aka what we call Viralizer lies a fence
so you can get 1000 Viralizer loads of fans or Aka influencers,
and if you can put it out to these micro influencers,
not the big gurus. I’m not talking about that.
I’m talking about the micro influencers, the people that have 50 or 100 friends,
family. Those are the people you have to get to.
And that’s going to be the business model going forward over the next five,
10 years, I believe.
Um, I’ve done this now about three times
where I’ve picked the trend and I’ve called it correct and I definitely don’t
think I’m wrong here. I believe that that’s going to be the
way going forward. And that’s how I believe even if an
economy crashes, which when it comes down to it,
I truly, that’s what I care about.
I care about showing people how to make money from home,
talking about what they love, but get paid for it so that when
automation comes in ai and the robots take over doing all the jobs well,
you can be okay and you can support your family by talking about the stuff you
love on social media, which we’re doing anyways,
but you’re told not to do it because you should be,
you know, reading 15,000
bucks to become an expert, fucked up.
Fuck all that right? Just do what you love to talk about the
New England patriots all day, but you become an influencer that can
influence all the influencers when it comes to Patriot stuff or football or
sports. And now people start paying you to get
access to your distribution. Believe me,
uh, it’s,
it’s, that’s down the road,
but just believe me, just let that seed we planted in your
mind and let it grow because I promise you that’s where we’re headed and that’s
how you could turn any passion into profits.
That’s it for this video. I just wanted to share that tip with you
and a few more Ninja tips with you. Talk to you soon.

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