How to Start a Podcast in 2018! Best Podcasting Tips from from Pat Flynn

How to Start a Podcast in 2018! Best Podcasting Tips from from Pat Flynn

(car doors open) – Ah, what’s up, dude? – What’s up? – We’re in a Tesla. – I know, I love this thing, it’s amazing. – So, we just did this amazing video with you on my channel
and I’m super stoked about that, so thank you so much. – Yeah, absolutely. Guys, you absolutely have to 110% check out out our collab video. It also shows my first
time riding in a Tesla. – Oh, and some things we
did that were unexpected. – Oh yeah. So, one of the things I’ve always wanted to do for my audience
is, like a lot of them are getting into podcasting now, especially as YouTubers, some of them. You and I were talking about some of that. And then, the thing is I’m getting more into podcasting, so selfishly, I wanted to ask you some
questions about that. – Yeah. – And I also want your top five best tips for doing podcasting; especially if someone is getting started or they have a podcast that, you know, they dropped off from, they’re not being consistent. Kinda like I was! (laugh)
– Yes – Like, what are your thoughts there? What do we need to know
if we want to enter the world of podcasting? You’re a rockstar, you’re a legend. – Well, thank you. First of all, I think the first thing especially for the YouTubers out there who are watching this right now; don’t just rip the audio
out of your YouTube videos and put them on a podcast. Too many people have been doing that and it just crushes, the souls of those
listeners because most of your YouTube content is visual, right? – Yeah – And you wouldn’t even think that some of the things you say would make a person feel left out, but it does. If at any moment you say, “Oh and by the way look at this,” your listener is going to leave forever because they want to have
a listening experience. I think it’s really important that, here’s tip number one; consider where your people are listening. And what the possibilities are there. So, where do you listen to your podcasts? – So, a lot of different places. If it’s super casual or
if I got it from Twitter, the odds are someone might
have linked out to it from SoundCloud. You know, Gary does that a lot. But, a lot of times,
because I have an iPhone, begrudgingly, I listen to it in the iPhone podcast app, which isn’t always great, but – But, where are you
when you are listening? – Oh, so where am I, physically? – Yeah – Oh, me, traveling usually, driving. – Yeah, right? So, how often, or how
long are you listening for when you’re listening to a podcast? – So, now that I live by
I-75, probably for 45 minutes. – Yeah, so quite a bit of time, right? I mean, actually most
podcast listeners are listening on average for more than an hour of content per day. So, you YouTubers are probably licking your chops right now, right? Now, not only that, but people are listening to 90 to 100% of that content. Which is just insane, right? And it’s because of where
people are listening. They’re listening in the car, they’re listening on the go. On a walk, or at the gym, right, where you normally can’t watch videos. So, this unlocks so many possibilities for new audiences who can only get content – Right
– in that way. – When you compare that
to, like, what we know as YouTube watch time and retention time, it’s like oh my god. – It’s crazy, but, the analytics don’t work the same way. – True, 100%
– Yet, yet, hopefully that will change, because Apple is a little slow, but. Number two, a lot of you will think oh you know, podcasting,
that was last year I don’t know if there’s room for me. Well, consider this; I don’t know how many
YouTube channels are there, 500 million more? – Well, let me put it
to you like this way, when I talk to Matt
Gielen, who is like one of the best data scientists in YouTube, head of Little Monster
Media, used to be head of programming for Federator Networks, massive amounts of content and data. He did a kick stay of like a thousand YouTube channels of data. We’re going to put out a video of that at some point. But, the interesting thing he told me is I’d conservatively went looking, and Social Blade estimated that there were 15 million active
YouTubers, and if you want to get really conservative, you could say six million. He told me it was 50 million. – 50 million. – 50 million active uploaders to YouTube. 50 million active people
pursuing YouTube and I almost, like, fainted. – Yeah, we’re close to
approaching the one million mark in active podcasts. – Wow – So, there isn’t that
much competition when you think about it that way. But still, as a podcaster
you have to consider people have this expectation
for good quality audio. Right? On a video, you can create
something that isn’t quite as polished, but
it’s still funny, right? Still entertaining,
it’ll still get shared. – You can carry it with
your visual presence. – Right.
– You can carry it with your energy and charisma. – Absolutely, but, if a person listens to an episode of yours and it can be the best content in the world. You can tell the most amazing, heartfelt stories that can change a persons life, but they’re never gonna get there if they start listening and it’s bad. Because, remember, they’re listening for a long time so they want that listening experience to be great. So, audio quality is really important. And when it comes to microphones and such, you know, we’re all gear-heads, right? You don’t need very much equipment. You don’t need to spend
thousands of dollars. I actually use a microphone
called the ATR2100. – That’s the one that both
myself and Amy Schmittauer have used for the longest time. – It’s very durable and
it makes you sound like my 400 dollar professional
podcasting mic that I use. So, I wouldn’t even worry about that. Plus, it can plug in via USB. So you don’t even need all the crazy boxes and mixers and amplifiers
or any of this stuff. – Yeah – It just plugs right into your computer and you get started. Now, we talked about audio
and how important that is. But, even before a person listens, much like very similar to the thumbnail of your YouTube videos, podcasts are actually very visual in terms of the cover art. What your cover art looks like and what it says about your show. Because that’s the first thing people see before they ever listen to any seconds of your podcast. So, this is where a lot of people don’t pay enough attention to. In the category that you’re going to be in in iTunes, or in Stitch,
or in Google Play, I mean there’s just tons
of directories out there. You wanna go in there
and see what is standing out to you and how you
might be able to stand out from that crowd that’s in there because visually, you
need to have a person, you know, when they’re scrolling through you want to be a thumb-stopper. – Yeah
– Right? Like, what about the thumbnail and the tile of your show and
once they click through, the description of your show, what’s going to make them click through? Once you click them through to listen, you’ve almost got them in. I mean, this is very
different than YouTube, right? – Right – Because a person will
give you 30 seconds to a minute to convince them. To put the phone in their pocket and then listen the rest of the way through. Which is a lot of time. – Yeah
– Right? – Oh, YouTube, you got eight seconds. – Yeah, I mean that’s hardly any time. So, the trick is to
utilize the cover art and the title and the title
of, not just your podcast, but the title of your
individual episodes, too. Which is really important; they need to be key-word
driven because iTunes is a search engine as well. – Right. Not to mention all the other
distribution platforms. – For sure. Yeah, absolutely. When people share, it’s
on all the social media channels and such and people are gonna see those headlines, right? So, as creative as we wanna be, right, there’s a line between creativity and losing out on the
opportunity to get found. Right?
– Right. – Much like on YouTube. So a lot of you are gonna
have a huge advantage over a lot of people who
are starting podcasts now because of what you know. Especially because I’m
getting into YouTube now, thanks to you. And one thing that I learned about YouTube that I am no applying into my podcasts, that a lot of podcasters
aren’t paying attention to is the hook. Like, I said, you have a little more time but you can get people even more excited in the beginning. So, I’m incorporating open loops in the beginning of my shows now. Pulling things from
later in the episode that aren’t quite 100% clear, – I’ve seen that, and it’s been working out really well. – Yeah, I mean, even at the retention rate that I had, which is like 80-90, now I’m seeing 95-100 because people wanna continue to listen on. – That one change. – With the one change,
only, that I learned from YouTube. So, I don’t know what
tip we’re on right now, it’s probably three? – Yeah, we’re on three now. – Okay, cool. – But, I wanted to ask
you something about tip number two with the
visuals and the album art. One thing that I think
now, I wanna go back and I wanna do like a stage
photo shoot specifically for branding exclusively my podcast, with that in mind. And do stage photo shoots
for that for all the visual branding for my podcast. Now I’m really excited about that. – Yeah. – Two, there’s the album
artwork for your podcast but should we ever consider
doing things for the individual tracks? I’ve seen
– You can – For distribution. Is there any value to that? Or, is it fine to just use the same album cover art for everything? – I think there is value
if, in a very quick period of a time, a person can recognize something that would stop their thumb. For example, maybe you have a very very influential person on your show. Maybe for that particular track you have cover art that’s almost the same except that you include
that person’s face on it. Right, like John Lee Dumas
from Entrepreneur On Fire. – Right. – For individual guests, we’ll do that. But, more important than what is on there, and how it differs from other episodes that you have or your cover art; can it be read at a small scale? This is another big issue. You know, you’re actually
supposed to create pixels that are three thousand by three thousand. – Yep – To submit to iTunes,
so that it’s compatible with all the different
devices and TV and such. But, too many people
design it big and then when people are flipping
through, they can’t read anything because at the small scale it’s just too much. So, I would encourage you to going back to point two that we’re
making about the visuals. Make it readable at a very small scale. And, don’t put more on it
than you don’t need to. – Right on. So, just a good actionable
example of that; do you feel like if someone
were to look at, say, album covers from music
that could give them a good sense of what looks good from a design and an aesthetic and scale standpoint. – Yes, although there
is room for some text on there that I think
should play a role in how people can just
believe that that show is going to be something
worth listening to as well. You know, you’re gonna
have a lot of decisions to make as a new podcaster, from title to description to artwork, and stuff. Too many podcasters who
have some amazing content to share stop themselves
because they are too worried about those decisions. So what I would say is, focus on it and do the market research
and make it great. But, then finally just
say yes, that’s my final brushstroke for now and move on. – Right on.
– Right, you’re creative you need
to at some point say I’m done with this
painting, I’m gonna move on to the next thing. – Done is better than perfect. – Right? And then you can go back
later and change things. You can always change things. You’re going to have some struggles when it comes to, and this’ll be tip number four for you; when you get on the
microphone, you just have to be comfortable with knowing that it’s going to be terrible. It’s going to be really bad. Every master starts as a
disaster, and you have to go through that disaster phase first, before you get to the masterful stuff. And, it’s really weird
because you’re not even looking at anything, like
on a YouTube video, right? Like, you’re looking at the camera, and you feel like there’s somebody on the other end. When you just are in a room and there’s a microphone, it’s really strange. It’s a really strange
thing and a lot people who I teach, they become
a different person when the record button is on. When the microphone is there. And it’s really strange. So, I would encourage you to think about who is on the other end listening to you and just talk as if they are in that same room as you. – Be conversational. – Be conversational. A lot of people will, potentially, script the entire episodes,
which is not a good idea because, number one it’s going to sound super robotic when you read it. It’s gonna be monotonous, it’s not gonna sound good at all. You may put people to sleep because it’s gonna sound like a lecture. But, number two, it just
doesn’t leave any room for real life conversational discoveries through just normal speaking, right? Like, when you go to a
coffee shop with a friend you don’t script what you’re gonna say. – I hope not. – No, I mean you might have some questions in your mind, right? But, then you just kind of
let the conversation flow. And, here’s the big tip
for you, and this is along the lines of tip number four; when it comes to content
on podcasts, tell stories. Podcasts are meant for stories. Whether it’s you telling stories, you’re still teaching. You can still teach, right? But, what stories can you
tell that will support the points that you want to make, and the transformation
that you want to offer. Like, I always write my
content by starting with, okay what transformation do I want my audience to have. – So, you walk backwards. – I work backwards. And then, now, what stories can I tell that support that. Because, when a person listens to a story it transforms them into
that place so they can feel as if that’s them, too. And then you’re more
able to serve people and help them change through
that, and teach them, and it’s more memorable
than, you know, a normal, you know, like on YouTube top ten things. – Yeah – Or, like, top five tips. That works really well on YouTube. That can work, but I would
encourage you to consider okay, for each of those five points, what story can you tell
that supports that. And people will just listen. – And even with this,
it’s still a conversation that you and I are having. And that, I think, makes it very relatable to people because we could be having this conversation with them. They could be a fly on the wall here. – For sure.
– I mean literally they are a fly on the wall here. – Well, and podcasts are
great for, also, interviews. And this is tip number five; consider doing interviews
for your podcasts, too. Now, maybe that was something you were already thinking of doing. But that allows for this
conversation to happen, right? And I would definitely make sure that you don’t just stick
to a list of questions and allow yourself to go deeper. This is where you can be
the difference between somebody loving your show and somebody unsubscribing to your show. It’s in how you ask follow-up questions. Because that’s where the goal lies. A lot of these people that you’re going to interview,
they’re likely somebody who’ve been on podcasts before. They have, just, their answers that they know they need to say. But, when you ask, well,
why did you do that? – What makes you say that, or what makes you think that? – Right, or What were you
thinking at that moment? I mean, my gosh, you’re going to get some incredible answers that are not gonna be things that you’ll find on other episodes because you’re the one digging deeper. Sometimes, you have to go
three or four levels deep. So, allow that conversation to go there. But have an outline,
perhaps, of things that you want to make sure you want to cover so you can get back on track. And, finally, when it comes to interviews and conversations like this, you know, it’s just really important to make the other person feel comfortable. I think, we are friends, so this is easy
– Yeah – Wen you’re interviewing somebody who you don’t know, spend some time to get to know them a little bit first. Maybe, on social media or
even as you’re starting a Skype call to record,
or however you choose to record, Zoom, or whatever. Like, spend three or
four minutes just kind of having conversation, so you’re not just jumping right into it,
it’s not super awkward. But you can kinda get
a feel for each other and then kinda go from there. I mean, I could talk for
days about this stuff. – I know you could, and I
super excited, I love it and I love that you just
give and give and give, you give it so much value. And that list tip is extremely practical. I want to add one more thing and I want to also ask you a question. What would be your advice to someone who, if they get to interview
someone that they admire, someone they’ve admired
for a very long time, that hey don’t have any
rapport with, just yet and they just managed
miraculously to get a yes. Like, let’s say it somebody who decided that they were gonna interview Gary Vaynerchuk, and this is the first big interview of their podcast, or even their YouTube channel, or both. What would you say, like,
alright it’s one thing if it’s, you know, you’re
building rapport with somebody you don’t know, but you admire. But, if this is someone
who is a hero to you. – Right – People get really nervous
and anxious about that, but in some ways they can get past that. – It’s funny because in
episode 51, I interviewed Tim Paris, and I was like a fanboy for ten minutes
– Oh yeah – Like, I don’t like
listening to the episode because I was just like,
thank you, you helped changed my life
– (laughs) – For like ten minutes,
which is okay to do. I mean, it’s okay to
thank a person, right? But I think it’s very, one thing you wanna do is just understand that you have a job to do
when it comes to interviews. Because, see like, this
is a great opportunity for you, right? The job is to make your
audience learn something new. And, to be the agent in that. So, asking questions. You know, people who get
interviewed all the time, they love answering
new kinds of questions. And not just like, you know, what’s your favorite food, and things like that. But, really going deep, like I said. I think if you consider doing a good job of follow up questions, that alone will make that person be like, whoa, you know, I like how
you’re digging deep here to find out the real information. And, again, just be thankful
for that opportunity. It’s really cool. But, also I wanted to say, really quick, before I finish up, you don’t have to only interview A-listers. Actually, you could
probably benefit more by interviewing people who are at the same level as you, then you can
kinda come up together. – Or even unknowns. – Even unknowns, absolutely. Have a coaching call with them, help them with something. Your students, if you have
any students of your own or people who have learned
from you, interview them. They’re gonna make you look like a hero. – I’m actually planning that with Awesome Creator Academy. We’ve got some great
success stories from people who came literally from nothing. Or, were on a comeback trail in life, that are building their businesses or built their businesses. We have so many great incredible stories and I don’t even wanna tease any of them here because I’ll save it.
– That’s awesome. – But, I’m going to be bringing them onto the podcast and even
onto the YouTube channel in addition to amazing
people like yourself. Like, we just had Chris Ducker, a good friend of both of ours on the podcast. But I’m also going to bring a lot of these outliers that no ones ever heard of. And it’s not only going
to use the platform as a voice to, you know, acknowledge them, but I think there’s so
many people in my audience that will resonate with
the story because it fits with where they are right now. – Exactly – And gives them hope based in practicality
– It’s more relatable – Yeah. – It’s absolutely more relatable. I love that, man, I’m excited. I’m excited. So, podcasting, if you
need help, I’m here for ya. – Yeah, absolutely and Pat has an amazing course on it. We’re gonna try and see what we can do about getting that for some of you guys. So, it’s in the description! The other thing is just, in general, I think you guys should be checking out as a podcast. It’s one of my favorite podcasts, I listen to it all the time. Even before me and Pat became friends, one of my favorite podcasts. Also, Pat is crushing it on YouTube. We did a collab and you actually dug deep and asked questions that no one’s ever asked before. – Awesome, I did my job! – Exactly, do your job. So, if you guys ever want to see a whole different layer to me that you might have never seen before, questions that no one’s ever bothered to drill down into before, I think you’ll dig that,
so we’re gonna link that up in the info card. We’re gonna get a description, I’m gonna add it to my collabs playlist. And, Pat, always a pleasure man. – Thank you, man. – Thank you for my first time in a Tesla! – Yeah, dude! – I appreciate that
– Stoked You can actually see us drive
that video on my channel. – So, that’s it. You guys have to watch it, so links are where they’re supposed to be. Up here, down there, all the things. Anyway, thank you guys
so much for tuning in. This is a longer video
and you know how much I love those, but you just got a master class in podcasting from podcasting legend Pat Flynn. Pat, where else can they find you? – You can find me at Smart Passive Income on YouTube and @PatFlynn on all the social channels. Looking forward to seeing you there. – Yeah, you guys know what to do. Go out there and create
something awesome today. Take care. (soft easy music)

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