HOW to start a PODCAST for DUMMIES (2019 Easy & Affordable)

HOW to start a PODCAST for DUMMIES (2019 Easy & Affordable)

Kia Ora everybody. Hope you’re doing super well in your corner today My name is Ciaran and I’m super stoked to have you here today lately I’ve been getting lots of messages from people about how to start a podcast and instead of replying to everyone individually It inspired me to just make a vlog post about it and just kill many birds with one stone There’s a terrible expression, but you know what I mean, so that’s what I wanted to do and I wanted to do like a how-to video on how to make a podcast and how to make a podcast on a budget because When you’re starting out you often don’t just have heaps of money to they pour into these things so I want to take you through the process that I did and basically how to do it on the cheap and Just to make something. That’s really good, but not gonna blow the budget So for anyone that’s like thinking about starting a podcast or whatever. It’s it’s such a great thing to do It’s such an amazing way to connect with people share ideas, and you just never know like podcast number 326 that you do and you interview someone in Iceland that podcast may inspire Someone and it was Becca Stan to create a piece of machinery that changes the world. Just never know So I think if you feel called to start a podcast totally get into it Worst case scenario you get 30 or 40 into it and you decide actually this isn’t for me But you would have learned so much you would have learned about the art of conversation about the technical aspects of like recording filming yourself Lighting all sorts of things and you’re gonna connect with all sorts of amazing people in your community. It’s it’s just a wonderful thing So totally get into it and if you’re on the fence I hope this vlog may inspire you to just like jump overthrow the head over and just give it a go So we’re gonna dive straight into this. I’m gonna start this from assuming that you’ve already got an idea You’ve got a premise for your podcasts to be about mine is just about getting people in my community Yoga teachers musicians artists kind of social leaders or health and wellness people. I just get super inspired by people I just want to get them on and just talk to them and just have a conversation That’s basically what my podcasts about super simple. You may just want to interview entrepreneurs or yoga teachers exclusively. That’s great Whatever your thing is, you’ve got that idea down Perfect, and you’ve got a name and stuff Maybe it’s the yoga and wellness podcast or maybe it’s the Podcast my mama’s whatever it is and maybe get a friend or maybe you could create some artwork yourself You can look into Google post of like how to make artwork. What what are the appropriate dimensions? I got a friend of mine came to make my artwork for me and it’s super awesome really happy with it so all of that kind of beginning stuff out of the way what you’re gonna first want to do is get a Platform to host the podcast. So I use SoundCloud there’s many other ones that you can use I was just familiar with SoundCloud because I used I used that platform for a lot of my music stuff So I was familiar with it. Basically how it works. Is that iTunes and stitcher and in? in tune and Tune in tune in Spotify in that they all will take a link called an RSS feed and that comes from your hosting platform so basically what you end up doing is uploading to SoundCloud and you’ve already pre organized it so that ITunes has your RSS feed. So the moment you uploaded to SoundCloud Boom it automatically updates on iTunes Spotify, etc So it’s super awesome really easy, but you need to set it up first So do a quick google on the different podcast hosting platforms and just choose the one that works best for you SoundCloud is going to cost you about 16 US dollars per month so it is a little bit of investment but totally worth it first of all The things you’re gonna need is and this is to do it on a budget but to do something that’s relatively good quality You know, I think you could just use your Apple earbuds and that’s that’s fine but I think if you just want to up that production value a little bit more and Make the listening experience for for the listener bidder It’s totally worth just investing in a few key tools, which is gonna make it way way better So basically you’re gonna want to get a little microphone much like this one here This was an old vocal microphone that I had from when I used to play in pubs and cost me literally $99 us which about 150 New Zealand Dollars and Works great. This is what I use for all of my podcasts and it’s awesome to make this work You’re going to need a little recording interface and for anyone that knows anything about sound you’ll know what that but for people that don’t it’s basically the thing that connects this thing to your computer and you can pick as Focusrite Scarlett, you can pick them up for literally about 120 US dollars So that’s super important for just getting a good quality audio sound on your end And if you’ve got a guest if you’re interviewing a demon person you’re obviously going to need two microphones But if you’re doing like a zoom call or a Skype call or whatever That’s when your guest is going to either have to use one of their own microphones if they have that or Apple earbuds And there’s just one of these things that you kind of just have to do I mean, I don’t have money to like buy my guest a microphone at this point and just send them one I know some people do do that, but I don’t have that So Apple earbuds is fine on their end. Another thing you’re going to need is a mic stand that you can hold I don’t have mine with me at the moment It’s not a total necessity But it can be super handy and just an XLR cable just a cable that’s going to connect the microphone to the interface. Boom Super simple for items that in total is about two hundred and fifty dollars u.s. Up front So that might be a little bit for some people but totally worth the investment That’s just going to get you cranking and off to the right start. So I use SoundCloud basically, you’re going to go in there and you’re just going to set up an account and Record your podcast start uploading and it’s super simple when you do want to share your RSS feed You’re going to go into settings here and you’re going to go to Content and there is your RSS feed there. So when you go into these other platforms iTunes, etc You’re going to copy and paste this link and you’re just going to plug it right into their mainframe So iTunes are super simple You’re going to come to the store and you’re going to click on podcast here and you’re just going to come down here to submit a podcast and then follow all of the links and you’ll see at Some point and there to place your RSS feed boom super simple and you can do the same for Spotify Stitcher tuned in and many of the other podcasting platforms I know there’s heaps out there So you can just do a quick Google search on it how to upload to Spotify how to upload to iTunes How to upload to stitcher and it’s super simple as I mentioned earlier. You may be doing your interviews in person. That’s great I’ve done a couple of interviews in person but most of mine are actually via soon via the internet because I live in the middle and where I have to actually Interview my my people from abroad so that’s not as scary as you might think. It’s actually really easy I use a software called zoo Which is basically like Skype But just a little bit better in terms of the actual recording and I think don’t quote me on this But I think the actual connection is a little stronger than the in Skype. I may be completely wrong on that that’s just been my experience of it’s a really kick-ass software and its really awesome can set it up and again, it’s gonna cost about $16 US per month, please. Don’t freak out. I know there’s a little bit of ongoing cost you may not be certainly have that but I Think you’ve got a way up the pros and cons would be like do I really want to get into this? Or maybe I should wait a year or so until I’m a little bit more set up but basically you’re gonna you’re gonna set up a zoom account and it’s it’s really simple you can go into the settings here and you Can mess with your your video here or the audio different you can test your speaker test your mic you go on to the recording and you can choose where you want to record the audio Basically zoom is awesome. Because it you can record your guests audio sip rip to your own So when you go into editing the podcast it’s really simple to get their audio match it up with your audio and it’s easy So how I do it as I jump on a zoom call basically go new meeting and it’s gonna connect me in like this boom join with computer audio awesome and then basically eventually my guest is going to come on and We’re gonna start the podcast. It’s awesome. I can then record Bowl record on this computer Boom that’s recording so that automatically is going to record my guests audio and my My audio to end the video if you want if you’ve got a really strong connection on both both ends You can record the video and it’s great if not just record the audio and that makes it really nice and And smooth and you want to get too much interference or like little glitches and stuff and then it just records the file When the meeting in so if I end meeting it’s going to come up in meeting for all and then it’ll say the recording is Being converted so that’s great that’ll go into a little file and then I’ll have both my audio and their audio which is great how I do it is I Actually record on GarageBand, which I’m doing right now for this vlog So as you can see GarageBand is recording my audio and I do that because I can control the quality of my audio on my end a hundred percent So I know without shadow of a doubt that every single time. My audio is going to be awesome So what I do is I record my audio bush record there you can mess around with the settings a little bit Basically, I go to the narration vocal I get rid of all of the reverbs and ambience and all of that stuff which is here under the the master settings you just go to like echo get rid of that reverb get rid of that cool and The reason I use GarageBand is because first of all it’s free and it comes with all Apple Macs So awesome, and it’s actually really good quality I think carriage Bend gets a bit of a hard time from like industry pros because it’s it’s just a free software and obviously there are other software’s that are going to be far superior to it in terms of like really technical music recording, but for Podcasting gary friend is totally fine. It works great So after I’ve finished the podcast I’ve got all of my audio here, which is awesome And then I can go into Zoom save the recording boom that will end up Here so I can click into there and that if I do the podcast in real life They’ll be mine here and my guests here so I can just go ahead and drag that into GarageBand boom just drag that and here it’s not gonna let me do it because it’s recording Basically, you drag it in there and you’re away. Also, you want to look at getting maybe a little introduction Because I’ve got a little bit of music background a little bit of recording background I Was able to use one of my songs and take a little bit of audio from my guests And just kind of piece something together It was a lot of fun and kind of creative to do there’s many Different options to do you might just have a little song or you might just have a little vocal introduction of just introducing the podcast so it’s an introduction is something you can just pop at the beginning of the podcast just kind of sit sit up for the listener and Primes them for the experience They’re about to have so you can go ahead and and make a little podcast introduction you can just do that here on the edge band – if you don’t want to have one that’s totally fine – it’s not it’s Not a huge big ear just for me it just ups the production value a little bit more – and then so you’re gonna drag the guests audio in there and Basically start editing Podcast. I like to just test it. See how my little green the vocal wave There is basically at about three quarters if it starts getting into the yellow like this, that’s good you kind of wanted about there basically that in terms of the actual volume if it starts clipping and starts getting into the red that’s When you know, it’s not good. It’s gonna sound really kind of distorted and bad for the listener So you just want to make sure that everything’s that are around about the same volume. Perfect And then once you’ve got it all together, you’ve got your little music introduction thing You’ve done an actual introduction to your for your guests and you edit the audio So that’s all in time and then you maybe do a little outro and just saying like hey Thanks so much for listening subscribe to my channel, etc. Boom You just want to share that so you go here to share export song to disk I’m not gonna do that right now because I’m actually using GarageBand but you go to export song to disk and you can just use mp3 that seems to work good or you could use wave but Mp3 is gonna be just a nice small file size and it’s pretty good quality so boom the other thing I wanted to talk to you about is filming the podcast which I think is a really good idea because if you’re filming the podcast you can put that together an iMovie or Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro whatever you’re going to use and then you can upload that to youtube which I think is a really good idea because if you’re starting To build your youtube community and getting you know a thousand plus subscribers and if you’re getting five hundred to a thousand Maybe even more twenty thousand or if you’re djaro and getting millions of views on your on your youtube channel That’s gonna start monetizing and you’re actually gonna be able to start earning income for YouTube So first start, you’re probably not gonna be able to earn anything I’ve been doing YouTube for like five to six years now and I haven’t had a single cent and that’s totally fine I think it’s a it’s a process of Starting your channel and starting to upload really quality content that is really valuable to people and eventually I believe if you just stick edit And stay at it constantly uploading good quality content Eventually more and more people will find it and that channel will be able to get monetized So I think it’s really worth doing that even though it may feel like you’re kind of doing a lot of work for no return at the start it’s it’s a big investment and in your future and Ultimately, it’s another way for the podcast to get out there and people with ears so it’s totally worth doing you can as I said You can just edit that and iMovie Premiere Pro or whatever you’re using and that’s great I think some things to keep in mind on your guests side of things you want to make sure that they’ve got either the Apple earbuds that they’re going to be able to speak into the little microphone and It is not gonna be too much ambient noise. You want to make sure they’re in a quiet space and it’s well-lit in case you record the video and somewhere with a good Wi-Fi connection those like key things are really important because Worst case scenario is that you’ve got a really bad Wi-Fi connection there in a dark room It’s cutting out and there’s like people talking in the background or whatever It’s just on the on the back end when people listen to that it’s gonna be a really bad experience for them So the other thing to bear in mind is that at this point I’ve done about 18 podcasts now and generally it takes me anywhere from five six seven hours to actually compile a whole Podcast together so that is like 30 to 60 minutes of actually liaising with a person that might be you know Doing a bit of research on the person reaching out to them having a conversation with them talking about ideas and actually just setting up The podcast that can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes the actual podcast Setup on the day may take 30 minutes just to set everything up taste everything test your audio. Test your video make sure everything’s mech and Just going to go really well So that may take 30 minutes recording the podcast can be anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half of the actual conversation Editing the audio may take 30 plus minutes as well. The video edit might take about an hour Just getting everything placed together the social edits the edits for Instagram Facebook, etc I use Premiere Pro and that can take me anywhere from an hour of just compiling everything together I make Instagram Facebook videos and I also make Instagram Story videos where I use Subtitles and all of that stuff can be quite intricate You know adding logos adding the subtitles placing everything in in the right place exporting uploading time It all just adds up then there’s the kind of writing of the script which you might be able to get your guests to share A bio and you can just kind of assimilate it and write it down your own version of who they are and what they’re about leaving links and Tagging and and all of that stuff can take about 30 minutes The upload time might take anywhere from 20 to 30 40 minutes as well So you can see it all just kind of adds up it all up. It might take five six seven hours to actually Podcast so it can it can be a real time investment So if your schedule is really full right now, I think it would be wise to to maybe just have a think okay Do I have enough time to do this long term? I might be able to knock out five ten podcasts, but am I in this for the long run? Am I really going to have enough time in my schedule to to do this for one to three years? Because that that might be how long it takes to to really like find your groove find your nation for everything to kind of kick Into gear I know if I say joe rogan for example It did take quite a bit of time for him to really start cranking I mean, he’s just probably one of the biggest podcasts in the world at the moment It’s getting a hundred and ninety million downloads a month, but it wasn’t always like that firm That was a big investment for a start. So do have a think about this these things and be be serious about it I kind of just jumped into it because I was excited about it and I wanted to do it and I’m the kind of person that when I commit to something I’m just doing it no matter what so I think definitely ever think about it way up the financial investment the time investment and see if it is actually going to be something That is suitable for you right now in your life I think one more thing if I would do this again if I could start again I would definitely have like got five or six podcasts under my belt first before I released it the reason I would do that is because Basically with iTunes is that I think it’s about eight weeks Timeframe that you can fit into the new and noteworthy section and so basically in that time you really want to get as much reviews as much ratings as possible and get so much traction and traffic towards your podcast so that it shows up on that on that platform and Then there’s just more people that are gonna be listening and they’ve have exposure to your podcast So you give yourself the best shot at the moment you launch your podcast You’ve got five boom dropped and you can just steer people Towards there and also make those first five ones as juicy as possible interview your most exciting friends or your most controversial Friends and just like create a big wave of excitement around your podcast launch. I didn’t necessarily do that I just kind of jumped into it I didn’t really think far ahead Were there and I didn’t even know that there was a thing until after so I’m not totally bummed about it I don’t really care about that side of things and you might not either you might just want to get started and that’s cool Too but if you do want the most traction possible that might just be something to keep in mind and finally this is something I’m working on right now is just getting ratings and reviews of the podcast because it just Legitimizes your podcast when someone may click on your thing. They want to get that like social proof that okay Someone said this podcast is amazing Maybe I’ll check it out and mine currently right now doesn’t have a lot and it’s something that I’m working on right now so I want to get naturally people to to be rating and Reviewing and one thing I think I might step into is actually just asking people to say hey if you enjoyed the podcast Please leave a review that would really mean a lot to me. It really helps spread the word and spread the message So definitely be proactive in that department And as I said, that’s something I’m working on right now apart from that you guys I think I’ve covered everything there is a lot there’s there’s a lot more that I could go into but I just wanted to give like a quick broad scope of how to start a podcast how to get this thing underway the tools you need and Basically, some of the key points that are going to really help you and actually getting this thing underway So I super hope this has been valuable. I hope I’ve covered everything please Let me know below if you’d like another vlog post or something that would go further detail into a certain aspect of things Maybe it’s the video editing maybe it’s doing a like a mock up podcast and actually taking you through the Exact process as I go through and going into the recording Aspect making the videos making the social edits how I do that if that’s available to you Please comment below and let me know apart from that I hope this has been valuable like this post Comment your thoughts below or share it with someone if you know anyone that would like to start a podcast but doesn’t know how please share this with them maybe inspire them to get started and apart from that subscribe if you want to see more videos like this and Have a freaking wonderful day and go out there and make some epic podcasts. Peace. Lots of love guys

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  1. This is great Ciaran! Tooootally relate to the reality of 'do I actually have time to make this happen ongoingly' haha.

  2. Hey bro. Nice work. Great to see ya getting in to this. I've been using Zoom for a couple of years now for my business. For newbies to Zoom though I'd suggest using Google Drive / Dropbox / Onedrive for backing up recorded videos and chats as Zoom's pricing get's a bit cray cray if you want to upgrade cloud storage and you have a budget to stick to. The Zoom mobile app is good for booking meetings across time zones also as you can pick from the mobile app when scheduling a meeting. PC users can use something like Audacity or Reaper (free versions) to edit audio recordings also if needed (simple but works). And I would also recommend downloading Ookla's Speedtest app for windows or mac (mobile also available) so you can rapidly fire up a internet speed test before doing online meetings or podcasts (helps a lot and you can recommend your guest speaker goes to to do the same also which can help troubleshoot issues before hitting record).

  3. Hey guys – Let me know if this was helpful, or if you'd like to know something more specific OR even if you have some constructive feedback for me! Would mean a lot! Peace! Ciaran x

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