HOW to start a PODCAST for DUMMIES (2019 Easy & Affordable)

3 thoughts on “HOW to start a PODCAST for DUMMIES (2019 Easy & Affordable)

  1. This is great Ciaran! Tooootally relate to the reality of 'do I actually have time to make this happen ongoingly' haha.

  2. Hey bro. Nice work. Great to see ya getting in to this. I've been using Zoom for a couple of years now for my business. For newbies to Zoom though I'd suggest using Google Drive / Dropbox / Onedrive for backing up recorded videos and chats as Zoom's pricing get's a bit cray cray if you want to upgrade cloud storage and you have a budget to stick to. The Zoom mobile app is good for booking meetings across time zones also as you can pick from the mobile app when scheduling a meeting. PC users can use something like Audacity or Reaper (free versions) to edit audio recordings also if needed (simple but works). And I would also recommend downloading Ookla's Speedtest app for windows or mac (mobile also available) so you can rapidly fire up a internet speed test before doing online meetings or podcasts (helps a lot and you can recommend your guest speaker goes to to do the same also which can help troubleshoot issues before hitting record).

  3. Hey guys – Let me know if this was helpful, or if you'd like to know something more specific OR even if you have some constructive feedback for me! Would mean a lot! Peace! Ciaran x

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