How To Set Up Apple’s New Reminders App

How To Set Up Apple’s New Reminders App

Appl have just updated their reminders
app and what they’ve done is created something rather special hello and
welcome to this very special episode of my working with series what I’m gonna be
doing over the next three videos is taking you into the new Mapple new Mac
no new apples reminders app and take you through the steps of building your own
system within that app now because I know many of people out there are not
interested in buying expensive to-do list managers and notes app they just
want to use the apps that come built-in to their phone iPhone iPad or their Mac
computer so that’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna start this off with the reminders
app because it’s brand new a lot of new features in there and it is actually
rather special so before we go any further I would just like to say if you
do get any value from this episode then please hit that like button below and if
you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet and would like to get all the latest
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please hit that subscribe button okay let me take you into reminders app on
Mac OS Catalina and show you how to set it up well hello and welcome to Apple’s
new reminders application and it is a huge update to the previous reminders
app and the previous app to be perfectly honest I always struggled to make it
really functional and I guess that’s because Apple never really gave it any
love but I can promise you now Apple have given this some proper love okay so
let’s get started with this top left-hand corner we’ve also we’ve got a
search box up at the top I have notice or reminders in here right
now so obviously I’m gonna be searching for nothing I’ve got a 2-day view here
which is for all my list a task that would be set for today I have scheduled
tasks these are all scheduled and it will show you the dates that they are
scheduled I have a these are what’s called Smart Filters by the way and
these Smart Filters will also show me my all the tasks that I have as well as my
flagged tasks so that can be very very useful for when you’re doing like a
review or something like that so the main part of this is where we have
what’s called my list now when you open up reminders for the first time you’re
gonna have this one called reminders now I’m going to recommend that you change
that immediately because reminders is too generic what you really want to be
doing is calling this inbox so it’s called that inbox and that’s done so now
we’ve created an inbox now you can leave that as read and you can leave this icon
if you wish however one of the things that Apple have done is given us the
option if we click on show info you can now click on here and you can change the
color so I’m going to change that to orange and I’m going to give this let’s
see I can never make up my mind because it doesn’t give me an inbox as such it’s
a shame but I’m gonna give this the computer icon just for now just for that
sake so there we go so I’m gonna hit that
as you see it’s now changed to orange now when you’re setting this up for the
very very first time what I suggest you do is you now create three groups now to
create a group in reminders we got to file and new group the first one you
want to do is routines and if you’ve read my book your digital ID 2.0 you
know all about routines now one of the things that I always do is I always
create my categories like folders or groups in capital letters it just helps
me to see that it is to tell me this is a category it’s not a project I’m gonna
create another one called work and again I’m only going to put that in capital
letters and I’m gonna create a further one called
personal okay so we’ve got the three groups in
there what I’m gonna do is I’m going to move my inbox and you can just drag this
up to the top here so that’s now up at the top and I got my routines work and
personal there now you can go further for those of you guys who are much more
advanced in to-do list managers and of course you can create areas of focus
categories of improvement whatever you want to create down here I’m just going
to show you how to set up the basic structure it’s up to you how you want to
take this to the level that works for you so the next thing that you’d
probably want to do is to create your first list because we want to see how
this all works so let’s create a list and I’m going to call this and it’s
coming up under personal so I’m going to call this my winter holiday and so there
we go because we’re in October now so winter holidays coming again what I’m
going to do is hit return and then I’m gonna do control click on winter holiday
show information and we’re going to change this to I’m gonna give it green
and I think we saw we’ve not got any skis they’re halfway so I’m gonna give
that the plane and I’m just gonna correct my little tiny little typo there
so there we go now one of the things that I always do is I for projects I put
those in normal caps so for categories or in this case the folders or groups I
am putting those in capital letters so it gives me a clear view and all
projects are going to come under my like in this case winter holiday now for
those of you wondering what do you do in the routines now the routines is
actually quite a simple one all gonna do is under routines we’re gonna create
daily and I’m gonna add weekly and I create monthly now this is just
something that I do because what I want to do is I like to keep these out of the
way and so I can put this into my routine so weekly goes into routines and
monthly goes into routines just need to set so you can see it’s very easy to
reorganize these and those are in like that so now do I want to keep my
routines as blue okay I’ll keep those as blue I can go
into here again I can click on control on daily show info and I can decide what
icon I want to use for this I don’t know if there’s anything particularly in
there that I would say I want to use as an icon but let’s just say we will
buh-buh-buh-buh-buh always very difficult to make a decision
oh how terrible it is so I’m just going to give that the sunshine okay and you
can do the same for weekly you can create I’ll show you the info you go in
there you can do and I’m going to keep them all the same done we’re gonna keep
that as blue and we may as well do monthly as well so it’s control click
and show info and change that to the there we go so that’s all done so you
can add your for those of you who know my system you know that if you’ve read
the your digital life 2.0 you’ve taken the your digital life 2.0 online course
details of which will be in the show notes you know all about routine so I’m
gonna leave them for there for now the one that I want to really show you right
now is how now to get your tasks into winter holiday so what we got here is
let’s go into the first one all we have to do is you can tap command new and
that will give you straight up here so ask RK RK is the matter what I call my
short form for my night wife where she would like to go whoops this winter and
when you hit return it’s going to add another task in there so I can do look
into best flight deals whoops oops oh I’m terrible at spelling today I
can then go book flights for winter holiday and we can then our book find
hotels etc so I’ve given this I’ve put in a few tests in there and they’re all
in so what we can do now is if you go to that test now we’ve got like this little
click on here information so I can say at a location when messaging a person so
this isn’t a really cool feature that I’ve not seen so if I click on that and
I can add contact then I could go and search for bum bum bum see my going to
family that’s out rankings there so I can put the Langham in so whenever I’m
messaging that purpose but whenever I’m messaging then going now all I have to
do is if that will come up every time I message priority I’m gonna give that you
can give it high low medium I’m gonna give that medium I can add an image or
can add a URL but for now that’s not I can also in this case so we can go does
she want to go go skiing or somewhere warm question mark so I’ve added my
little note that’s done so that comes up in the test like that it also gives me
the information and it’s given me the two green flags so it’s not coming up
here as a flagged I’m because now just to show you that if I change that to a
high priority now that’s going here I’m guessing this when they when clicked
that to a high priority save and I start coming up in there either so flagged
it’s not coming up so yes so go back to my list here so when we go in there we
got all so it’s showing me that all these inboxes are here there’s nothing
in there at all let’s go back to my personal winter
holiday so that’s basically how we set up a project in your reminders now in
the next episode I’m gonna do on this I’m gonna go into a little bit more
detail some of the the things that you can do to set up but this should get you
going right now so it’s giving you a few ideas of what you can do with the new
reminders app and also going to show you in the next step because episode what
this all looks like on the I pad because that’s just a really cool
way of seeing how everything works so join me in the next episode it just
remains for me now to wish you all a very very productive week thank you for
watching this video now if you want to take your productivity to a higher level
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that course if you are serious about becoming productivity then please join
me in your digital life 2.0 2019 thank you very much for watching this

20 thoughts on “How To Set Up Apple’s New Reminders App

  1. Really loving the update to reminders and how it can integrate with the alarm app for scheduled tasks. Probably won’t pull me away from Todoist yet but definitely going to play around with it and see what my workflow might be like using it.

  2. Hej Carl, talking about reminders: That tiny slip of the tongue at 0:38 reminded me of the following video 🙂 – Best regards from Berlin, Per

  3. Adding this app to my list of task managers, to review, as I'm looking for something to take my more 'mundane' tasks away from Todoist (I'd rather save Todoist for my more professional and educational tasks).

  4. The new reminder app looks real good. Thanks for the introduction. It’s very easy and useful. With sunny greetings from Bavaria to the other side of the world 😉😂

  5. Glad you gave Reminders some attention. I am impressed with it. After trying many of the big ones, mostly Things3, I’m working very well with Reminders. A big plus is being able to add images and scans. It would be nice to add files also like MS To Do does, but that may come.

  6. I agree with the comment about Apple notes. I have actually managed to happily switch over from Evernote to Apple Notes after 10 years with Evernote.

  7. I LOVE this app and your new series on this. I have been using ToDoist with your lessons forever, but somehow this new app seems fun to me. WIll this work using my macbook as well since that is how I normally input? (Through the internet is fine… I don't need to have a separate desktop app). Also, one area of Working With that you still have not tackled that I desperately need is a SINGLE source for all my contacts. Things are so convoluted these days with multiple address books from Apple, Google, etc. all overlapping and creating duplicates everywhere. I need a SINGLE address book plan and I'm sure YOU have all this figured out pretty efficiently! 🙂

  8. Thanks Carl! I moved all my ToDo’s out of ToDoist to Reminders, Apple Reminders isn’t as powerful, but it’s good enough to be my main todo list manager.

  9. Good video Carl‼️ I have been using Apple Notes for a long time now and I love it. I use Siri many time and she works very good, the new options with notes make it even better!

  10. This his very appreciated! I have todoist before but I cut all for your more minimalist and you video is very in good time!!

  11. Wow, I didn’t even realize that Reminders has been updated! It’s been so long since I last used it because I’m using another app for my to-do list, but this is a pretty good update! Thanks for walking us through this 😊

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