How to Set Up Apple’s 2019 Reminders App – The iOS Edition

How to Set Up Apple’s 2019 Reminders App – The iOS Edition

Okay so Apple have updated their
reminders app. So how do we get it working on our iOS devices? [INTRO MUSIC] Hello and
welcome to this second episode of my Working With Reminders series my name is
Carl Pullein and in this week’s episode I’m gonna show you how Mac, Apple Reminders
works on the iOS device. Now I’m gonna show you using an iPad, but for all
intents and purposes the iPad and the iPhone work pretty much the same way. Now,
as I was preparing this video and as I was researching the Reminders App, I realized
that what Apple have actually done is they’ve created an application, their
Reminders app, from, they say, they’ve built it from the ground up, really for
iOS because it looks and works so much better on iOS. And if you’ve watched the first
episode earlier this week you would have seen there are a few glitches in the Mac
OS Catalina version but in the iOS version I didn’t find any of those
glitches. Anyway, let me take you into the iOS version on my iPad and show you how
it all works from the iPad and you’ll see what I mean about how it just looks
so much better on the iPad. Now before I go any further, if you do get any value
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planning, then please hit that subscribe button. Okay let me take you into Mac iOS
reminders and show you what I mean. Okay, so here we are in my winter holiday, so
if you haven’t actually watched episode 1 of this series then maybe you want to
just quickly jump over there and have a look because then you’ll see how I’ve
set up the basic system. So essentially just a quick
overview I have my routines folders in there so those of you who’ve done the
Your Digital Life 2.0 online course or read the book, you know all about the
routines you have a daily a weekly and a monthly routine. Then we’ve got the
work folder, there’s nothing in there at the moment. And the personal folder or
“group” as Reminders likes to call them and then I’ve got in there my winter
holiday. Now one of the beauties of this is as you can see with the way this is
set up, I added the message in terms of like, RangKyoung, which is my wife’s name. I added that in to remind me when I contact this person, so whether I’m if
I’m using Messages, which I do all the time, this will remind me to ask her
where she would like to go this winter. I’ve added the note in there – so if I
just tap on the side of there you’ve got the information bar and then on the
iOS devices, I get the feeling that reminders has been essentially made for
iOS. It’s okay on the laptop, it works fine, you can add all the details in, but
it actually looks so much better, and you have so many more options, when you use an iOS device. So here I’m using the dark mode on the iPad, and I should point out
that this is exactly how it functions on the iPhone as well, so I have the
questions here. Right here on my… in the details of the note. I can remind
me… it can set a reminder, so I can tap that, and it will give me–remind me and
let’s say I need to click on there, so October the 9th which is Wednesday I can
remind me on a day so it’s gonna done. So I’ve added that. And that’s now come up
for today. And as you can see now I have that setup. It comes up in my today list.
Now I’ve got one here. Let’s go into this one. This is a brand new one. Let’s hit
the “I” button looking to the best right I don’t really need to look at that. So
remind me on a day. Remind me today. Again, I can just check that. So that’s done. I’m not gonna repeat it, so you can actually create repeating tasks. This is great for
your routines. I can actually remind me at a location. So I can do this at “my home”.
So I can just tap on there it’s not gonna let me do that!. I just do
current location, oh sorry “while using app” there we go. So I can do that and
that’s been done. So it can remind me when I’m at home. I’ve done that, and
it’ll come up arriving “Carl Pullein’s Home” so when I’m arriving. Now I can click on
that and go back on the information. I want it when “I’m leaving”, so remind me at
a time so… “leaving” so tap that and details done. Done. so now it’s changing
see “leaving” When I leave my home so there’s a nice feature that that the
reminders function gives us. I can now add in here: “Book flights for winter
hotel” for the winter holiday now again, in this situation I may not I may have a
URL that I can add in there, so let’s just go into Safari, and so we’re gonna
go into Safari. And we go “KLM”. So I’m just going to take that site. I’m gonna
copy the site. So copy. Let’s move back to and I’m gonna add the URL in there. So I
can just paste the URL. Done and you can now see that Google has come up. So I can
just tap on that now, and it will take me to the KLM. So let’s
just get the actual KLM website. There we go.
I’m gonna copy that. Copy, go back to my information. Tap on that. Let’s just get
rid of this and I’ll give you the correct location.
what I really want to do is to show you the kind of information that you’re
getting. And you’re going to get this on your phone as well, by the way, so you tap
on there. Paste I can hit return and that’s going to
come up on there “remind me on a day: buh-buh-buh-buh-buh. I’m gonna flag this,
and I’m gonna remind me to do that tomorrow. So let’s go November 10th and
done. And so now what you’ll see is I’ve that’s come up as a flag on there. It
didn’t come up on a flag. Let’s go back in here, let’s change this. I see what’s
happened here. For some reason the flagging is not coming up. You have to
turn the flagging on. So when I tap done it’s now going to show me the two
flagged ones. So when I tap on there is giving me the messaging and it’s giving
me the website to go to the holidays. So these are just some of the things that
you can do and it’s a really really effective. Now when you use this on your
phone, it looks absolutely amazing. Now, if I go into my today view and I’ve got
my flags in there, so these are the things that I want to do, and they will
all come up. When I’m messaging my wife it’ll ask Reminder, so it’s gonna
remind me to do it. So this, for a simple easy to use, to-do list manager this is
such a fantastic tool to use. a And you get so much value out of it and gets
completely free. So if you just spend a little bit of time playing around with
this app, you’re gonna find that this could replace some of the to-do list
managers that you may be using at the moment. And if you’re in the Apple
ecosystem, there are some really really cool things that you can do that you
want to find, and I’m going to show you those in the next episode. So join me in the
next episode coming out hopefully on Thursday this week. So it just remains
for me now to wish you all a very very productive week. Thank you for watching
this video Now if you want to take your
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me in Your Digital Life 2.0 The 2019 edition Thank you very much for watching this

8 thoughts on “How to Set Up Apple’s 2019 Reminders App – The iOS Edition

  1. Have you noticed that when you complete a reminder the filled in circle looks identical to the same colour circle after you select it on the markup tool palette? Do you think they should redesign the completion circles? Should they be squares? Should there be a checkmark? Should they add an animation?

  2. Carl: very timely, I have been contemplating making the switch to Reminders from Todoist, mainly for Siri use with my iWatch. The dilemma is my company work computer is a Surface Book, the company is on Office 360. Yet, they have issued me an iPad Pro as well. Reminders does not synchronize with iCal, what’s your thought, stay with Todoist? I do like the simplicity of Reminder, and its free.

  3. Hello Carl,
    Took me a bit to figure out that Flagging is a separate function from Priorities, similar to a star function in other apps. Love your videos!

  4. Can you set the Reminders app so that your most recent dated reminders come up at the top of the list instead of at the bottom of the list?

  5. Carl
    Looks very slick but I have an iPad, a windows PC, a windows laptop, and two android phones. Todoist works better for me.

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