How to Sell A Product – Sell Anything to Anyone with The 4 P’s Method

100 thoughts on “How to Sell A Product – Sell Anything to Anyone with The 4 P’s Method

  1. any suggestions to call the attention on the chat with the prospects that visit your website? some of them d not respond to the invitation…

  2. "gonna teach you to sell so good" well that's killed it for me instantly. Maybe invest in someone who can teach you grammar.

  3. I watched one of your videos called ( here’s why people are jealous of u)
    Can’t believe the haters that have abused you on your videos.
    You have all my support buddy.
    I just pressed the thumbs up to support your video.
    Wishing u all the best for your future.

  4. Bro if you need classes before you add new video, I can help you, this is bunch of bullshits, less then you are getting as intro on the 1st class ….

  5. You guys are really cruel. The guy is only trying to help; if you dont like the content Y? Waste time commenting. Thanks for the incite.

  6. At first for a minute it's look like he is bragging but after that he nailed it and I get it that a intelligent salesperson sale feel as a product

  7. You held my attention for LITERALLY 2 seconds. As soon as you said "Sell so GOOD…" rather than "Sell so WELL…" I paused the video.

  8. If you want to sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves, explain to her why others will be jealous over her new possession, even if it's as simple as the onlookers thinking wow someone with a ketchup popsicle really knows what they want, there is always a stupid simple way to make unique the thing you're selling, and the more simple and "of course" it seems to you, that's your answer, don't think that others think how you think, imagine they are thinking on the most simple basis and you'll be right 99% of time. It's weird, but the science of people, is people, you tell someone what someone else will think about something and they will go right along, it's sad and it's also nice, how much we base our own decisions on what we think others will think. Hmmm makes you think wow what would be my life's purpose is I was the only one on the world. Then you get to the real growth. This business stuff is all fine and dandy, but before you think about how to sell to a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves, ask yourself if on your deathbed you'll be happy about the way you spent your time, or how you constantly focused on manipulating others during your short time. Hmm. I feel a balance coming.

  9. your voice is annoying…how are people wanting to listen to you …i stopped…you need to listen to your voice and adjust to a friendly voice…you sound like a whinning brat

  10. The sales pitch didn’t even work on me. If I’m finalizing a deal that’s making me and the partner lots of money neither of us gives two horseshits what the fucking pen looks like. All we care about is that we made tons of money. This is pure bullshit. Good job on the clickbait though.

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  13. After reading your comment's I notice 95% of your visitors don't get this concept. THIS IS HUGE. So grateful I came across your video.


  15. I'm going to teach YOU how to sell so WELL. It's well, not good. If you were trying to actually sell me something when you said that, you'd have lost me immediately.

  16. It had to be a German engineered pen didn’t it? 🙄… why is that…. that are the master race that makes master pens? It’s crazy how racist that was without even trying when you really think about it. That’s probably what got him the job especially if the boss and many people there are German.

  17. When I clicked on this video I really didn’t expect it help me. But, I was wrong! This helped me with my sales speech, and it got at least 50% better!
    Thanks! You just got a new subscriber!

  18. who wouldn't want to buy the most powerful weapon in the world i.e the pen itself since we all know, that most of generation now are using the pen. in school, college, jobs, business,etc… which a single writing could change someone.

  19. If I'm selling to stores (high-quality spices), they would want to look at the products before the actual sales process. Do I just tell them who I am with the promise (first P) and ask if I can send them some product information first?
    Then the second call to actually sell and close the deal.

  20. I think you need a deep rooted purpose to be an awesome sales person – if you're mindset is not aligned to what you're selling, then good luck selling it.

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