How to Save & Watch YouTube Videos Offline | No Downloads Needed!!!

How to Save & Watch YouTube Videos Offline | No Downloads Needed!!!

Hi what’s up guys,
This is Anna Fan from TechAply. I hope you guys have a wonderful day.
So, today in this video I’m gonna share with you guys about how to save the
videos from YouTube without downloading the video or in other word we’re going
to discover how to save the videos from YouTube for offline viewing. So, let’s get
started! So, to save videos from YouTube for
offline viewing, it is so easy guys. Let me walk you through it step by step okay.
The first thing we need to save the videos on YouTube for off live viewing
on your Android or iOS phone you need a YouTube app which is this one which can
be downloaded from Google Play Store and of course your YouTube account. You know
what, it just takes a gmail account to make a youtube account so you need a YouTube
account and you need a YouTube app okay. So, I guess all of you guys maybe have
YouTube account already. Now, we’re going to get the YouTube app so on Android phone. We’re going to go into the Google Play
Store here and search for YouTube and of course it’s coming out then install it. I already install it so now we’re going
to open it. The next step, we will be saving the videos on YouTube for later
watching or for offline viewing that means whenever you want to watch it when
you don’t have a connection at all you can always watch it because they’re
already save for offline viewing. Here’s what it works ok. First thing
first, after you open the YouTube app you either want to sign in or not it depends
if you are online you can watch it without signing but if you want to save
video from YouTube app then you need to sign in. If you want
to sign in, just tap on this profile picture here
and just sign in from your YouTube account using your Gmail account from
there okay. So, I’ve already signed in. You can see my profile picture already.
Now, we’re going to go and save the videos okay. Let’s take a look at this
video for example, I want to save this video okay, I’m going to tap to open the
video first and let’s say we gonna save this video, now you’re going to look down
or under the video title and next to these share buttons you will see a “Save”
button which is this one okay you want to save this video for offline
viewing. Now, tap on that and you will see videos saving here. Then, tap on it
to view these status and here’s the list of our library of live videos and you
can see I already saved two videos Now, I just want to show you
that it is still saving but my connection is a little bit slow okay. It is saving okay,
so now because I already saved two videos here on the list so I want to
show you out more from here. Well, walk you through this offline videos in the
library okay. Let the videos currently saved. Now, l how can I reach to this if I don’t click on that
the navigation bar. Ok, if you want to see that of live videos on YouTube app
and you need to go to the library here Now, in the library okay you have a available offline and you’re going to
see here we have a three of live videos which are already saved.
Actually, this one is currently saving so there’s this button as well now you see
the list of the off live videos from here I’m going to tap on that and lead
to the list again so the current video is saving for 35% okay so that’s it guys.
Now, we’re going to try to open these save videos in an offline mode okay.
First, I’m going to disconnect my connection here.
I already disconnect my Wi-Fi as you can see. Now, I don’t have a connection okay
so now no connection no data no phone data no Wi-Fi I mean my phone is clearly
offline so now we’re going to go and watch the video . it is playing because it is already saved in the offline video mode. I can watch it anytime. You can save as many videos as
possible as you want. Whenever you want to listen to it so
that’s how you’re going to save the videos from YouTube without ever
downloading it. So let me tell you one thing if you really download the video
to your gallery it just take a lot of spaces for storage okay
so later on when you whenever you try to you know save the videos from YouTube
and just go to youtube app sign in to your account and just save it for
offline viewing okay that’s it guys one more thing
as the google chrome’s the latest version of Google Chrome also support
for saving of live viewing for the web pages if you want to check it out just
go to Google Chrome and I will make another video showing you guys how to
view the pages web pages in an offline mode on Google Chrome as well thanks so
much for watching this video guys. I’m Anna Fan from TechAply, and don’t
forget to subscribe to this channel for more videos later on. Goodbye for now.

100 thoughts on “How to Save & Watch YouTube Videos Offline | No Downloads Needed!!!

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    Enjoy watching guys. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. omg i thought he will explain sth usefull but he just explain how to save a video on yt premium
    *that means you have to pay for that
    thanks dude🙄

  3. Install YouTube?… well um.. it's kinda weird.. people don't need to install YouTube.. CaUsE they allready have it.. like.. do I really need to explain this?

  4. This is useless. If it's so simple just clicking save button you don't need to repeat and waste time repeating. Unfortunately the SAVE button is DISABLED in youtube.

  5. This is only for people in different countries or you have to buy the premium version if you're not in that country

  6. You said no need to download. But when you tap the save notification will show Downloading. consuming data also😅. Much better to find apps that can extract YouTube Offline videos files. And the video is yours. You can share to anyone.👍. I have a lot of movies . Already save offline but cannot share. My data is limited.😂 In YouTube apps 2gb all day😁

  7. You guys are saying you don’t have the button the button is literally download but you have to have YouTube premium to use it so she technically isn’t clickbaiting she just has YouTube premium.

  8. I guess this is a old vid ,because it tells me I have to have YouTube premium to this.. lol I guess YouTube put stop to the free offline stuff a long time ago? You have to pay for yt premium even tho u get a free month trial

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  11. my version of youtube has no save button, why? this is 2020 for crying out loud… or is this only for phones, not for computers?

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