49 thoughts on “How to Restore Origin Game, without re-downloading [Indo sub]

  1. cheers bud for being so clean cut about it, the amount of videos I came across they explained this in such a long winded manner was ridiculous xD

  2. This is completely different to my problem because I have downloaded this game but I can't start it and now it says I don't have it

  3. i didnt understand anything from this video. why origin games2 ? where is battlefield folder? wtf is happening?
    my problem is i have downloaded cracked version of battlefield but i havent pasted crack in it. i want to use those games files for origin to saving the downloading time.

  4. Where is the complete BF4 file? Howcome there is a BF4 folder in the new folder you just created? Why would copying the incomplete BF4 from Origin Games 2 into the new folder fix this?

  5. I love your no-nonsense, straight to the point tutorial. Kudo to you. I watched many videos on this issue and felt so tired of too much talk and very fast talk.
    UPDATE : I tried it and it worked!! My games said "finalizing" instead of downloading. For one game at normal 30 min download it was done in about 30 secs. SUPER TIME SAVING anyway! XXXOOO to u.
    UPDATE 2 : Now I just redownload TS4 with 11 exp & stuff packs @ 25 GB. This time it said "resuming" instead of finalizing. After quick shower 5 mins, the redownload is finished!! Usually I spent 10 hrs killing time outside my house cause I have many games with many expansion packs. Now it was just done in 15 mins for all. (Only the base game alone used to say "2hrs.45m for downloading".


  6. Dude u are such a liar i hate people that make up videos for views did Every step This shit still didnt work big waste of my time u need to stop people take seriously and not just as a fucking Joke for views

  7. I am actually trying to do this to get back expansion pack #5 and #8 for The Sims 3. Expansion pack #5 is Pets, and #8 Is Seasons, that is how the DLCs are listed in my Sims 3 folder. Seriously, the DLCs are there but Origin just doesn't give two fucks about noticing the dlcs.

  8. Om, rencana mau beli battlefield 1. Nah sblumnya ane dah punya bf1 crack version. Bsa kah d restore dri origin? Klo mau download lg lumayan nyiksa🙏🙏🙏

  9. When i play fifa 5 or 10 minutes and than my pc only turn it off and said directX problem can i fix that with this what you did

  10. When I try to rename the origin games folder to origin games 2 it won't let me 🙁 what do i do 🙁

  11. Gw udah ngikutin lu bro, bekerja sih caranya. Tapi pas gw pencet download scanning game nya tuh lama banget soalnya gw masih dalam proses pendownload an. Alasan gw ngelakuin ini karena persen download gw berkurang terus bro padahal file masih utuh

  12. I'm on my Origin account and it's asking for me to reactivate my Sims 4 game. Like I never owned it. I had my Sims disc somewhere but now I can't remember.

  13. Orgin is a joke. Second oldest client (Beaten by Steam) and still has less features han The epic store… What a joke of an online client.

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