How to restore iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch in iTunes (Same Firmware using TinyUmbrella) [GMJ]

Hi, this is Luke from
And today, I’m going to be showing you how to restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
in iTunes. The key difference between this video and the other restore video I did is
that this video is explaining how to restore to the same firmware. So let’s, for example,
say you’re on 4.3.3, and you’ve already jailbroken; but, you want to restore your phone back to
4.3.3 and not update it. This is how you do it. It’s pretty simple. There’s a few things you want to note, though. The first thing is you
want to make sure that you transfer all your purchased applications to your computer. So,
to do that, go ahead and right click on your device. And then click ‘Transfer Purchases’.
This will take a few seconds to transfer your apps. Another thing you want to make sure
to do is to sync your device. So go ahead and click that ‘Sync’ button and that will
back up your device as well. The next thing you want to grab is your photos. We’re going
to show you how to do the Mac or PC. We’re Mac then, so Mac’s up first. If you have PC,
go ahead and skip the Mac part to the PC part. If you’re on a Mac, go ahead and minimize
iTunes. Click on the ‘Spotlight’ button. Type in ‘image capture’ and then click enter. Okay,
so from here, you can import your photos. Go ahead and go down to ‘Import To’ and then
click ‘Other’ and then click ‘Desktop’. And then you can create a new folder
and name it whatever you want to. Then click ‘Choose’, then just click ‘Import All’. And then you’ll see there is check marks and that means that the pictures have been imported successfully.
Now, if you go to your Desktop, you’ll see that the pictures are there. Okay, so now it’s Windows’ turn. The process is relatively the same for most versions of
Windows. For this example, I’m going to be using Windows XP. When you plug in your device,
this window should pop up. If it doesn’t, I’ll explain how to get to it later. Once
the window pops up, go ahead and click ‘Next’. And then select the pictures that you want
to download to your computer. Then click ‘Next’. And then you can choose where you want the
pictures to download to. So click on ‘Browse’ and then for me, I’m going to click ‘Desktop’
and then ‘Create New Folder’. You name it. And then just click ‘OK’. Then click ‘Next’.
And now you’ll see another window that shows you that the pictures are being imported.
You can check nothing and then click ‘Next’. Then just click ‘Finish’ and you’re done.
And here you’ll see the pictures have been downloaded on to your computer.
If that pop up didn’t originally pop for you. Go ahead and click on ‘Start’, ‘My Computer’.
Then double click on your Apple iPod or iPhone or iPad. And then you’ll see the pictures
right there. So just select them and then just drag them to your desktop. And you’ll see that they’re transferring right now. When that’s done, they’re on your computer
and you’re ready to go to the next step. Okay, so go ahead and open back up iTunes.
And check out your ‘Software Version’. Write this down or remember that number. Close iTunes
and open back up our website. Okay, so here’s where it gets a little bit different. Go ahead
and click on that firmware download website link and find the firmware that you have on
your device. This is the same number that we just told you to write down. Next to the
firmware tells you what device it is. So just choose your firmware and device. So for me,
I have the iPod Touch 4.3.3. So go ahead and click on your version and that will download.
Either close that tab or click the back button to go back to our website. Okay, so the next
step is to download and install TinyUmbrella. I’m going to show you how to do that on Mac
and a PC. Mac’s up first, so if you have a PC, skip to the PC part. Now you need to download TinyUmbrella for your Mac. So click on the link and then open it. Next, click ‘Continue’, and then ‘Continue’,
and then ‘Agree’. And then click on ‘Install for all users in your
computer’, and then ‘Continue’, and then ‘Install’. And then you need to type in your password, or click enter if you don’t have a password.
And then click on ‘Install Software’. It’ll take a few seconds to install. And then
you’re done. Now, click on the Finder icon on your dock.
It looks like this. Then you click on Applications. Then you press the ‘T’ button on your keyboard,
and then it’ll take you to the T’s. And then double click on TinyUmbrella. Now you can
close out the Finder and you’ll see a loading window and you successfully installed TinyUmbrella
on your Mac. Just click ‘OK’. And then ‘OK’. Okay, so now for Windows. Go ahead and download
TinyUmbrella for Windows. Click on ‘Run’, ‘Run’. And then you’ll see
a loading window and you’re done. Click OK 3 times. And then you’re ready for the next step. Okay, so for your next step, you need to click
on your device. Click on ‘Advanced’. And then uncheck where it says ‘Set Hosts to Cydia
on Exit’. Now click on ‘General’. And then ‘Save SHSH’. It’ll say that your device is
connected and have a loading bar. And when that’s done, your SHSH have been saved. Okay, so now, make sure that the firmware you’re restoring to is listed above. And then
lastly, click on ‘Start TSS Server’. It will quit iTunes and indicate that TinyUmbrella
is running. Now go back to your browser and make sure that that file that you downloaded
earlier is finished. Once it’s finished, open back up iTunes. Now, when you’re back in iTunes,
on Windows, you’re going to hold on the Shift key; on Mac, you’re going to hold on the Option
key, and then click ‘Restore’. You should see this pop up and now navigate to the file
you downloaded earlier. Click on it and click ‘Open’. Just note, when you click on ‘Restore’,
this will remove everything from your device. If you backed everything up like we showed
you, then you’ll easily be able to put everything back on that you had before. Now, if you’re
ready, just hit ‘Restore’. And now iTunes will do its thing and restore your device.
When it’s done, just choose ‘Restore from Backup’ and then choose your backup and everything
will be put back on your device. One other thing to note is that if you’re
taking this into the Apple Store, and you want them to have no way of knowing that you
jailbroke, then choose ‘Set up as a new device’. The downside of this is that all your text
messages won’t automatically be put back on your phone. But you can still sync all your
apps back and your music and everything else, contacts, all that stuff. Just your text messages
won’t be put back on. Sometimes, people have problems restoring
to the same firmware. If you have a problem, check out the Ask for Help section on our website
and someone will definitely help you out and get you back to where you need to be. Simply
click ‘Ask a Question’, type in your question and then type in some more information. And
then click ‘Ask A Question’. Your question will be posted and somebody will respond shortly.
I hope you found this video helpful. For more videos, check out Thanks
for watching.

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