How To Put Your Podcast On Spotify | For Free

How To Put Your Podcast On Spotify | For Free

in this video I’m gonna show you how to
distribute your podcast using only your mobile phone let’s go check it out what
is up I am Joe welcome to apps that rule where I help educate you on the best
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next video drops so there’s a ton of ways to distribute your podcasts but one
of the easiest ways is straight from your phone using an application one I
like to use the most is Anchor so let’s say use the app Anchor to create your
podcast I have a video I’ll post in the description also put a card up here for
you guys to check out on how to do that so what I love about the Anchor app is
when you go to publish your episode you have the option to publish everywhere so
once you’re finished recording your episode and you’re still in the editing
stages and everything make sure you turn on the publish everywhere button then
hit the publish button itself Anchor will work behind the scenes but it will be
live on their actual app once you hit the publish button
Anchor will start working behind the scenes it usually takes 24 to 48 hours
until you’ll start getting notifications via email that it is available on other
platforms however it will be ready as soon as you hit that publish button
through the anchor app you’ll have a link you can share to social media
websites you could text it to your friends and family that way everybody
could start listening ahead of time once you do get those notifications you’ll
get specific links such as Apple music or Spotify and it’ll take people
straight to those specific platforms depending on what everybody uses alright
guys so that’s how you distribute your podcast via other platforms such as
Spotify Apple music etc Anchor does it all for you it’s so simple that’s why I
love using this app you can also use it on the computer as well but if you don’t
have a computer you don’t have a microphone and everything use the anchor
app through your phone it sounds good it’s a great it just works it’s awesome
I was surprised by the quality that goes through the application by just using my
phone I was a little bit sketchy about it at first but I think it works really
well if you liked this video make sure you smash the thumbs up button leave a
comment below let me know if you have any questions and if this video helped
you and I hope you guys get out there and start doing your podcast and I’ll
see you guys soon peace

11 thoughts on “How To Put Your Podcast On Spotify | For Free

  1. Anchor makes 5 minute 'segments' and can make a 'podcast', but it does so by gluing all of those random segments you did together. I left anchor for soundcloud.

  2. Dude how to remove the promotion at the end of our podcast in spotify ?cause it has some sound of promotion of anchor at the end of my podcast in spotify please reply dude

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