How to Put Your Podcast on Spotify for Free

How to Put Your Podcast on Spotify for Free

People, find your people and let your people
find you. This is about to get weird. We’re always telling our podskis to repurpose your
content. Having your content on different platforms can give you authority and make
you accessible. You should also be thinking about having your podcast on different directories.
So in this short video I’m going to show you how to upload your podcast to Spotify. And
if you want to learn how to upload your podcast to iTunes, we have this video right here.
It will teach you all about it. And I’m guessing that if you’re wanting to
learn how to upload your podcast to Spotify it is because you might be new to podcasting.
And if you are welcome, welcome to the community and welcome to the Pod Sound School. Here
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resources that we post each week. And in the description below you can find the link to
download our free guide to jumpstart your podcast. Okay, let’s get to it. Okay, so quickly before
we jump over to Spotify, let’s look over Spotify’s requirements for your podcast and make sure
that you’re ready. These requirements are essentially the same as Apple Podcast and
Google Play. First, you need to have good audio quality, so make sure your podcast is
well recorded. Your episodes will need to be in MP3 format with bit rates between 96
and 320 kbps. The most common used by many professionals, it’s 128 kbps. Your podcast
cover art needs to be in 1:1 aspect ratio, or a square format. This is the same as iTunes,
and 3000 x 3000 pixels is recommended. The picture needs to be a .PNG or a .JPG file.
Your episode title should not exceed more than 20 characters so that it looks nice on
Spotify screens. In order to be considered at all, you’ll need
an RSS feed that has a title, image, and at least one episode. And if you’re wondering
what an RSS feed is or need some help choosing a host, we have a great and easy article on
our blog page at I’ll leave the link under RSS in posting below
in the description. Once you have an RSS feed, it’s a good idea to copy it and either email
it to yourself or save it on a file that you can easily access. You’ll need the link for
many of the podcast directories. Now that we’re all optimized, sounding great and ready
to go, let’s submit our podcast. Spotify has made this process pretty easy for us. We can
do it in six easy steps. Number one, go to and
either log into your Spotify account or create an account if you don’t have one already.
Select Log In or Get Started. Number two, after you’re logged in you’ll see the Ad Your
Podcast page. Here, you’ll notice some simple instructions. Simply select Get Started. Number
three, now you’ll be asked to read through the terms and conditions. Once you look them
over, enter your legal name or LLC in this field and check the box saying you agree and
hit Continue. Number four, now we’re asked to enter our RSS feed. Simply copy your RSS
link from the convenient place you have stored it at and paste it here. Then click Next.
Number five, now we’re taken to the Ad Podcast Info page. Here we select our country language
and hosting provider and press Next. And lastly, number six. We review our podcast details
and make sure that everything looks correct, with no misspellings, and select the Submit
button. It can take up to a week to appear on Spotify,
but most podcasts will show up in only a few hours. Spotify will not contact you when your
podcast has been added, so you’ll just have to keep checking. Spotify has gained massive
popularity with podcasts lately, and only shows promise of growing. Now is a perfect
time to get on the Spotify train. And there you go, mis amigos. Easy, right?
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and don’t forget to subscribe. And until then, happy casting, amigos.

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