How to Properly Manage Your Money Like the Rich | Tom Ferry

100 thoughts on “How to Properly Manage Your Money Like the Rich | Tom Ferry

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  4. Eat my meat almost 75% of my income goes to rent and don't tell me to move someplace cheaper since i have already have a steady and basically permanent job where i'm at, so i'm supposed to go adventuring where things might go sour and end up with nothing, worse than how i started? Apparently great stuff but useless if i'm making just above minimum wage…

  5. @ 5:22

    Tom Ferry: how many of you here are now thinking, well, my kids had better be successful?

    (laughing in background)

    Other 80% of us: wecome, brothers & sisters

  6. I'm quite good at spending money
    but a lifetime of outrageous wealth hasn't taught me much about managing it.

    – Tyrion Lannister

  7. In a 2019 nutshell, be born into a company from your daddy. Then pretend to be the founder and brag about how great America is while fucking over the working class running your company.

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  9. I bought some magic beans from a wizened old man and planted them in my back garden and now I'm rich beyond My wildest dreams.

  10. Sadly, doesn't really apply to the other countries outside of USA as legal regulations and tax policies are different!

  11. Wow. I am enjoying this video. We need more of this. Thanks for this video. I am inspired by it. I have students that I am training them and it has help me a lot.

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    another con artist I'm getting sick and tired of it.
    thiis is just half truths mixed with lies.
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  15. So if you’re self employed how does one pay their medical insurance. If the personal account gets (ex) $3300 but $2000 has to pay the medical monthly premium.

  16. The usual "buy my shit" course on "how to save yourself rich and poor". Watch cardone. He teaches you to sell stuff and increase your revenue. THEN you can worry aboout tax.. 85% in ya room dont make enough cash a year to even worry about LLC or not..

  17. What if I’m not making 10k a month dude if your making 10k month that’s making it out of life already atleast in California! It would have been much better if he used realistic numbers like the middle class between 3k and 6k a month along with expenses

  18. Funny how these 'gurus' always talk about having mentors in their 20's. Where did they get these mentors from and where did they get the idea to acquire a mentor? I really think there's something fishy about their claims🤔

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  22. Im a normal human being , i watch YouTube videos sitting on my couch and play pubg … I dont understand anything you say

  23. Tom Ferry, I really appreciate that video.
    Because I’m working at publix and every paycheck that comes in my account.
    The only thing I do is ‘ SPEND MONEY ‘.
    I’m going to practice everything you say in that video.
    Like stop buying luxury stuff, Stop taking Uber and stop doing high budgets.
    Sometimes I got the paycheck today and tomorrow I’m broke.
    I really really need your help

  24. Smart folks will always buy gold, silver etc. and pay cash for them.  When you do this, you have an asset that no one knows about that cannot be traced to you though either your SSN or a credit card statement.  Hoarding cash is also good.  It reduces your rate of return, but gives you lawsuit protection and peace of mind.  If you have gold and silver buried underground in a remote piece of land that no one ever goes to and you paid cash for them, you have something that no one can ever take from you.  If you can't see the value in that – then that just falls under the category of 'you can't teach stupid.'  I'm never impressed with people who make rate of return their #1 priority in business.  Priority #1 should always be privacy.  Never, ever let anyone know what you own.  Priority #2 should be lawsuit protection.  If you're smart, you'll have your finances structured in such a way that even if you lose big in a lawsuit, divorce, or go bankrupt, you'll still be rich.  This includes hoards of physical cash as well as physical gold and silver.  Priority #3 should be rate of return.  Priority #4 should be charitable giving.  If you get rich and never bother to help anyone, you're more of a loser than a homeless man by far.  I say this because the homeless man never had the resources to make a positive impact on the world.  The rich man who never gave to charity did have those resources, but wasted that opportunity; something only a true loser would do.    

    Look at it this way, if you're building a house, you can use crappy materials and throw it together as quickly as possible – or, you can build it slowly using only the choicest materials and put it in a place where it is highly unlikely to ever be affected by a natural disaster.  I don't know about you, but if I'm going to build a house I'm going to build it the right way.  Well…if I'm going to build a fortune, I'm going to build it to last. 

    It's your life, son.  If things ever go badly for you, don't say I didn't warn you up front.  You need to put privacy and lawsuit protection first and make rate of return your third priority.


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  27. So taxes get taken from you automatically as a working class citizen right? Because I get income tax returns. So as a working class citizen, how do I know what I'm supposed to pay for taxes?

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  29. Ok asswhole, but how did the rich get rich to be able to do all these investments? Last time I checked 70+ percent of Americans are in debt or receiving social assistance.

  30. This is not how i made my wealth and my security. I started up front simply paying myself like a boss from my checks. It was and is left to me to pay myself big what nobody else will pay me. Never invest until you have something big enough as exchange right in your hand before you start. If you want to know my way get in touch.

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  34. Great job! I’ve started tracking my debts and created a channel to hold myself accountable as well. Please go checkout my channel. It’s Dr. Mommy Budgets!

  35. talks like these are so vague and slow-paced… its like u barely learn anything. seems to me its true they say there's no such thing as free lunch in this world

  36. I am a tax accountant, he says deposit the checks to personal account vs business account, tells people to incorporate is BS. You can still deposit into your personal account because you are self-employed, and you can still deduct expenses even if you dont form a corporation. This is done under schedule C in your form 1040. Don't listen to this guy, he knows nothing about taxes. Forming a LLC or Corporation requires extra expenses & unavoidable minimum state tax in some states than just a regular sole-proprietorship. Especially the new tax law, there is no benefits of forming a corporation if you are the sole owner. Because there is double taxation in a corporation.

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  45. If you want to be rich, buy a big house and a Rolls Royce? If you can buy those 2 things, you're already rich 😂

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