How to Prepare Podcast Interview Questions (Step-By-Step w/ Examples)

How to Prepare Podcast Interview Questions (Step-By-Step w/ Examples)

– I am continually
impressed with the caliber of guests we get on our podcasts. Rand Fishkin, Steli Efti,
like, amazing people. And if you go to our podcast, you can check out the entire list. But I’m more humbled than amazed by this piece of feedback I’ve
gotten more than one time. Which is, a guest will do the show, and then, during the after interview, they’ll say how amazing the questions I was asking were. Or how I was able to dig a level deeper. And it’s not a hard thing to do. So in today’s video, I wanna go through how we prepare for podcast interviews and how you can do similar
to ask better questions. The main thing I’m trying to avoid when it comes to podcast
interview questions is I don’t want to ask
a top performing guest something he’s heard a million times. So off the bat, questions that can go in the garbage are how did
you start your business? What was your biggest failure? Basically anything John
Lee Dumas would ask on Entrepreneur on Fire. No offense to John. He has been on the podcast. We had an amazing conversation. But those basics, I always assume they’re covered in other places and don’t wanna cover anything like that. So number one is, think
of common questions and then throw them out. Number two is, when
thinking of a question, picture the answer in your mind. And if the first word out of their mouth is a yes or no, I throw the question out. And this is from our Tim Ferris video. We’re gonna link down in the description how he asks questions. The amount of yeahs or
yes’s that Tim Ferris gets from his guest is almost zero compared to most other interviews because of the way he thinks through his questions before asking. And then the other piece is to look at other high-profile interviews these entrepreneurs have had. I interviewed Dr. Alex Mehr. He’s one of Tai Lopez’s business partners. He runs this company called Mentor Box. Had a top five dating app. A big get for the podcast. I was very humbled and happy that he found it worth his time
to come on the show. So before the interview, I listened to Nathan Latka’s interview
with him on The Top. Let’s show a quick clip of that. – [Alex] It’s kinda the first time that I’ve actually built a
business around a passion. So I’ve always been a bold creator. You know, I’m the guy
that when I go out with my friends or we go, you know, on vacations and this stuff, I’m the guy to read a book in the corner. – [Interview] (laughing) Saying don’t, don’t bug me. – [Alex] (laughing) Yeah don’t. – Nathan covered the basics. He covered the revenue. He covered why Dr. Mehr
started his company. He covered everything that I would’ve asked him if I hadn’t done the research. So I didn’t have to. And I’m more than
comfortable telling people if they don’t like the
one level deep questions that we ask on the podcasts to go listen to The Top, or go listen to any of these other interviews with the entrepreneurs. So that’s usually all
it takes to do research. Listen to one basic,
surface-level podcast. Good service-level podcasts are The Top with Nathan Latka. He loves to dig into the numbers and some of the backstory. Entrepreneur On Fire with John Lee Dumas, he loves to ask the basic
entrepreneurial questions. And is another one where they go into the basics
of the entrepreneur. If that’s not enough,
or there’s no interviews that work for them, luckily
a lot of these guests have podcasts of their own. For instance, Barry Katz
has been interviewing hundreds of people on his
podcast Industry Standard. So it was enough to
read his Wikipedia page and listen to a couple of these interviews in order to get a sense
of who Barry Katz was. – [Barry] No one actually
tells you the actual truth of what they are
thinking in their head. Which is, look motherf
(bleeping) I’m getting to that next level ahead of you. – [Guest] Um hmm. – [Barry] Okay? It’s me. – When I’m doing this and it
is someone like Barry Katz, where they haven’t been interviewed a lot, I’m looking for places where they’re telling their own story. Or the guest is asking them questions. And usually it’s enough to listen to two or three episodes
to get a very good idea of who the person is. And then running through
that same system of identifying what the
common questions would be, and then skipping over those questions and going deeper. And the third way is
finding smaller YouTubers and looking at those interviewers. For instance, I just got
off a podcast interview with Dan Martell who
has been interviewed on almost every large podcast. He was on Entrepreneur on Fire, he was on all of these big shows. But sometimes there’s
gold in finding interviews that have under 500 views. Like this one where Dan
Martell goes on a rant about something the podcaster says. – Really, really excited to have you here because I know how precious your time is. – Dude, I just want you
to know, I’m gonna stop. I hate when people say
that because our time, it’s not about who’s more valuable. – Okay. – Like literally, I appreciate it. You can say that, but I think people need to stop saying that. (laughing) I never say it. I’ve literally never
said to a mentor of mine, I know how valuable your time is. Well who (bleeping) cares. – Yeah. – Sorry I’m going off on a tangent. – Watching those smaller podcasts, you see a lot of those rants, because they’re less
experienced interviewers most of the time. So they make a lot of
those rookie mistakes. You get a better idea of what the common questions are the guests might be asked. And it’s easier to pivot around those. If you have your own podcast, or any questions about podcasting, lemme know down in the comments. And any questions on the
topic of interview research, or anything when it comes to podcasting. What are you struggling with? If you found this video valuable, please share it with a friend or two. We’re trying to hit 100,000 subs, and every share counts. Also, if you need marketing support for your digital agency,
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  1. Awesome value in this video!!! Thanks for the tip on good surface levwl podcasts as well. I am starting a podcast on Architecture, and I really want to make sure to make it palatable and entertaining, so yeah great quick tips on how to go about it. Thanks!

  2. Starting to expand to different guests on our show and i want to ask interesting questions. Thanks for this video. Defiantly got some value from it. Thanks!

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