How to Podcast with an iPhone or iPad (Best for Travel & Interviews) – Podcasting Gear

How to Podcast with an iPhone or iPad (Best for Travel & Interviews) – Podcasting Gear

– Hey what’s up? It’s Pat here. If you’re looking to record a podcast just with your iPhone or an iPad, you want something that’s lightweight that you can travel with that actually sounds
pretty professional too, well make sure you stick around ’cause in this video I found a kit that is really small, lightweight, it sounds good and it’s
actually right here in this mug. I was recently on a family trip in Hawaii and my son Keoni and I decided to record a podcast episode together. We have a podcast called
“All of Your Beeswax” and we were there. We had some fun things to share. And so we set up this rig and it’s super lightweight
and it sounds good. Here’s a little clip. Why don’t you tell everybody
some of the fun things we’ve been doing here
on our summer vacation on the Big Island. – Well we’ve been playing on the pools and in the lagoon in front of us. – Sounds pretty good right? Well let me show you exactly what we used. There’s three main components. And here they are. Right, so the main thing
here is this little connector adaptor for the microphone that connects into your iPhone or iPad. This is a SC6-L. L stands for lightning. And this is from RODE. This plugs into your iPhone or iPad. If you don’t have a lightning connector and you still have a
headphone jack in your device, then you would just use the SC6, which connects through the headphone jack. Now next up are the high
quality microphones. This is the RODE smartLav+. It’s really great because
it’s a compact Lavalier mic that you can plug in directly
to one of the gray inputs here on the SC6-L which is for the microphone. And then this attaches
to a shirt or blouse or a tie or what have you for you. And then if you want to interview somebody you would just get a second pair and then you connect it to the other side. You can plug in a monitor as well into the middle headphone jack and that way you can actually
listen to the sound quality, make sure it doesn’t clip, make sure it’s not hot while you’re recording
your podcast episode. And finally, this isn’t necessary, but if you want it you
can get a cable extension. This is the SC1 20 foot extension. So you can actually have
this run for 20 feet plus however long this microphone is, 24 feet. Which gives you enough room to sort of have a lot of space to work with. All right, now you might be wondering, okay well what app do you
use to record your podcast? There’s many different kinds
of recording apps out there. You can use GarageBand
which often comes for free. But, there is one that I did pay for and I got the pro account
that is spectacular. It’s called Ferrite. I’m gonna show you how it works right now. Okay so I’m gonna open up Ferrite. And this is what it looks like sort of right after you open it. Any sort of episodes
you’ve already recorded are gonna show up there in the library. But right now it’s reading
the iPhone microphone which doesn’t sound that great. Which is why we want to
connect the SC6 here. So I’m gonna connect this
through the lightning cable. And you’ll see in a minute, it should pop up and say SC6-L like that. Now it’s not reading anything because there is no microphone plugged into this. So let me turn this around. I’m actually gonna plug in one of these, the RODE smartLavs into there. As you can see as I bring this into frame, it’s working. Now if you were doing an interview, you would just plug a second one here into the second microphone input and there you go. Now last step is you want
to make sure you plug in your headset there. So that’s gonna allow you
to monitor what’s going on. So I’m gonna plug that in there and to hear it, you actually want to click
on this headset right there. So now I should be able to hear it through the headset. Both microphones are working. And now all I have to do is hit this microphone button to record. Check, check, mic check. Okay and you get your new episode that now if I turn this
around and show you you can send to your team or have some time editing it. I’m not gonna go over
the editing process here in this particular tool. Although there’s some high quality stuff that happens in here that
you can see in some videos that we’ll link to elsewhere
on YouTube for how to do that. All right and finally let’s talk pricing. The SC6-L is probably
the most expensive part of this kit which costs anywhere between $75 to $85. Each of the RODE’s smartLav+
cost between $50 and $80 depending on how Amazon feels that day. And then the extension, the SC1, costs about $20. So overall you’re running
about a couple hundred bucks if you’re gonna be doing
podcast interviews. However, this is a very
durable, lightweight kit and it sounds great. So definitely worth the investment
if you’re gonna be doing a lot of that. And if you’re going solo, it’s gonna be a little bit cheaper. So there you go. All the links for each of these components will be in the description below. You can also go to so you can go to the kit where you can get all of them all in one spot. And finally, just make sure you subscribe if you haven’t already. We’re gonna go over a lot more
kinds of equipment like this at different levels,
different price points. Some cheaper ones. Some more expensive ones that
are higher quality later on. Just make sure you hit subscribe. We’ve got a lot of stuff for you as a podcaster it’s gonna help serve you and your audience better. ‘Til then, keep on keeping on and team Flynn for the win. And hey, when you’re podcasting on the go, maybe you might be in a
room with a lot of echo. Well if you want to learn
how to reduce that echo, click on this video here. We also got a lot of
other great content here on the channel as well. Hit subscribe if you haven’t already. Thanks so much.

42 thoughts on “How to Podcast with an iPhone or iPad (Best for Travel & Interviews) – Podcasting Gear

  1. Now we can record podcasts anywhere and anytime. Thank you for this Pat! You always help us.

  2. Hello great video. Can I ask u is this kit only for IPhone?? I have a Huawei… Does it work on it?? Appreciate if u would reply.

  3. That’s a great set up. But, can two separate tracks be recorded in Ferrite in order to separate the two mics?

  4. Website for the Ferrit app is
    The one in the description is blocked by my browser

  5. If you are doing a solo episode you don’t need the SC-6, you can just plug the Rode SmartLav+ directly into the phone. 🙂

  6. The Ferrite Recording Studio app website is (the web address currently in the video description is incorrect). Or just search the Apple App Store for ferrite and it'll come up.

  7. Thanks, Pat! I've had to record a few in-person interviews, which has meant taking mics, stands, and audio interface with me (plus cables). If I find myself doing more, this might be worth the investment.

  8. Hey Pat, I like the simplicity of this kit. I was wondering if it also is possible to record the two Lav Mics to separate channels (since you can record stereo, it would be convenient to put one lav on the left channel and the other on the right channel). Is that possible with the Rode Adapter? Cause if not I don't think it's worth the money.
    Thanks ❤

  9. This is great Pat, i deffo need something lightweight like that, does that app record the two channels as separate audios?

  10. Thanks Pat this was really helpful – I travel a lot so I'll definitely try out this equipment when I'm on the road!

  11. This will change everything for my show, I didn't know there were decent portable versions like this.

  12. Good content looks like I can just use my crappy Android phone to podcast technology is amazing Pat 👍

  13. I'm sure this would this work in a "normal" at-home/studio set-up if you have a podcast with a partner, but would you suggest doing so, or is there a better way that you suggest?

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