How To Plant Sex Thoughts In Her Brain

How To Plant Sex Thoughts In Her Brain

When you are with a woman, how do you get
her thinking about you in a sexual way? How do you get her thinking about you as more
than a friend? On today’s video, I’m going to be teaching
you this concept with examples for you to use (practical stuff) in terms of how to create
tension. Tension is the thing that makes her think
about you in a sexual way. And it also creates this spark of attraction
between you two, that is more than friendship. I’m Tripp Kramer from Let’s get into it. Tension is the unspoken connection that you
have with a woman when you first meet her. You know what tension is? It’s when you pull on something really hard,
it creates tension and that tension right there needs to be broken eventually and that
usually happens when you two are having sex. This is sexual tension. But how do you lead up to that point? There’s a few different ways to do that. First, there’s physical tension that you can
create with a woman. And there’s also verbal tension. Let’s say you just meet a woman out and about
wherever usually in a social setting, you can create physical tension with her. How is that? You can get closer to her in conversations. Imagine this is you and this is her and you
guys are talking in a normal distance. As you guys are talking more and more, you
make sure that you’re facing her and you even move a little bit closer to her, not too much
in her personal space. But just enough where you guys are really
in the interaction together. This creates tension because it’s like, wow,
we are in this, I’m talking to you. And of course, while you’re doing this, if
you’re giving a really deep eye contact, she’s going to start to feel more of that tension. That’s a good way to do it on a physical level. Here’s another example of how to do it on
a physical level. Let’s pretend that you are at a club or somewhere
that’s really loud. One good way to create some more physical
tension is you can just slightly lean in a little bit and talk in her ear so that she
can hear you. So she thinks, oh, you know, of course, he’s
just talking to me and he’s talking more in my ear and close to my ear so I can hear him. But the act of doing that creates tension
because you’re talking into her ear which is a very intimate place to be talking. Of course, don’t say anything creepy or weird. You’re talking about normal, everyday stuff,
whatever you guys are in conversation about. But you’re also doing it at this very close
physical proximity. Then there’s verbal tension, you can create
verbal tension by saying things to her that make her believe that you have some interest
in her. One thing I love to say is just look in her
eyes and say you know what, you are adorable. But you don’t do it in this like sexy way
like you’re adorable. You just doing this kind of like, almost like
you’re laughing like you’re adorable. And you can say that after she says something
funny or something interesting and then you move on from there. You don’t linger with that. You just kind of throw that in there really
quickly. That builds attention because you’re saying
a little bit of a compliment but then you moving on to something else so she gets this
spike of emotions and creates that good tension. Another compliment or something nice to say
is, you know what, there’s something interesting about you. You say that to her, you do it with a nice
little smile, you know, there’s something interesting about you. And then you move on to talking about something
else. Now I want to talk about what this whole idea
of what tension really is. It’s this idea of balance. Tension is created through balance. If you do something too much like you over
compliment her or over touch her, then the tension breaks. And there’s not tension anymore. Tension is subtle. It’s like a dance. It has to be tense in this way where she doesn’t
know what’s going on in terms of how you’re thinking and feeling. Because there’s this balance of I’m kind of
on and then off. This is called push and pull, like you’re
pushing and pulling, pushing and pulling. Pulling is doing something where you’re showing
interest and pushing is showing maybe a little bit of disinterest. Like that would be just stopping talking about
the fact that she’s adorable. You’re just saying it really quickly and then
moving on. Make sure you have this bad when you’re creating
the tension. When you get her on a date, another good way
to really build this sexual tension is when you go for a kiss, and I highly recommend
you do on a first date, especially if it’s going well, is kiss her very slowly. A lot of guys do it really fast, because they’re
nervous or they think if they go fast, it’s going to be more aggressive and she’ll like
it more. But you go really, really slow. That starts to build more of her being turned
on, that creates even more tension and gets her more sexually into you. Going slow, being very deliberate with it
and just taking your time. And then when it gets further and you guys
are maybe at your place, in her bedroom, your bedroom, wherever. What you want to do is try to wait as long
as you can before having sex in that moment. Do lots of foreplay, do lots of kissing, things
like that to really build up that tension so much that she’s going to be craving to
have sex with you. That tension is so key and that’s what we’re
talking about here. If you want to learn more about tension and
how to create it and some other techniques, I go over all this stuff in my famous Hooked
program, which you can check out at I talk about how tension is really important. I’ve already done that now, but I also give
you more examples and then how it intertwines with some other concepts that I talk about
in the Hooked program that really dive deep into how to build attraction with these women
that you’re meeting. Go check it out You can find that in the description down
below. For now really understand how tension is built
and this is how you’re going to make it so that she’s interested in you and attracted
to you. Try some of this out. Let us know how goes in the comments and I’ll
see you on the next video.

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  1. Thank you for being very direct and to the point. I enjoy your content, but sometimes my attention span is very short.
    Be well.

  2. The only thing that whas realy good in my relationshep whit my ex girlfriend whas the sex.. The rest.. Whas fucking bad.

  3. All i gotta do is stand tall directly in front of her, stare in her eyes and tell her " lemme do yo nail hunnay" shieet gets em everytime

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