How To Make A Girl Miss You

How To Make A Girl Miss You

Tripp Kramer here from What does it mean when a girl is missing you? What is she feeling? What is she thinking? We’re going to go over that today. Then I’m going to be teaching you how to create
it. One of the reasons why I made this video is
because you want to create distance. Distance creates attraction. Let’s get into it. A girl is missing you and she’s thinking about
you. One of the reasons why a girl is gonna be
thinking about you and missing you is because you guys haven’t been spending a lot of time
together recently. I know this is a very common sense, but a
lot of guys don’t create the distance when they’re dating someone, even when you’re
on a first date with someone, and more importantly, when you’re in a relationship or a marriage. You want to create that distance. This is going to create a little bit of mystery,
so they can think about what is this person up to? What is he doing? What’s he thinking? What’s happening? When you spend too much time with someone,
you know exactly what’s going on, how they feel, how they’re thinking, and it doesn’t
become a mystery anymore. It doesn’t become exciting. You want that excitement there when you guys
are not together which creates that. I’ll give you some formulas in terms of the
type of distance you want to create between you and the person you’re dating. First, you have to understand that it’s not
just about creating distance, it’s also about creating attraction. She needs to be attracted into you when you
guys are together. She needs to have this awesome time. It doesn’t have to be completely mind blowing
like every time you guys get together, you do something exciting like going bungee jumping
and going out to a nice dinner. Every once in a while, that’s fun to do, but
really, it’s about you being able to create a traction with this formula I talked about
called TED – tension, entertainment and dominance. When you’re doing that while you two are together
plus creating the distance and you guys aren’t spending too much time together, this is what
creates massive attraction in her being like, oh, I gotta see this guy, I got to text him,
I’m gonna call him, I gotta meet up with him because I want to see him and I don’t know
what’s going on. I’m so excited when I do get the chance to
see him. Quickly, TED – tension, entertainment and
dominance, these are the three things that you’re going to be doing every single time
that you are with a woman. I know it sounds like, Tripp, this is a lot
of work. Really, it’s not. Once you understand how to do it, and you
do it and practice it over and over, you’re going to become a natural at it. Tension is creating sexual tension. Make sure that when you’re with her, you’re
flirting with her. You guys are touching and hopefully having
sex. Creating that sexual connection is the difference
between you and a friend. That’s T – make sure you guys are doing that
flirting and having a good time. Entertainment – make sure that you’re having
a good time. If she’s always hanging out with you and you’re
in a bad mood or you’re not having fun, she’s not going to be having fun. Make sure that you are enjoying the moments
that you guys are together, whether that’s making yourself laugh and cracking jokes,
or just doing the things that you want to do and talk about the things that you want
to talk about. Make sure you’re enjoying it. That’s E. D is dominance, that’s going to be leading. Hopefully, you’re the one who’s leading the
interaction. You’re asking her out, you’re telling her,
hey, let’s let’s go do this, what do you think we should do this? You’re the one who’s coming up with plans
and ideas, and leading her to the bedroom for you to be able to have sex. That dominance is very masculine and attractive. Combine all this stuff when you guys are together,
and then create distance between you and the girl. The way that you create distance is this,
make sure you’re not texting her all the time, and you’re only texting her for things that
are super important, like you guys meeting up together. If you first start dating someone, make sure
you’re only seeing them one to two times per week max. Then when you get into a relationship, this
should be three times and even four times just pushing it per week, but three times
is nice. It can be anything, it doesn’t have to be
three, it can be one to three times, but at least there’s four, five or six days that
creates the distance between you two. Please don’t be texting all day because that
is not going to create the mystery and not going to get her to miss you. When you’re in a relationship, and you guys
are seeing each other a lot or maybe you guys are living together, this is where it gets
a little bit more tough.If you’re living together, make sure that there’s three nights per week
where you guys are separated. Maybe she’s doing something with her friends,
maybe you have your own hobbies, doing your own thing. Create that distance. Never spend more than three or four consecutive
days with a woman because this is going to make it boring and stale. You want that separation. You want to keep the spark going with that
mystery. My program Hooked which you can check out
at goes way more into detail about how to create that attraction when you
guys are together. The distance part is easy, but how do you
really get that tension, entertainment and dominance going? That whole formula is explained in the program
along with a bunch of other bonuses that teach you how to continue a conversation and how
to get her more sexually interested in you. Go to so you can learn more
about that and go deeper into those concepts. Every time you’re with the girl, boom, you’re
sparking attraction, no problem. Then after that, it’s just rinse and repeat. If you have any questions, write them down
below. Let’s hear from you. Don’t forget to get the program
and I’ll see you on the next video.

13 thoughts on “How To Make A Girl Miss You

  1. I overcomed my Heartbreak  with your I am proud to say that your student has graduated and now he is helping other overcome their Heartbreak

  2. Tripp is THE MAN!! He’s helped me learn so much about talking to girls and being more social in general that I’ve even started my own channel to help people overcome social anxiety and become the happiest and most confident version of themselves! Can’t thank you enough🙏

  3. Here’s how I made every girl miss me. I always made sure I gave them the most memorable dates. For example, women love picnics and flowers. My last date I bought her a bouquet of roses I made her some lunch, we had Rice Krispies treats, some Capri Sun and even brought some Eggo waffles in case we got hungry afterwards. Make sure the weather is nice, so you do some activities like playing sports. We played badminton 🏸
    These types of dates women will remember to their graves and they will miss you every time they think about it. I hope this helps 😀🌞 🌸

  4. what do you do in a situation where you kind of did all this, she was absolutely bonkers about your for the first 2.5 months. she bascialy gives you siganls all time she wants you to be her bf, and than you finally do so and the next day she goes to the hospital and has surgery and transferred to bigger hospital, you call her once sh talks for 2 minutes, and then you get no response from her for over a week and not really communicating

  5. My relationship got screwed because of this, we were together a lot, like 3 to 4 days meeting straight then seeing each ofher at work and texting all day via the text messages and various social media.. If this video came out a month and a half ago I'd probably be happier now.. 😋 Thanks anyway Tripp!

  6. For me it is exciting when I know someone so well that I know what they are thinking and vice versa. Sorry but I want to be in a relationship where the two people become so close that they become one not two people. Maybe I am still idealistic but that’s the goal

  7. There's this girl in class that I started catching feelings for. We usually talk alot in class and we have this friend that always teases us about being together or something. Today I overheard them talking while sitting together and he asked something about me and then I came over behind them and I hear her say "He is good looking but he's not my type" …. Now I know she wouldn't just tell him that she likes me but I felt that line for real, does it mean anything?

  8. married, wife had affair, now she acts like she hates me, and wants to divorce for AP (im assuming/ pretty sure). I think i need to do these things to create space, shes always angry and attaction lost- she must be feeling these for the AP as im always aroubnd/ home and we have a daughter.. its really sad. Shes a beautiful woman, but i also have things going for me, great career, i always worked out, good personality, maybe a little to nice guy, and this guy is a dick head type.

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