How to listen to phone music using car speakers via Bluetooth (Hyundai I20)

Hey guys, today I’m going to show you how
to connect your phone to your car via bluetooth which is something that I
forgot recently and it took me quite a while to figure it out so I thought I’d
show you guys again here so basically what you need to do is turn on your
radio in your car. So it originally it was turned off, I’m gonna turn it on. By the
way, I have a Hyundai I 20. Once you turn it on you’re gonna press this green
phone handle handset icon click on that and
basically that brings up your bluetooth menu so if you scroll left and right
with this knob you can go to you can go to device manager click it to select it
and you’re gonna click register phone alright so now it’s starting to pair
with your phone so on your phone with your phone if you drag down from the top
and enable bluetooth which is hard to do with one hand but if you enable
bluetooth right enable it you should be able to detect your car so if you click
scan on your phone alright you can see that your Hyundai car comes up so now
you can select Hyundai and it’s now paired up with Hyundai it should say “paired up” soon. It says connected to phone and media so it says connected so that’s
great so now what I’m gonna do is on my phone I’m gonna play some music I’m sure
you guys all know how to play music so I’m gonna play this song on my phone so play the song on my phone and in
order to hear it in your car what you need to do is go back to the bluetooth
menu alright and select Bluetooth audio click into it now it’s on Bluetooth
audio and if you turn up the volume you can hear the music coming out of it coming out of my phone and the cool
thing is you can even go to the next track so it’s on the next track now you
can go next or you can go to the previous track alright so you can turn
volume up and down so this is a lot easier than listening to music on your
phone in the car without the Bluetooth ok thanks for watching guys
see you next time

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