How to launch your own podcast for free in hindi

Hello everybody this is Cheenu Singh Rathore also known as Vaishali Singh. So, guys i’ve decided to start my own youtube channel . Somedays ago I launched my podcast, so I decided to make a video on podcast as I was receiving too many messages regarding podcast, like what is a podcast, how can you create your own podcast, how can you launch it. In this video we gonna talk about, what is a podcast, at first we will talk that what is a podcast and then we gonna talk about how can you launch your own podcast. So, in this video we gonna talk about all these things. Now, what a podcast means: A radio program which has recorded on a platform and you can download it through internet. But, now the purpose of a podcast is acknowledging people either about entrepreneurship like recording a conversation between 2 entrepreneurs or interviewing somebody on your show or it’s something through which you can either inspire people or teach them something So, a podcast is a great way to learn something, if you listen to music, a lot people complains that music distracts them when they’re gymming or whatever they are doing, or the people who travels for hours in order to reach their work’s place from their homes so such people can gain some knowledge by listening to the podcasts, they can consume their time instead of wasting it. how can actually launch your podcast So, it’s a very easy way, if you do it by using anchor then it’s very easy. Now, I’ll show you how can you do it. Basically this is the application “ANCHOR” through which I did it. This was first ever podcast you don’t need to do anything, you just have to go to the playstore and download this application. You have to go playstore and then you’ve to install “Anchor” this is it’s logo now if you’ll click on it, you will get details about the plays on your podcast you have published on anchor. So, here you just have to press the record button, and you can record it and then you have to choose your name and show’s name what you want give it and what will anchor do is it will publish your podcast to every famous podcasting platform, My podcast has uploaded on Apple podcast, Google podcast, Spotify, Breaker, Pocket casts, Radio public, Stitcher, just through Anchor. So now, I’ll show you how can you actually upload your podcast. Look, first thing first go to the playstore and search for anchor. I’ve already done. I have already installed it. So, in my phone it’s showing for update, but if you’ve not installed it then it will show you for installing. After installation, from here your application will be opened, so it would look it like this, and you’ll get some suggestions for recording your first podcast. just have to click on the record button, and then you have to do the formalities, like you have to select allow here then it will start to show that the recording has started. “Hello this is Vaishali Singh and you’re listening to The Vaishali Show”. I have named my podcast as “THE VAISHALI SHOW” you can choose any of the name but it should be a unique name, which nobody has opted. Then, you’ll stop it, after this if you want to add a background music then you can add and if you don’t want to add any background music then you can directly save it, now you have to give a name to the segment you’ve recorded for example if we name it as introduction so you can save it as the name “Introduction.” Add recording to the episode. If you record it to episode then you would see your episode like this. And within some time anchor will start to pulish your episode on different different platforms. Firstly, my episode was pulished at “Spotify”. Like I did all this morning and within 3-4 hours my episode was pulished on Spotify. After that, if you search for it’s supporting platforms then it will show you here Besides this, Anchor has some different options like if you want to upload it with some other people then, here is a discover button, if you’re going to click on this button, then you’ll get an option “record with friends” if you have any of friends in your contact, you can record with them. Then, what will happen is they will send voice messages, you will send them voice messages and in the end Anchor will convert it all in the form of an episode. It will edit both the recordings, and the voice messages will be merged. after this you and your friend with whom you’ve recorded the episode will get a copy. And it would publish here as an episode. You can also search for the people who already have their podcast and can invite them on your show and record with them too. So, this was the video for today liked it, then give it a thumbs up, share this video with those who wanna know about what is a podcast or what is not. And don’t forget to subscribe my channel. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. if you’ve any problem regarding this video then you can post comments, if there would be any problem in comment section then I would definitely make another video. Thank you so much for watching this video. Please press “LIKE” and “SUBSCRIBE” button and please “SHARE” this video as much as you can.

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