How to Keep Your Podcast on Organized [Tutorial]

How to Keep Your Podcast on Organized [Tutorial]

welcome to the anchor show I’m your host
Ileane Smith and I started podcasting in 2009 and I remember the days when I
would struggle to understand how podcasting works how to grow my audience
and how to use the different apps that we have available for us on our mobile
devices so in this episode I’m going to share with you some of the tips and
tricks that I’ve learned for using the anchor app sit tight I have some tips to
share with you let’s get started this podcast is supported by awesome
listeners like Bernie from Top Gold and his podcast is Underway in Ireland and
Patricia a Murray whose podcast is the Nitty Gritty from Bull City and from
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going over to the Anchor app is basically giving you a
podcast producer in your pocket when you’re using the mobile app you have so
many options for how you can bring in your recorded segments of course you can record inside the app you can go into your library and bring in previously
recorded segments you can add your call-ins from your listeners and now you
can add the smart background of music but what happens when you go into your
folders where you’ve stored all of your recordings and you just can’t manage it
you’ve just recorded so much stuff that you need a way to stay organized so I’m
going to share with you a tip on how you can stay a little more organized from
your mobile device when you have that really great intro music you’ve already
uploaded it into the Anchor app but in your library it’s stored so far back you
get tired of scrolling back to grab it and put it at the beginning of your
episodes so why don’t you give this a try we can import audio from different
apps on our phone for example Google Drive or Dropbox and if you’re on iOS
you can import from your Apple music library so why don’t you create
subfolders inside of Google Drive or you could do this in Dropbox but I think
it’s easier in Google Drive to have all of your Anchor intros and outros and any
transitions that you own have them in that folder and then that way whenever
you want to add it into your episode you can just upload it
and import it from your phone and you don’t have to worry about
dealing with the unmanageable folder on anchor see if anchor in the next version
maybe they will create a way for us to make subfolders but right now we don’t
have subfolders we just have one big folder with all of our files and we have
to hunt and peck and scroll back and all of that but with these other apps like
Google Drive you can make as many subfolders as you want and then you can
easily navigate through them when you use the import feature on anchor so I
hope that helps that question came in over on Facebook Calvin L Mitchell asked
this question over in the Facebook group for Anchor Community so I hope you find
this solution helpful Calvin and you guys let me know if you have any other
questions and if this solution works for you. “Hi Ms Ileane this is Horace
Jennings with the Coffee chat podcast just want to say thank you very much for
all that you do as far as I’m talking about podcasting and giving tips and
tricks and great advice I have subscribed to both of your podcast
co-anchor and I listen to him on other platforms as well such as Spotify Apple
podcast and Pocket casts so thank you for all that you do greetings greetings
greetings Ms. Ileane in The Anchor Show this is Dr. Dee with the boom factor show and I want to say oh my gosh that’s all I can say my goodness you
have blessed me so much and giving me a better understanding on how to operate
my podcasts and the world of podcasting period it has opened up my understanding
and I really appreciate your time your efforts and if nobody else is being
helped I’m being helped so I want to say thank you and I want to take this time
out to let not only you but all my listening audience going check out Ms. Ileane with the Anchor show she would definitely help you build your craft and
give you a better understanding on what you are doing the more professional way
thank you Ms. Ileane it’s dr. Dee with the boom factor thanks so much for the kind
words Horace and dr. D I really appreciate you guys for calling in and
letting me know the impact that we’re having here on the anchor app is truly
awesome and I thank you so much for calling in so dear listener if you want
to call in go ahead and leave a message on the anchor app or you can contact me
on speakpipe and that’s Hi Ileane, it’s your boy Gray Wolf and I loved this episode about you giving the tips for using Anchor to keep organized and everything to create an audio clip folder on Google Drive. I mean you can import directly from the different drives. and that is an amazing idea and then you can just that that was just amazing thank you I’m
gonna start doing that like today because you’re right like you know I use
that werewolf intro a lot and sometimes it’ll get so far down that I have to
keep scrolling and you’re right that’s a pain so thank you for the great ideas
love your podcast thank you so much gray wolf thank you so much for that
positive feedback and also for letting me know that it works the same way on
Android you know I have an iPhone 8 plus so I love when I find out something is
working the same way or an Android as how I described it for the iPhone
that’s another beautiful thing about the anchor app so keep up with the good work with your podcast and thank you again for calling in

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  1. thank you Ileane, arghhh yes let's hope Anchor figures out a better way some day. I like your google idea though

  2. Hello, Ileane. My new podcast is The Songwriter's Podcast – Can I give you a shout out?

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