How to Keep Shabbat –

How to Keep Shabbat –

here we are ladies and gentlemen you get to be involved in some of the most exciting stuff on earth because we have the hem a garden the care right scholar from Israel with us and we’re going through our questions from cyberspace now here you have some more that have come up man let’s get into it I have a question for my friend in Pennsylvania Perry Gerhart he writes wanting to know what the ancient scrolls and manuscripts really say about keeping Shabbat nothing added nothing taken away how do we keep it holy so and and it’s just such a simple and innocent question in other ways it’s you know the rabbi’s have this statement about Shabbat they say the laws of Shabbat are like a mountain hanging by a thread and what they mean by that is there’s very few verses very few words it says you know remember the Shabbat to keep it holy it says in plough time and harvest time you shall rest and a few other very small verses and out of that they just they I guess they quite literally get a mountain not only out of a molehill they get a mountain out of a piece of string and what and this is where things get confusing I’ll deal with a lot of Hebrew roots folks and even a lot of Jewish folks even more I have to admit this is more on my side well we’re dealing with people where they’ve got books and volumes on what you can do on Shabbat and what you can’t do in Shabbat and ironically work is often not in those volumes that work isn’t in it you know what I was taught growing up there are specific things that are forbidden on Shabbat like you can’t tear your own toilet paper on Shabbat it has to be twin before Shabbat and I’m not talking about that no no I know that an Israel that many temple have their toilet paper preached one before Shabbat but you can carry your couch up and down your stairs all day within your house that’s permissible because it’s not work right so there are a roof right right so what we’ve done in Judaism is we’ve created a the rabbi said at best we’ve created this mountain hanging by a string I said let’s go back to the string that’s the string of truth that’s the blue thread of the seat seat let’s just go back to it not make it complicated if God says to rest and rest and why do we have to make it complicated where things get come you get more complicated is in addition to what the Torah says you’ve got the Torah police have you encountered you go yeah you know absolutely vicious they are the end all and be all of judgment they decided for themselves this is what we’ve been convicted based on our understanding of the Torah working it out in fear and trembling the prayer and study and having all the answers in Revelation this is what you’re allowed to do anal Maori no I didn’t say that now we’ve got to impose that on everybody else and if they don’t live up to our standard we need to judge them and I haven’t I want to be I want to confess something Michael there was a time when I was the religious police I don’t know if you knew that I was the gatekeeper in the care act community I would I would literally put people through interrogations not with bright life but just about I wasn’t either and it’s totally embedded or not not not that bad but really I was a gate keeper and if somebody didn’t toe the line in lineup it was well no we can’t have that person involved here and at some point in my ministry I was humbled and had to come before the creator and humility and say father I want I just want you to accept me why it’s not for me to now go and decide who the other people that you’re going to accept are and and really it’s what you should taught like wow what an amazing teacher you have Michael this Rebbe of yours yushua who taught judge not lest you be judged the measure that you judge another is what you’re going to be judged that’s the Torah concept of me doc and egged me dumb measure for measure the way you talk about was my book of prayed or father bring a bunch of verses from the Tanakh the way you treat somebody else that’s the way God will treat you and I realized coming before the creator and humility that you know I’m not perfect and if I’m the judge of other people boy when it comes time for judgment where you know am I going to be deserving of mercy and the creator’s grace if I don’t extend that to others right and and and I’m prayer to our fathers you are doing that that prayer yeah and use use explanation is that if you don’t forgive others your heavenly father won’t forgive you and in those pictures don’t even look and look at that no he won’t forgive you if you don’t forgive others the case is closed well I was done away with that on the cross everything everything Jesus said is having women on the cross Christians tell me that every time his ministry he’s just talking to Jews they didn’t accept him so you throw all that stuff in the trash right I mean yeah that I don’t know why it went oh then why was why wasn’t it left on the cutting room floor why was it put in the gospel the bulk of the Gospels are the things he actually thought but in any event clearly in the Tanakh and even when Yeshua taught is is don’t judge others and so this is what I tell people when it comes to Shabbat I can give you my opinion on things but ultimately work it out for yourself and fear and trembling with prayer and study before the creator of the universe and what you’ve worked out don’t then go and pose on everybody else I’ll just give you a really simple example in Exodus 35 it says loadsa valuation well how much will take somebody Alma Shabbat don’t Kindle a fire in all your habitations on the day of Shabbat and in the characteris community this verse has been the subject of entire books that have been written literally on a subject and there are three main opinions out there in carrot juice history going back over a thousand years number one is that means you can’t even have a fire on Shabbat that you lit beforehand that Kindle means not just start the fire not just feed the fire it means it can’t even allow it to burn and there is one translation by a man in Everett Fox he was a rabbi actually not a carry and he says you shall not burn a fire in your habitations of the Sabbath day or rabbinical Jew who writes this there’s not an impossible interpretation it’s one of the interpretations another one is don’t feed the fire or start a fire but you can leave it burning from before Shabbat that’s a opinion of some care act and all rabbinical Jews and the third opinion is the issue here is the labor involved in building the fire what we’re talking about is going around and gathering the wood and chopping the wood and striking the flint against the other flint have you ever seen the television so survive or you would or been in the Boy Scouts you know what you know a building a fire is today we don’t know we you know we push a button and so those are three historical opinions that existed within the caret Jewish community the third opinion or the second opinion is definitely the opinion of rabbinical Judaism that it’s adding to the fire starting the fire but you can leave it and I say to people say so the cavea what’s the answer and I you don’t need the answer for me I’m not Vaughn not the creator of the universe those are the possibilities study the scripture study the language pray about and ask the Creator for guidance and work it out yourself and fear and trembling the parent study before the Creator you don’t need me to give you the answer you really need to work it out for yourself and then when you figured it out don’t go judge your neighbor who’s trying to keep the Torah who has figured out something else because that is doing what you were doing last week problem now you’re going to judge them for doing what you did that’s usually what happens every time stepped up on a higher level of holiness never where I wrote it out and now I need to condemn the other person who did what I used to do and there’s something in psychology I think that’s going on here that’s somebody to make themselves feel holy needs to condemn the other person and I jokingly said in the past that in I wonder if in the Christian version and some Christian versions instead of Yeshua saying judge not lest ye be judged that in their version it actually says judge first lest other John others judge you and I was sharing this with a Christian guy and he says no but that’s actually what it means and he was dead serious yeah beautiful now we’re talking about within the care rights movement so the Spiritualist movement we have these different concepts later and we’re talking all people can read Hebrew perfectly with this eliminate a translation issue right right there okay you know and so now so we see that there’s different ways of you know vastly different way of this being on there and so now let’s get into something a rabbinic tradition lighting the candles on the Sabbath because the carrots carrots have a different position there and let’s go right to the prayer we got just a futile moment so where that comes from originally is in the 900 AD the carrots were about 50% of the Jewish population and the predominant opinion among carrots was that you can’t even have a fire left burning before from before Shabbat and in response to that the rabbi’s created this tradition and they admit this came in response to this carrot view that you’re required to light candles and require to have them burning and and to say the blessing bless our lord King bears sanctified us with His commandments command yet select the Shabbat candles that blessing came in response to this care act position which was one of three positions but it was the dominant one at that time in that place in Israel and so the rabbi’s now have changed the dynamic all together now we’re saying not only can you leave it burning before Shabbat that God commanded us to do so where did he command us to do that he didn’t best tuck a note and they’ll tell you these this is something the rabbi’s enacted in response to the kerrick’s they made this taka nadi stuck a note in response to the kerrick’s now we’re just adding to the torah with these Shabbat candles mmm that’s right and so you know if there’s anything that a follower of Yeshua doesn’t do it is talking out he says do not follow the taka note of the Pharisees of state sages you just don’t do it do not do it [Music] thank you for supporting the mcore Hebrew foundation learn more at Nehemia small calm [Music]

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  1. Absolutely LOVE hearing you speak on any Biblical subject! You've really helped deepen my walk…thank you Nehemia!

  2. Maybe a listing of Shabbat scriptures especially one that are examples of people keeping Shabbat. It is a simple question, but people are coming from different places. Some from heavy regulations to just hearing the word yesterday.

  3. I think any human would agree that from that time to even now, that busting wood is nothing but work. If lighted candle is required at times, then it is safe to say it would be kosher to keep the flesh from freezing. Sort of like having a prepared meal made a day ahead from the day of preparation.

  4. It was a Jewish man who invented the crock pot. "An inventor named Irving Nachumsohn received the patent for the device that became the Crock-Pot on Jan. 23, 1940. Nachumsohn, who went by the surname Naxon, invented the slow cooker to cook cholent, a traditional stew eaten by Jews in eastern Europe on the Sabbath."
    Also see:


  6. Always entertaining. Two things: in the verse from Exodus the word "all" stands out to me. Possibly this verse was meant to gather the family into one room on Shabbat. One room with one fire? Just a thought. Second: "Judge not…" in my mind has been limited to the judgement of others but could it also be expanded into all of creation? I've always felt that individuals tend to judge everything. From others actions to the beauty of a scene to the weather. Given this, "Judge not…" takes on a whole other and much greater meaning. Shalom.

  7. But the Torah imposes a penalty of DEATH for failure to observe Shabbat correctly, i.e performing "melocho"/מלאכה

    וּשְׁמַרְתֶּם אֶת הַשַּׁבָּת כִּי קֹדֶשׁ הִוא לָכֶם מְחַלְלֶיהָ מוֹת יוּמָת כִּי כָּל הָעֹשֶׂה בָהּ מְלָאכָה וְנִכְרְתָה הַנֶּפֶשׁ הַהִוא מִקֶּרֶב עַמֶּיהָ

    So if interpretation of Shabbat observance (שמירת שבת) is an entirely personal matter, how it is determined who is worthy of the death penalty for its violation?

    The issue of the morality of putting someone to death over lack of Shabbat observance is another topic altogether, which I hope will be discussed.

  8. I love Nehemia and Michael Rood sound teaching. There is so much out there that is Christian Messianic and one can be misled. I am so very happy joyful in Yehovah…Yeshua that my sides are excited…I will only follow HIS ways and the teachers of His Word of Truth…love you with big hugs from New Zealand…shalom shalom

  9. People ask about the fire prohibition because there is so little to go on. I guess we'll have to play it safe and shiver as many Karaites do. Perhaps using an electric heater will be ok. Heaven help those seeking YHWH in the frigid latitudes.

  10. So, I heat my house with firewood only. Could never teach my children that YHWH would have them freeze. Maybe this is more along the lines of kindling contention? Or offering "strange fire"? I do agree, we have to work it out with fear and trembling. As for me and my house, we heat with fire only so that's what we do.

  11. Judging your neighbor is not a sin. I believe the wording is 'let him who witnessed the crime cast the first stone", the torah tells you to reprove your kinsman, but incur no guilt because of him. I don't know where Nehemia found 3:25 but it's not in the torah.
    Bless the Sovereign God of Israel Jehovah!

  12. Nehemia- Question, 3 choices; no fire, don't feed, and no to labor of starting. and don't judge anyone who, I guess is doing one of these differently. I agree, my question is about the brother who decides he can start fires gather wood, do we say? go ahead, what ever you believe. I ask this because there seems to be a group who thinks that the kindle no fire commandment only pertains to fires that would be used for work specifically work that would have been done at that time for the building of the tabernacle. ie.. dying wool, melting metal, etc… I guess I have always believed that we are not to kindle a fire or even feed it unless you live in an area where it gets really cold and that then Yahovah might actually look on the transgression, as if an ox fell in a pit on the Sabbath, need outweighs obedience. I heard some one make "the work fire" argument and then someone else decide it was then ok to build a friday night bon fire. Do I have a wrong attitude about this?

  13. I think the problem is that these rabbis have too much time with nothing to do so they sit around and devise these "laws" that everyone should follow.

  14. I believe the prohibition on "kindling a fire" is for the purposes of one's occupation, and does NOT apply to heating, lighting, and COOKING. And, yes, I emphasized cooking because I have no problem with doing so on the Sabbath. I believe that cooking on the Shabbat is NOT prohibited by the Torah, and I openly invite anyone to demonstrate otherwise. And, mind you, if you do respond, please be sure to bring a second witnesses — outside of the grossly misinterpreted Exodus 16:23.

  15. What did MessiYAH mean when he said, is there not 12 hours in a day? Somebody said the other day, the day of rest is Friday sundown to Saturday sunrise which is 12 hours an is a day of rest. Im not being funny or sarcastic, I am seriously asking this. Maybe we put more on ourselves than it was ever intended. Boy howdy just coming out of pagan worship day of years of total lies! I was NOT to happy an very discouraged at first! Now to me is rest on my spirit & soul from liars! I cant help at this point feel a relief that I am not doing the wrong but not sure the right either! Coming out of all the lies, I am RESTING a bit, & yet it is a day of rest. Before pagan calendar of days hours an time, once again I am not being funny, for one I do not have the gift of mathematics an I so rely on my elders for much, an then I allow the spirit of truth to bring me to my Final Answer. So my question is, if even possible, could it have been 12 hour days back in the time of MessiYAH even? I mean the whole 3days, 3rd day dont add up either regarding his death, but what about from Friday removed by sundown to Sat rest 12 to Sun up, Risen Haha I came up with that myself ridiculous huh?😂 well it is way better than the notion of 24 hour days an knowing he cant be still there on passover! Anyways can you explain this to me Elder? An Thank you! Shalom

  16. We are to keep the Sabbath as YHWH instructed us to do. Not as the Pharisees and their man made laws told the people to do, which became a burden to them. This was never the intention of the codifying of the Sabbath.

  17. If it can be done before, then it should be done before. If it can wait until after, then it should wait until after.

  18. I live in Alaska. We wouldn't live to the first day of the next week if we didn't keep the fire burning thru the Shabbat. There is a superduh involved in many of those interpretations.

  19. Don't kindle a fire…….means……"DON'T FIGHT AND ARGUE WITH ONE ANOTHER!!!" Remember…….sometimes, these verses are "symbolic," and NOT literal. Of course, Yahuah wants you to stay "warm" on Shabbat……….especially if you live in the cold north. Yahuah is NOT an ogre……most people today have a furnace anyway that runs by itself. The verse is trying to "convey a principle" and that is to REST….AND BE AT PEACE WITH YAHUAH AND ONE ANOTHER!!!

  20. Thank you for this video and everything you share. Not only how but I am interested in WHEN to Keep Shabbat. By the sighting of the moon? or just on a 7 day rotation using Roman calendar? I have even seen WLC say it is morning to morning, I'm fairly confused and looking for the scriptural sources.

  21. according to the Torah
    1) do not light a fire in Shabbat Exodus 35: 3, no candle lite like the orthodox jews

    2) prepare your food on Friday Exodus 16: 23, no cholent in Sabbath like orthodox jews
    3) don't get out from your dwelling Exodus 16:29 don't go in the grain field like Jesus and his disciples

    4)don't collect anything (food wood) on Sabbath Exodus 16:22, Numbers 15:32-36 don't pick-up your bad if you get vindicated by Jesus don't collect grains in sabbat as Jesus disciples
    5) NO WORK IN SABBATH Leviticus 23:3 Exodus 20:10

  22. Maybe our modern day conveniences are so we can feed our families AND spend time learning Torah in the latter days. I don't HAVE to strike a flint to warm something up so while it's cooking/warming I'm able to fellowship with believers with Torah AND "New Testament" Just my understanding lately. We've got catching up to do

  23. The Christian god Jesus is satan the devil and he is not coming back… Christians worship satan with a human sacrifice of Jesus to satan… you've been deceived… repent accept Jahovah an do good works.

  24. Just to point out, one is not condemned simply if they do not forgive their neighbor.

    There are 613 commandments in the Torah and the core of Christian theology regarding salvation is that if you break A SINGLE COMMANDMENT, you break ALL of the commandments (James 2:10). Therefore it is correct to say the Cross of Jesus Christ nullifies the idea of condemnation for ALL true believers (Romans 8:1). HOWEVER, the Lord Jesus says that if you love Him (ie receiving His grace and believing unto Him for salvation) you will keep His commandments (Love God and love your neighbor [Mark 12:28-31]). The KEY DIFFERENCE IS THAT A HEART OF FORGIVENESS BECOMES THE NATURAL LIFESTYLE (NOT A CONTINUAL EFFORT) FOR THE TRUE BELIEVER. (1 John 4:8)

  25. Praise to Yehovah, Creator of the universe! Thank you to Mr. Nehemia Gordon for sharing his wisdom and discoveries. God Bless you Sir –from the Philippines! I've been a Catholic all my life until 7 years ago I met a brilliant life Coach who taught me about the real God, the Torah and Shabbath. It was the first I'm finally convinced and left my old religion. His teaching is very practical. If you think about it from the very beginning of time Yehovah Elohim blessed the Sabbath–meaning, no Jews or Christians or any other religions existed yet. I learned that the word "rest" is a mistranslation. In my Jewish Bible it says, "ceased". I mean, the Creator is not human. He still controls everthing without resting up to this moment. The earth is still hanging in space in perfect motion, doesn't it?! The oxygen we breathe is still in its perfect percentage, a small difference would either suffocate all or burn everything. He is perfect and eternal. Back to Sabbath, only Yehovah can see a person's heart. Where I am right now is walking–step by step–not running with Yehovah, gradually discovering more. Before, I'm unaware one should not cook on a Sabbath because the elements must rest as well. Then I wondered how about boiling water for bath–when it is cold. Then I spoke to God silently and promised Him I'll light 1 incense before I boil my bath water. And then, I came to a conclusion that maybe it's not only the elements God wants to stop from working but the person who will cook or bake. I think Sabbath is also a gift from Yehovah, since He knows that his creation, us humans, also need to cease from working and so He Blessed that one particular day–not 1 hour, not 2 hours, but the whole day.

  26. I'm having a hard time understanding why modern day Christian speech I was one of them put the exception of this fact I don't understand why people feel that reading the Torah or the Old Testament the prophets is admitting that you're trying to keep the law and in Romans in the New Testament Paul says that or they think quote they miss quote scriptures and say that we couldn't get salvation through the law but it's by grace I'm not a Bible scholar
    Anybody reading this post please understand you can understand the future without reading the past how can we not repeat the past mistakes without understanding the past mistakes we're not Jews we don't understand in the context of which the scriptures were written and the Hebrew words and literature has so much meat and so much meaning it is not robbing you as a Believer to understand and learn and study and that's what I'm doing I realize that as a babe in Christ that I needed to read the Old Testament and get a good understanding and I thank God for mr. Nehemia Gordon and Mister food and all the other Messianic teachers that teach the truth the teachers that it's okay and is necessary to read the Torah read the prophet and get a really good understanding through the Holy Spirit teaching us thank you holy spirit thank you Jehovah for allowing us to understand and giving us ears to hear and understand your truth

  27. I'm so glad to see this topic! I was wondering this myself since so many of the directives about the Sabbath seem to be from the Talmud instead of the torah. It occurred to me about 8 years ago, that when the rich young ruler came to Jesus, ( Yeshua), he was told to keep the commandments. I noticed that I wasn't keeping the Sabbath. Since then, I have tried to keep it as a day of prayer and bible study, and I don't do any work except what I have to do ( like dishes). Thanks for addressing this.

  28. I don’t know when this aired, but Shabbat candles and candle holder are occasionally offered for love gifts, so is Michael actually promoting the takenot on lighting candles on Shabbat?

  29. Esh, often interpreted as fire, has another definition, passion. The prohibition of Exodus 35:3 is a sexual prohibition because the mans seed makes you unclean.
    In Exodus 19 during the 2 days of purification before meeting YHYH, Moses told the people, "Do not come at your wives. "
    In Exodus 12:16 you may cook your meals on the sabbath.
    The prohibition is on work, which is defined as gathering sticks, the man gathering sticks was put to death while those who went out to look for food were not punished.

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