How to Increase Podcast Downloads Using Twitter Marketing

How to Increase Podcast Downloads Using Twitter Marketing

Hey guys Anthony Tran here. And in this short
video I’m going to show you how you can use Twitter to grow your podcast audience and
listeners and build relationships online. Let’s check it out. Okay so in order to grow your podcast audience
you have to be using social media tools like Twitter. And I’ll explain why Twitter is so
powerful. #1 obviously Twitter has a massive amount
of audience. They are the #2 social media platform second to Facebook. So obviously
you want to be on that platform as well and sharing your podcast episodes on there. As
you can see from the statistics there are over over 500 million tweets that are sent
out per day and over 78% of those people are mobile users which is an ideal audience for
your podcast because guess what most people that listen to podcasts listen through their
smartphones or their iphones. They are on the go. They are taking a walk with their
dog, they’re driving in their car. So what better platform to share your podcast then
through mobile with Twitter. Twitter also reaches a worldwide audience so obviously
you can market your podcast to a global audience and get more people to listen to your show.
And you can see from the stats that at least 46% of Twitter users log into Twitter at least
once a day if not more. Okay why use Twitter for podcast, well I’m going to give you five
essential reasons. One it’s like texting on steroids people spend a lot of time on their
mobile phone texting so of course they do the same thing on Twitter, but it’s just texting
on a massive audience scale. So obviously they are going to be using it and they’re
going to be checking out their Twitter profiles. The other thing is you can link your show
notes and your direct podcast episodes on Twitter so people can get access to your content,
your show, and other various ways for example Soundcloud. And as mentioned in the previous
slide it’s a mobile platform. People are going to be able to more likely engage with you
and your show because they have access to their phone almost 24 hours a day 7 days a
week. You know Twitter is a great platform for connecting with influencers. And I’m going
to share with you in the future slides of why it’s so important and how you can connect
with them. And lastly it’s social proof. The information goes viral people retweet your
content and they share it to their community. Your podcast will reach more people quicker
when it gets spread out across social media. So the first Twitter Tip that I’m going to
give to you is you need to tweet consistently. And the reason I say this is if you’ve ever
used Twitter you probably noticed that there’s a lot of tweets that go through your feed.
And if you’re subscribed to over a thousand, 20 thousand followers then obviously there
is going to be a lot of competition to get your tweets noticed. You have a few simple
words and some pictures to grab their attention and for them to engage, but it’s really a
numbers game. The more times you’re tweeting about your content, the more chances are that
people are going to find your tweet and engage with your podcast. So Twitter tip #2 is you
want to make sure you retweet others. Promote other people’s content, because it’s social
media you want to be able to share the love, you want to be able to build a relationship
and what better way to connect with people and is to share their content you don’t want
to be one of those people that just tweet about themselves all the time and share only
about your show and your content and your blog post. You want to be able to share with
other people so as you can see in this picture, I retweet Natalie Sisson, Pat Flynn, Alex
Harris, and other people you may notice Jeremy Montoya. These are all people that are in
the industry that obviously want their content to be read as well, and what great better
way to share their content then through Twitter. So the Twitter tip #3 is you want to be able
to tweet with pictures. Now as I mentioned before Twitter is a crowded space and it’s
hard to get noticed but pictures when they are scrolling through their feed can really
get noticed. As you can see right here I posted a podcast episode with Gary Leland and I used
a very bright looking picture with a really big font headlines and as you can see when
you’re scrolling through the feed. That’s going to catch people’s eye. And they are
going to be more likely to kind of read about your content and be curious about I want to
learn about Gary Leland and they’re more likely to check out your podcast. So pictures is
a great way to stand out in a noisy crowd. Twitter tip #4 is tweet quotes. One of the
best ways to share about people’s content is to quote them, quote them from your podcast.
If they said something great in your podcast make sure you quote them and share their quote
on Twitter. Statistics show that one of the easiest ways to get retweets is to use quotes.
Use motivational quotes. As you can see right here I used a quote from Seth Godin and it
says “you are not your resume, you are your work”, but I also added a picture to it so
as I mentioned Twitter tip #3 use pictures. So great way to get more retweets is to not
only use quotes but to use it in conjunction. Twitter Tip #5 is to use Twitter handles.
What I mean by Twitter handles is everybody who uses Twitter has essentially a Twitter
name. So it’s usually an @with a name. So in this example ChuckPrice is @ChuckPrice518
and Search Engine Watch has a Twitter handle @sewatch So every time that tweet about using
their Twitter handle they’re going to get a notification that hey somebody talked about
you on Twitter and it’s a great way to get people’s attention and also to show them that
hey you really like their content and as I mentioned sharing is caring! Alright Twitter
Tip number 6 you want to use hashtags. Now why do you want to use hashtags? Hashtags
gives you an ability to become a source of information in a niche. Hashtags is essentially
when you put hashtag online marketing people who follow that hashtag who wanted more information
about online marketing news and information industry can find your content. So example
to the right you are going to see in Get Response they used #persuasion and #psychology because
they want people who are interested in that two particular topics to find that blog content.
So when you are using and posting on your podcast use hashtags that are relevant in
your industry. Okay so in this example you can see with this podcast episode that I published
with Farnoosh Brock that over 44 shares were coming from just Twitter alone, as you can
see it can go viral and people will definitely. Alright so let’s see a live example I just
published this podcast episode today with my good friend Tim Paige. And I want to share
it on Twitter, I’m going to share with you how you can get this information out there.
So the first thing I do is I’m going to copy the web address the URL and I’m going to use
a URL shortener and the one I like to use is Google’s URL shortener now they have other
one’s that are available like Bitly and I’m sure there are other tools that you can use
to shorten your web address. So I just Googled URLShortener and I’m going to paste it into
this box. And I’m going to click shorten URL from here they are going to ask you to verify
if you’re not a robot so I’m going to type that in and verify. Now I’m going to copy
this web address and you can see that this web address is really long and if I paste
it on to Twitter it’s going to take up all my character space. So I’m going to basically
shorten it up with this and I’m going to copy this link. Next I’m going into Twitter and
I’m going to post about this show. Alright, so I’m going to go ahead and create a headline.
In this case, I’m going to just for the sake of time I’m just going to use the headline
that I created for the show. Alright so just I put in the headline and I’m also going to
paste the web address URL shortener I had created before. Next I’m going to make sure
that I use Tim’s Twitter handle because I want him to know that I tweeted about his
particular episode. So I’m going to use TimthePaige there we go so he knows and I’m going to use
mine just in case people retweet this content I want to be notified myself. @AnthonyTranMAP.
Alright, so now we have all of this. This looks great! Now as I mentioned before one
way to grab people’s attention is to use photos. So I’m going to add a photo of his podcast
episode. Alright so now that I have his picture image in there. Now the one thing with Twitter
is you only have a certain amount of characters. So as you can see I need to basically shorten
this up. I have over 15 characters, so I’m just going to change this up. Alright so I
shortened up my headline so now it reads How Passion and Determination will Lead you to
success. Not the greatest headline but it’s going to work for this example. Now I also
have the google url shortener address there, I have Tim’s Twitter handle and the last thing
I want to add is essentially a hashtag so I want people to know that is a podcast, so
I’m going to put hashtag podcast. Alright so there we go, we are all done. This is a
great tweet. I’m going to go ahead and tweet it and see what’s going to happen. Alright
so here we go this is the tweet that we created. Nice big headline, a short URL, Tim’s going
to be notified, and there is a great looking picture right here so that way when they are
scrolling through the feed it really stands out and check it out. When I click on this
URL link I made with Google it’s going to send me back to my shownotes page. So there
we go now I just tweeted this content, people can come listen to the show. They can check
out all the links, they can share the content and essentially comment if they want to as
well. So this how you can use Twitter to really share your content, connect with people, get
your stuff viral traffic, and get noticed online.

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  1. 1 more tip….make sure u leave enough room so that people can Retweet ur tweets & have ur @ Twitter handle included in the RT 

  2. How to Grow Your Audience on Twitter #twittermarketing #entrepreneur #diy #oldiebutgoodie  

  3. Great video. hashtags are very good advise. Have you ever thought of using hootsuite to post and shorten urls in 1 quick motion?

  4. Great video. hashtags are very good advise. Have you ever thought of using hootsuite to post and shorten urls in 1 quick motion?

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