How to Improve the Odds of Getting Added to Spotify Playlists with Playlist Push And SubmitHub

greetings and salutations so I’ve taken
a few days off from the vlog I had a pretty introspective and contemplative
week I have also had a week that has been filled with clerical work and not
enough creating and that’s one of the reasons I have not not done any vlog
episodes this week in fact I don’t even remember when the last one I published
was let’s take a look March 19th which was Tuesday okay so
that’s not so bad I just missed Wednesday Thursday and Friday today’s
Friday the 22nd and so I guess this episode came out on Monday the 25th
continuing to have to look at the calendar I’ve actually had a pretty busy
different semi chaotic chaotic week I bought a car from a vending machine which is ridiculous but yes so a lot of
clerical work not as much creating I will show you some of the stuff I’ve
been doing it as a matter of fact I was working on my song the fuzz in some
recent episodes my original goal was to release that song on Friday the 29th
which is next week now I distribute my music through amuse
and amuses rule is you have to have it submitted two weeks before the release
date because they give themselves a week to review it make sure the artworks good
the files correct and all the little detail things they have to make sure
they get right before they send it to stores and then they give the store
seven days minimum to make sure that everything’s good to go
the first time around when I did glitch it took I don’t even know how long it
took because I didn’t have my Spotify for artists account or my Apple for
artists account Apple music for artists account setup so I couldn’t tell you
when it appeared but when I did upload it appeared relatively quickly upload
in the backend of everything within a week so it wasn’t a big deal but I think
they just do that to make sure that they give themselves ample time in case
anyway I like to say I was gonna release it next Friday but I have not finished
mixing it and I have not uploaded it for distribution yet which means the
earliest I could release it if I were going to have it mixed by the end of the
day today would be Friday April 5th and that’s not gonna happen either my plan
now is to release it Friday April 12th or Friday April 19th it’s just gonna
depend Friday April 12th is the day I leave with Bon Jovi cruise with tonic
and collective souls on that too so it’s gonna be a crazy cool weekend
I guess long weekend we come back the following Tuesday and it’s gonna be a
ton of fun I just don’t know if I want to try to release a song that day or not
my guess is we’ll be getting on the boat and probably won’t be departing until
midday or late morning that day so I can probably get away with it my main
concern is just internet access and I’m gonna have access to the Internet to
throw up some posts and check out numbers and stuff like that because I’m
gonna be curious so we’ll see I would really like to release it on the 12th
that’s my plan if for whatever reason I don’t the 19th the 12th would put me a
month past the release of upload which would keep me on kind of like an every
month cycle because I originally released glitch on
I think the 15th of January I don’t remember originally at least at
the beginning February then we released at the beginning of March and then
released upload the 15th of March I think that’s what happened anyway it
doesn’t matter but this week I have just been I was gonna release I’m telling you
this whole story because I was gonna release the fuzz and I was gonna work on
that and get it released next week however I realized that I was not paying
enough attention to the release and promotion of upload I was just moving on
to the next thing moving on to the next thing and that’s a good thing moving
fast is good but I was moving too fast and not giving
let’s do so this week I spent a lot of time giving up good it’s do so let’s
start screencast and I’ll show you exactly what I’ve been doing here’s my
youtube back in so the first thing I did was submit hub I did this for glitch got
some feedback on the song did not get it I add it to anything which was a bummer
but also understandable because I I’m still learning a lot about what genre of
music I’m making there are so many subgenres it’s crazy
so I’m learning a lot about that anyway upload I submitted to well more outlets
as you can see glitch I went to 9 I put it with the 13 upload got added a to
playlist which is huge I got responses from just about everybody
which is cool everybody for the most part was was really uh I had really good
feedback I didn’t get on everything and that’s cool that’s totally to be
expected and again most of this I think most of the stuff I didn’t get on is
because I’m still not picking the right genre of music so I did get up to muskox
records records and stood calaboose I don’t know where he is
where she is but I got them to playlist which is super cool to me I’ve never
been playlist so I’m super excited about that
yay and yeah so I did this for upload and then I tried a new thing this thing
called playlist push that I just recently heard about from my friend
Assad who lives in Dubai and he is is a band that yes basically called bullfrogs
ooh check him out I’ll link to it in the description so I did that I went to
playlist push see my passwords say yep okay and I started a campaign this is
different my campaign is scheduled to start today in three hours as you can
see but it has not started yet this is a little bit different it’s the same sort
of premise as submit help you pay for credits it’s
kind of like a dollar a credit yeah you plan for premium credits you get two
non-premium credits when you sign up and each thing cost basically kind of $1.00
to submit like a credit to submit some of them are two and three and you get
deals if you buy more credits like you buy a bulk of like a hundred credits you
get it for 80 bucks and so on and so forth
this is different you pick bands that you’re you’re that you sound like then
though the algorithm pre-populates some guesses about your genre based on the
band you pick that are similar and then you go through and refine your genre
based on what’s accurate and the more genres you pick the more you pay because
the more playlists you’re going to submit to so if I wanted to submit to an
electronic or say an EDM playlist which I don’t think upload is EDM but if I
wanted to it’s a ton of playlists so the cost for my campaign this websites more
expensive by the way the cost for my campaign would be fifteen hundred two
thousand dollars to submit to all this playlist but it’s also gonna submit my
song to like three or four hundred playlists so the trick here is to narrow
it down to what really absolutely is the definition of your sound
so rather than EDM I could go electronic music because technically upload is
however a more specific and focused approach would be to pick big beat and
break beat and cyberpunk because those three things definitely describe my song
so I whittled it down the process of a lot of googling of like I said I’m still
learning about genres a lot of googling of what these genres are and figuring
out does my song fit into that without question because as you can see on
submit hub I got it wrong even still so figuring out my genre figuring out what
the submit – I narrowed it down whittled it down
the really focus in my whole campaign was less than 250 bucks which is a huge
win for this site but I’m still getting submitted to like 50 to 75 playlists
which is huge I don’t know if I’ll get on any will see my plan here you might
be thinking why are you submitting to all these playlists well that’s a good
question my plan is to become less reliant on client work by the end of the
year that’s my goal I want to earn some revenue off of the music that I make my
goal is to have at least 12 songs released and posted by the end of the
year and I want to be making at least some semblance of revenue off of them to
some degree even if it’s only 5 bucks a month I don’t care I just want to be
earning some money off of them and the best way to do that is to obviously get
people listening and to get people listening the best way to do that on any
given platform is likely play listing at least on Spotify so I want to get on as
many playlists as I can to hopefully get more active listeners and followers on
Spotify I’m still trying to figure out I gotta do more research on Apple music
and title because I don’t know how their system works I’d really love to get on
some radio stations and Apple music I don’t know how to go about that I got to
figure that out but I’ve been going down the rabbit hole this week of doing this
at the same time I’ve also been running some ads for my drumming stuff to try to
get more clientele as you’re on going I’ve been running Facebook ads to try to
actually just started running Facebook ads to try to convert listeners to
Spotify for upload so I’m running an ad on a link for that and I’m running an ad
on YouTube to try to get people to watch the official audio video of upload so
I’m really just trying to get listeners wherever I can I really think the song
is good and I think when you make good music people speak for itself you just
have to get people to listen to it in the first place and if you target it
correctly and they listen to it then hopefully the song will do the work
they’ll like it they’ll keep coming back for more so that’s my goal that’s why I
haven’t been doing any vlogs this week as if literally just been sitting here
staring at the screen – my eyes are gonna bug out I probably should have
done some deep dive stuff on it but such is life I’ve been living in here a lot
doing a lot of sort of strategizing and trying to figure out what I want to do
but all that to say I’m back I haven’t really left I’ve been here the whole
time yeah so I’m trying to get upload into the ears of listeners who care and
I’m getting it back to work on the fuzz next week cuz I gotta have a mix by the
end of next week so that’s definitely gonna be happening also lastly this has
really kind of just a big update rant I retooled my individual podcast td3 Talk
is now called sounds of the future with td3 you can google that you can look
that up on your given listening platform it’s on every podcasting platform that I
can think of and yeah it’s just I realized that the focus was not where I
wanted it to be so I changed that the recent episode that I published
yesterday is called pivot listen to that if you want to know more about what I
changed or why and subscribe to that leave me a five star review if you want
that would be great and yeah that’s it I hope you have a great day as always
thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time

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