How to Give Yourself Chills (EXPERIMENT)

How to Give Yourself Chills (EXPERIMENT)

– You’re about to get the chills.
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– You know that feeling you get. That feeling where you get a shiver,
a shutter up your spine and maybe your hair stands up on end. Some people in some
parts of the world call those goosebumps. – Goosies.
– That’s called the chills, and we’re about to get into the world of
the chills and let me tell you, doing a little (makes beeping sounds)
research on this blew my mind because the world of the chills goes a lot deeper – than your epidermis.
– Your skin? – That wasn’t what I was gonna say but–
– I though you were gonna toast me, but I’ll do it for you. – Okay.
– I will say that it is one of my favorite – things in life.
– To get the chills? – Yeah because it’s–
– Well you’re gonna have a great time – today, Link.
– It’s unexpected, it’s a pleasant surprise
that heightens any experience. It’s like the perfect (makes clicking sound)
on top of- It’s like the cherry on top of – a sundae. Wow, what a good sundae.
– Or a (makes a clicking sound) – But I don’t really like cherries.
– You’re saying ice cream gives you the chills? Is that
where you’re going with this? – No. Have the chills with us today.
– Okay, so what we’re gonna do, I’m going to give a little bit
of the science behind the chills, and then we are going
to induce the chills in one another, I think, at least for a few
of these things, you may have – the chills induced in you.
– Is this– It’s gonna be an interactive experience. – Is this going to get awkward or something?
– Potentially, very awkward. The first thing is the definition
of just the normal chills, “A pleasant tingling feeling associated
with the flexing of hair follicles, resulting in goosebumps, technically called
piloerection, accompanied by a cold sensation and sometimes producing a
shutter or shiver.” That was okay. I’m familiar with this.
It happens at certain situations. For me, I can be listening to music,
sometimes if somebody is being honored, like, if somebody is becoming an
Eagle Scout. – (loud laughing)
– I get the chills. You’re like, “Ah! He’s getting the scout!
The eagle! The eagle’s landed!” – Yeah, right.
– When the white wizard presented himself- Ooh! I almost got–I’m about to get chills
right now thinking about it! – The white wizard?
– When Gandalf came out – as the white wizard?
– (Rhett) Gandalf the White, yeah. – (Link) Yeah, it was like, what? What?
What? And then- – Look! Look! Look! It’s happening!
– (yelling) Look at the goosebumps! – I got it! (laughing)
– Goosebump cam! Goosebump cam! – Woah! My goodness!
– I am– – You’re way ahead of the game already!
– I am good at this. It went up the back of my neck. All I gotta do is think
about Gandalf in white! (normal voice) Well that’s funny because
the first test I was going to do. You can actually induce them by just
thinking about something that gives you – the chills, but before we get to…
– (laughing) I passed! ..more tests, it’s a lot more
than just the chills. A word that we talked
about on some past episode of Good Mythical Morning
was called (French accent) frisson? – (normal voice) This is something–
– I remember that. It’s basically another way to talk about
the chills, but there are people who get together and they’re called frissoners,
and they experience chills together while listening to music and they say it’s
a distinctive phenomenon that lasts from four to five seconds and has to do with
anticipating changes in music. – Mhm.
– And then beyond that, there’s another episode of Good Mythical Morning that we
made about ASMR, which is – Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.
– (creepy voice) Let me shave your face. – Right, these weird videos where people–
– I’m going to shave your face right now. make noises and they whisper
and it causes the chills to happen. Again, the people
in that community say that – that’s a distinct response.
– Let me pull your molar. (clicking sound) Now while Link is pulling your molar,
I will say that I’m not going to get – into the theory as to why we get chills…
– (laughs) ..because that, again,
is another episode in and of itself. Some people think it has to do
with our ancestors having a lot of hair on their bodies,
and when they got scared, they got bigger. – They were made to look–
– Like a cat. Their hair stands up, or when they
got cold, it was a way to retain heat. Some people think it has
to do with your limbic system. There’s a lot of different theories,
and there’s probably truth in a lot of those things. – I was thinking limbic system.
– But, what we’re going to do is we’re going to try to do the Good Mythical
Morning version of what they did at Hanover University of Music and Drama,
because, you know, we’re all about music and drama here on Good Mythical Morning.
And they sent 36 people through… these tests to expose them to all
these different things to try to induce the chills, and see, what are things that
will commonly give people chills? – Was one of them Gandalf just busting–
– No– – in through some double doors?
– I’m going to go through a few categories here.
The first category is the mind and memory test,
and that is inducing a chill just by thinking about something that – gives you chills.
– I’ve already passed, now you try it. Well, no. I want to see if you
can do it two times in a row– – again?
– Within minutes. Can you think about Gandalf
the White and make it happen again? Well, me actually talking
about it, I think, is what put me in the total zone. You think about Gandalf the White,
I’ll think about an Eagle Scout. You know, they’re in the forest,
and then all of a sudden, there’s this blinding white light,
and, ” Oh no! What? What is that?
Oh! It’s happening again!” – (yelling) It is! You’re a professional!
– (high pitched laughing) – You’re a professional, man!
– (yelling) I can do something, – (surprised voice) That’s amazing!
– (normal voice) and so can you, people! – Think of Gandalf, and then think of me.
– Link, I am blown away. It didn’t happen to me.
I thought about an Eagle Scout. I’ve never seen an Eagle Scout happen. I don’t know why, I mean, it just seems
like the kind of thing. – Maybe if I really saw it.
– Like the birth of an Eagle Scout. Second category, the tactile test,
or the “tack-tile” test. – We’re going to use this head rubbing thing–
– Oh yeah! – Or wizard or whatever it is.
– Head wizard. – I think that’s actually the name of one.
– That would be Gandalf is now- – Became the head wizard.
– Now I’m going to do this to you, – Gandalf, okay?
– And this is when it gets awkward. I think I need a bigger one.
Let’s just go with this one. – Just, I want to see if this-
– Ooh. – Is it doing it?
– I’m resisting it because- – No, no, no, no. Try to let it be tactile.
– You’re not helping, so let me do it to you. – Okay, it didn’t work.
– Okay. Wow, you’re really good with that – Gandalf thing, though.
– (laughs) – I’m, you know, blown away.
– Alright. (laughing) (yelling) Woah!
It’s overwhelming! – Are you close?
– (loud laughing) – That’s amazing!
– Actually, this one works better. – Are you getting any?
– (normal voice) I don’t get the goose – though, man.
– (both laughing) I’m going to leave that one on there,
and I’m gonna add this one. – The double?
– (both laughing) – (Link) It looks like a torture device. Okay, another tactile test:
chewing on cotton balls, apparently. – Give me one of those.
– Or puffy fluffs, as it says right there. Now I have never– really?
Chewing on cotton balls? Yep. I’ve never done this,
I haven’t tested any of these. (muffled voice) What? (normal voice) Think of it
as Gandalf’s hair. – (muffled voice) It’s squeaky.
– Think of it as Gandalf’s hair. – (muffled voice) It’s squeaky.
– Is it doing it for you? I’m going to take these off
because I don’t think that’s helping. Alright, moving on to audio test.
Sometimes a certain animal noise can do it ’cause you can create a fear response.
You’re kind of creating a fear response at me right now.
Can you just spit those that way? How about a goat that screams like a human? (scream) (scream) (higher pitched scream) Let it give you the chills. (goat screams) Makes me laugh.
It doesn’t give me the chills. – Okay, not working.
– I think if a goat gave you chills, it would mean that you are
a certain type of person. – Like a goat farmer.
– Now, music has done this for me before– – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– and in the test at the university, for some reason, they used
Phil Collin’s “Easy Lover.” I love this song. ♪ (Easy Lover) ♪ Why would this give you the chills? (singing) Easy lover. I’m getting chills.
(lipsyncing) She’ll get a hold on you, – believe it.
– What? You are! What is wrong with you? – How does this give you chills?!
– Before you know it you’ll be on your knees. – (normal voice) I love this song.
– Is it taking you back? Yeah. I love this song.
(lip syncing) She’ll take your heart but you won’t feel it.
(normal voice) Look at that. – (laughs)
– I don’t think I could do that if you injected me with some kind
of goose bump inducing drug. Okay. Note: I have
not experienced any chills thus far. The Eagle Scout didn’t do
it for me, and nothing else has done it
for me, but a taste test. Something incredibly sour, like Warheads
candy, has been known to– – Okay–
– induce this response. – Really?
– Mhm. I can feel it almost about to happen. Boy, made me pucker up. That’s not gonna make me do anything, – Yeah–
– Except a face. I never heard about that. I mean with music, anytime there’s
a symbol or a swell I’m like, “Oh yeah, I’m gonna ride that wave.” It happens to me in movies, and it happens
to me during certain songs, but… I think I’m psyching myself out. – Now–
– Maybe you gotta really get into it. A visual test. It has been said that looking
at old pictures of yourself can induce it. Sentimentality. I got this picture of me and you
from Christmas, maybe 1995. (Link) Just think about if we could go
back and talk to those guys, what we would say. (Rhett) I don’t think I can get chills
looking at your haircut or my facial hair. Yeah, I’d probably say get a new haircut,
or get a sense of fashion. (Rhett) I look like a criminal. I look like somebody three days
away from a federal prison term. – (laughing) Didn’t work. I don’t –
– That didn’t work for me. Okay. And finally, this is my last hope.
The ASMR for Men video. (whispering) Welcome to manly ASMR. ASMR for men. I’m your host, Iggy. Am I supposed to be scared?
Is that how I’m supposed to get the chills? If he had on a Gandalf costume,
I’d be chilling, man. Hold on, he’s talking about– (whispering) A sack of nuts. (both laugh) I ain’t getting chills
from no sack of nuts. (whispering) But I always
make sure…that I do. I like to carry my sack of nuts
everywhere I go. – Do anything for you?
– Making me feel a little weird. – (laughing)
– Like I need to find the nearest exit. – Okay–
– No goosies, man. It’s only an hour and 12 minutes of that.
We can watch that later. I’m sorry to say that I did
not have any chills induced. I’m curious to find out
what induced chills from this video, or in normal life.
Maybe reading your comments will give me chills.
If you comment about Gandalf, I’m gonna get some chills.
I’m going to go ahead and tell you. If you throw in some Phil Collins,
I’m gonna be off the chart chillin’. You’ve given me the ability,
anytime you’re in a weird mood– you know, I have
dressed like Gandalf before. – You’ve seen the video.
– (Link laughs) Yeah. Maybe if I dressed like Gandalf the White, – and come into the door-
– I’d be like–(stunned croaking). Anytime you’re having a bad day,
I gotta go get a costume. (laughs) (child voice) Rhett, can you be
Gandalf for me please? – (both laugh)
– All right, we’ll work that out on our own time.
In the mean time, you can like and comment on this video. Also check out
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It’s your choice. Click through to Good Mythical More,
where we go through a few more chill-inducing tests. (whispering) Get the chills with us. Rhett sells Link’s soul to anybody. (yelling) Step right up!
I’ve got one soul! It’s very easily chilled!
Very easily chilled, – especially in the presence of Gandalf.
– Uh… Can you clarify what’s happening
to me because I’m lost. (normal voice) I’m auctioning
off your–(whistles). Your–(makes wind sound). – Not your nipple, through there.
– Chest. – My lungs?
– Your soul. – Ow.
– Your very essence. (yelling) The very essence
of this man, up for grabs! – “I’ll take seven.”
– Okay. (normal voice) Seven dollars. Did I mention he’s really
into Gandalf and Phil Collins? [ captioned by Hayleigh:
GMM Captioning Team ]

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