How To GET CONFIDENT | The Success Mindset Podcast #13

How To GET CONFIDENT | The Success Mindset Podcast #13

hey everybody I’m Sam and this is Entiversal and today I want to talk about how can we be more confident and this is
very important topic for a lot of people because you know there are people that
feel down and they always doubt themselves and worry and obviously that
get your stress levels very high so it’s bad for your health it’s bad for the
results it’s bad for communications and relationships with other people and they
were even more for people who are actually you know high achievers and in
the eyes of the people around them they look successful but in the same time
they doubt themselves and they are not confident that just puts their so much
stress and such weight on them that you know it just can absolutely destroy
their mental state and in their life so being confident I believe is very
important because it helps you feel better
it definitely helps you you know be happier from them helps with your
relationships it helps you give more and appreciate more and you know that
obviously will result in also in better results and being more successful when
doing better over time and into the long term so being confident for me is
probably a lot of people when I was you know young I wasn’t very confident I was
actually pretty shy you know them through high school I get to be very
outgoing and I was always in the center of things happening and I believed he
gave me a very good perspective on the matter because I was almost on the two
opposite ends of the spectrum and you know now obviously with a lot more
things happening and have happened in my life I feel like I’m very confident
probably some people around me will say that I’m too confident but I feel that
this is definitely helping me in a lot of things but I was thinking okay you
know how can I help and tell somebody else
you know they made out themselves and they in a bad situation you know how can
i express that this internal feeling for myself because for me I’m not really
thinking about it or trying to instill it in me I’m very thankful to my mother
and all the things that have happened to me that you know they have built that
confidence in me but I was thinking how can I give this message and you know to
somebody that might need it that got me into thinking and I feel
that now I have a bit more understanding about what makes me feel confident and
what can hopefully make you feel more confident and I think definitely true
very fundamental things for being confident is first self-awareness and
second is growth mindset so let me first start by explaining a bit more about
self-awareness we probably all know what it means but it’s really hard to
actually get into a place where we are absolutely honest with ourselves but in
the same time I feel this is crucial for a lot of things in our lives how to get
more self-aware and how to get into a good place in into this mainframe well I
would encourage you you know to go and take one to three days go somewhere in
the nature in the forest you know wherever you can really feel relaxed
where you can get peace so there’s not nothing feel distracting around you
where you can appreciate you know silence and just you know nature or you
know this peace in your mind and deep into yourself
and you know I believe that you open you similarly to when were under the shower
right you have some of the most profound and honest conversations with yourself
when you under the shower so I believe something like this can happen even more
if you are you know somewhere in the nature or just somewhere where you can
feel peaceful when you can start looking inside yourself instead of spending all
your time you know being distracted about things that are
yourself so poke with yourself be honest and think about why you know why you’re
living you know why you’re doing the things that you’re doing and then
thinking about how can you be happy what where do you want to be is it you know
what job is the family is it the country you know what do you want to achieve
where do you want to go into the long term you know as a vision what do we
want to be where do you want to be and this is very important because whatever
we do in order to really put in effort into it and do it well we won’t know
where we are going right it’s always much easier when we have go in my intent
we know where we are going so I think the first thing is to be really honest
about that and then from there you know think about the things you’re doing
right now are they getting you there are they not you know how you can do things
you know that will get you there and all of this conversation about basically
what you want to do and how you want to do it in order to get somewhere you want
to be and being very honest in that obviously there will be things that
you’re not doing that well right now in them there are things hopefully that
you’re doing very well in them so you can get behind that
and think about how you want to proceed about those two different kind of things
and this gets me to my second point go to mindset so first let me say what to
the world mindset well it is the opposite of fixed mindset and what is
fixed mindset is that it’s about being instead of about doing fixed mindset is
oh I’m smart in this or I’m good at this and I’m bad or I’m stupid at that this
kind of thinking makes you that you don’t want to risk you know because
obviously nobody wants to be stupid right
you don’t want to risk you don’t want to do things that are hard you know you
don’t want to even the things that you’re good at
you will not work as hunting them because you think that you are smart and
you know how much smarter can you be and and all of these things I want you
opposite on the growth mindset your focus is on doing it’s about growing and
building and in getting to this mindset of okay why would I spend my time trying
to look smart instead of I can spend my time with getting smart right and this
is about productivity this about doing this about doing new stuff risking and
we know we know that in order to do something great in order to do something
good you need to risk you need to do things that are hard you need to do
things that you might fail wet right you need to experiment and growth mindset
helps you tremendously and that and you know what we you get much better results
and you end up probably more successful and when we combine self-awareness and
growth mindset what happens is that we can start appreciating where we are
thinking about where we want to be and being very honest about what we need to
do and then thinking about how we want to do it so it’s about doing it’s about
building it’s about productivity it’s about creativity it’s about whisking and
that we know it we know it the fact the science the research is there that that
results in you know in high achievement and in confidence why because what does
it mean you’re confident you do not worry that you fell right you’re kind of
an optimist about yourself you know you can do it and that is what
self-awareness dustry right you know what you have worked hard on you know
what you need to work harder on and more on but you know because of the growth
mindset that if you spend time and effort in you do the right things you
know that reward and success and good things will come to you
and that could be actual success you know achieving what you want to do this
could be learning this could be appreciation this could be you know
helping other people but you know that if you put in the effort good things
will happen and for me personally this is where my confidence comes from right
I don’t have all the answers I don’t see into the future and say yet this is
exactly how things will happen and I’m sure that I will succeed in everything
no but I have this knowledge in myself that if I put in the effort you know if
I think about doing and building and growing I know that good things will
happen it might not be exactly the way I imagined them it might not be exactly
what you know I wished for but I know good things will happen and when you
know that your confidence right you’re not afraid and I guess it’s a bit of a
self-fulfilling wisdom right because you kind of don’t worry you know that you
get there you know that if you put in the work you’ll be achieved oh then
obviously you put in more work you’re willing to risk to you know to go beyond
stuff and that kind of gives you the achievement in the success and then that
confirms your belief then also you believe even more and you’re even more
confident and you know this is a very good and productive cycle that keeps you
going ahead just as a very quick overview think about self-awareness you
know think about how can you be honest with yourself about what you’re doing
about the situation you are about how hard you’re working about how much
you’re appreciating stuff how you’re doing stuff know what you want to
achieve and how you want to achieve it and then think about growth mindset do
not feel smart or stupid think about doing and know that when you do good
things will happen and you smarter and you get better and you will
get more successful I hope that this helps you be more confident and I
believe it could be quite simple as long as we focus on what’s important and then
you know keep doing that every day and moving ahead you know the race is not
with anybody else and that’s good mindset it’s not about I’m smart and
smarter than you I’m dumb bold and you know it’s about race you with yourself
okay I was that smart yesterday today I’m gonna be smart why
because I’m doing more thank you for listening
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