– If you’re a small YouTuber,
and you’re struggling to grow your channel,
you’re gonna wanna tune in to this video, because I totally get it. There are a lot of you,
you absolutely hate the algorithm right now. You’re fighting
desperately and making what you think is good content, and
you’re still not growing the way that you would hope. But what if I told you
that if you want to grow to 10,000 subscribers, if
you want 10,000 subscribers on YouTube and to build your community, that there are five specific
things that you really need to be doing right now. And I have something for you
guys, because I know a lot of you are saying, Roberto,
it’s very different than you were on YouTube in 2013. It’s a whole new ballgame. But I’ve got an answer for that. These five things, these five
tips that I’m gonna give you, are what helped Chris
from The Rewired Soul grow his YouTube channel this year from 2,000 to 40,000 subscribers,
and helped Jason Lewis, in the last six months,
Painfully Honest Tech, grow from 40,000 to over
120,000 and also get his first video with
over one million views. These five tips are gonna help you get to 10,000 subscribers. So let’s get into it. Hey, everybody, this is
Roberto Blake helping you create something awesome today. Welcome back to the channel. For those of you who
are newcomers, welcome. My name is Roberto Blake. I’m a creative entrepreneur. I have a social media coaching business. I’m also a public speaker
at events like VidCon and VidSummit, where I
help content creators like you build your brand and build
your business on YouTube. And today I wanna talk
to you about five things you can do that are gonna help
you grow a YouTube channel to 10,000 subscribers, just
like the channels I mentioned. These are both coaching
clients who’ve worked with me in Awesome Creator
Academy and have grown their channels by really doubling
down on these five things. And by the way, it didn’t mean going out and spending $3,000 on lights. It didn’t mean buying
a $5,000 camera setup. And I think that a lot of you
are really overemphasizing how much the production value has to do with whether you’re
growing, because you want to look like a big YouTuber,
but it’s actually a lot more straightforward than that. So let’s just go ahead
and get into it right now. I’m gonna tell you the
first thing that you need to be focused on. Now some of you already know
that YouTube made a huge update to the YouTube dashboard. They introduced what they’re
calling the YouTube studio. Right now it’s still in beta, but this is gonna be the
default going forward. And so from 2019 onward you
can still access the classic YouTube analytics
dashboard, but this is gonna be the default. And there’s a very important piece of data that a lot of you need
to be studying that’s in this dashboard, and
it’s click-through rates. Click-through rates have
always been an important part of the YouTube algorithm,
but it was hidden from us for years. When I started in 2013,
taking this seriously, putting out weekly content, guess what? There were no click-through rates. I made over 1,000 videos
without the benefit of knowing the click-through
rates on my titles and my thumbnails, so I
didn’t know what was going to resonate or perform
better with an audience. But now we have that data. What you’re gonna do with this
is you’re gonna wanna make better thumbnails, and there are a lot of resources out there. I’ve made resources. I’m gonna link to some stuff down below that can help you, and some tutorials. And there’s free software
out there like GIMP,, Pixlr, and
of course you can buy Adobe Photoshop which
is, you know, obviously what I did. But making your thumbnails better. And I know you’re tired of hearing it, but here’s the thing. The data doesn’t lie. There are types of thumbnails
and thumbnail styles within a channel that do
better than other thumbnails. Most YouTubers, especially
when you’re starting out, but even established
YouTubers like myself, most of our content,
we have the same setup, the same lighting, the same microphone, the same camera. The quality of the
content is not changing. But yet there are videos that we can do, and we shoot them in the same
week or even the same day, and one video might get
20,000 or 100,000 views, and another video get 5,000
views, 2,000 views, 1,000 views. Why does that happen? It’s the title and the thumbnail. And it’s these click-through
rates on the videos, and that makes a huge difference. It’s simpler logic than you might think. If it doesn’t get a click,
it doesn’t get a view. So how do you improve
the click-through rates? So you into your YouTube dashboard, you find the style of
titles and thumbnails that are performing best in
terms of click-through rate, but also are getting the
best average view duration and retention rates on the
video, because that means that people who clicked on
it aren’t being disappointed and leaving right away,
bouncing off of the video. You don’t want that. So if you just tighten up this, you’re going to see better
performance in YouTube, and you’re videos are gonna get served to more people, which is
obviously gonna grow you. When I had Chris and
Jason really buckle down on their thumbnails and
their thumbnail strategy, they saw dramatic
differences in their views. When they started using titles and topics that they knew had attention
they started getting massive performance on their views. So if you care about
views, you’re gonna have to do those things. And believe me, I’m somebody who struggles with doing what I know will get clicks, because I’m really stubborn. And a lot of you are too. But, I do know that they
work and there’s a balance between what your audience will accept, and there’s also the
threshold of how much hate you’re willing to take just to grow. So take that with a grain of salt. Speaking of hate, I know I’m gonna get it for tip number two. Quantity over quality. Now, I’m not giving you
permission to make crappy videos. Absolutely not. What I’m telling you is
that moving your videos to 10% better quality is
not as important as making three times as many videos on the quality of content your audience
already said yes to. And this is why I hope if
you’re watching this video you’ve already watched
the video on how to get your first 100 subscribers,
your first 1,000 subscribers, because, if you haven’t,
you should really watch those videos first. I don’t know that this will
be helpful to you otherwise. But you need to make more content. If you already have 1,000 subscribers, you have a community of your own. YouTube actually just
gave you the community tab at 1,000 subscribers. You have a community. You have an audience. If they’re saying yes to something, if you’re getting views on it, if they’re engaging in the comments, give them more of what
they’ve already said yes to if that that is faster than
making the videos 10% better. Here’s why that’s going to work. Every video that doesn’t succeed is time that you’ve put into it, and
maybe it doesn’t succeed now but it might succeed later. If you keep making videos, for one thing, you will get better at making videos. You will get faster at making videos. You will get more confident on camera. Your charisma will grow. Your relationship with
your audience will grow. Which means that every
subsequent video will get better because of your practice
and your commitment to your audience. Making a huge over-the-top
video that you feel was edited or shot to perfection is
only going to be really emotionally satisfying for you. And your audience may love it. And they may not really care about that. But they are showing up for you. So if you show up more often, I think that consistency is going to win. And I think that doubling
down the relationship with your audience is going to win. And how do I know that? Well, aside from doing over
1,000 videos and knowing that the first 100 videos
didn’t necessarily grow my channel over the top,
but the next 100 videos did, and that’s how I got to 10,000
subscribers my first year. And then by tripling down,
20,000 my second year. And I was only doing weekly
content my first year and well into my second year. But when I started going more content, when I went to three a week, four a week, five a week, and eventually daily, my channel grew not just because
of anything algorithmically but for the simple face that
I had more opportunities to be discovered by an audience. And the people who had
already made a commitment to me had more reasons to share my videos, engage with them, and also
I was getting more feedback that was just making my content better. And I think that the
more videos you put out, the more feedback and
constrictive criticism you’re gonna get. And you can only improve. So I think that the quantity of videos when you’re getting started,
and a lot of people, a lot of my friends will disagree with me, I think when
you’re getting started, the quantity of videos
that you make, as long as they’re decent enough to represent you, and someone is saying yes to them, is much more important
than ramping up quality and production values every
single time you get a chance. I think it’s more important than going out and buying $5,000 worth of camera gear. I think just telling a good story, or giving good information,
or inspiring people and making them feel something
infinitely beats ramping up editing and production,
as long as it’s not crappy to begin with. That is my caveat. And like I said, it
didn’t just work for me. This worked for many creators,
including Chris Boutte from the Rewired Soul. When he started doing more content, he got views through the roof. Not to mention, it gave
them more opportunities to experiment and to find his voice, and to get very comfortable. And it was also great for Jason Lewis. Jason Lewis, Painfully Honest
Tech, in the tech niche you have a lot of people
that do beautiful cinematic videos, but Jason figured
out that he didn’t need to change the quality of
his videos in order to grow. It was just a matter of
increasing the click-through rates with the right titles and thumbnails, and getting more views. And then when you’re getting more views, you make more content that performs. And we’ll get to the
rest of that in a minute. But this will work for you. And it’s very simple logic. It’s not something that’s going to change in 2020 or 2025, because it’s based in human behavior, and it’s also something that will just make you
a better content creator. Number three, we’re in
the homestretch here. Hope you’ve got popcorn. Hope you’ve got a snack, juice, whatever you need to get through
the rest of this video, ’cause we’re going in. This is something that
is the piece of advice that I struggle with the most myself as a content creator: being
ruthless with your time, and being ruthless with your content. These two concepts are
something that carried over, for me at least,
from the business world. Being ruthless with your
time means allotting yourself a very specific amount of
time to complete a task, and sticking to that deadline. If you don’t give yourself a deadline, you will spend more time and energy than is absolutely needed
to complete a task. There are a lot of you that
want to make more content. There are a lot of you that want to hustle at this and you want
things to go well for you. But if you’re not disciplined
enough with your time, it’s not going to happen. If you want to be a
full-time content creator, you want to be able to put
out videos seven days a week, or Monday through Friday,
or three times a week, and right now you are
still a part-time creator, or a hobby creator,
whatever, the first thing that is going to help you move the needle on growing your channel,
because it will affect everything else, is how
you manage your time. Now that part is not the part
of it that I struggle with. It’s being ruthless
with the content itself and killing any content
that isn’t growing you. In my case, the content
that performs the weakest on this channel makes me the most money. So that’s a trade off that I usually have to make and just accept. While you’re in growth mode,
if you’ve already experimented because you experimented when
you were at 100 subscribers. You experimented when you
were at 1,000 subscribers. If you’re trying to grow and get bigger, you’re gonna have to cut loose content that isn’t doing it for the channel, even if it’s content that you enjoy. You might need to find another
outlet for that content. It might have to live on Twitch. It might have to live on a second channel that’s just for you. I don’t know what to tell you. If something’s not working,
you just have to move on from it. I did an interview with
somebody from this community that grew to a million
subscribers in two years, Bijou Mike, Mike Lucas. He grew in the gaming niche. And that is probably the most saturated, most competitive niche in YouTube that you could possibly grow in. The thing that stood out in our interview in terms of the advice
that he took away from me and from my content, and
we’ll link to that interview up here, if you’re
really interested in how he grew is gaming channel, is by focusing on the content that he knew
was already performing. And being ruthless he was
able to exponentially grow the channel and give
people what they wanted. It’s not always the most fun thing to do. It’s why creators burn out. But it’s also what grows them to where they get a change to complain about it to millions of people. So take that for what it is. Tip number four. This one is probably the
most important thing. Content strategy. When Jason was trying to grow his channel, he didn’t have to really
change the content much. Thumbnails and titles were one thing, but ultimately forming a content strategy so he knew what videos to make and what videos would perform was the key. The same for Chris. When both of these creators
tried to grow their channels, ultimately the major pivotal point in exploding their
channel was the fact that, if they were gonna make more videos, if they were gonna go to
a five day a week schedule or a seven day a week
schedule, the problem for most creators is, well
what content do I make? That is the is bottleneck that holds a lot of people back when they
first become full-time content creators, or at
least when they’re trying to. Having a plan for your content, for a lot of you, studying your niche, and knowing the trends and
patterns in your niche is what would help you the most. Or being able to tap into
something in the culture of your niche, or pop culture in general, would give you an opportunity to be able to farm content. And once you hit something
that’s successful, the thing is, you should
look at how many angles you could approach it from, because again, quantity will help. If people said yes to this video, they will say yes to another
video that is related to that video, and
that’s where the quantity and all of these things come in, because it works together. Your most successful video
on your channel usually feeds the rest of the videos on your channel. So if you keep taking swings, if you keep making content, the think is, inevitablly
you’ll get better at some point. And the idea here is if
you can even get one video to pop and be successful,
and then you can get another one, and another one, then once you’ve hit
three pretty big videos, you’ve latched on to something and you can probably replicate that. So, you know, I would tell
you that content strategy probably sits above almost anything else you’re gonna do, and maybe even more so than tip number five, and
though people will disagree with me on this. Tip number five is about engaging more with the community, and
not just your community, but other communities even in your niche, and in the YouTube culture itself. There are a lot of things you
can do when it comes to this. You can comment on other
videos in your niche, but do not go into the comment section and ask for subscribers. Go into the comment section
and have real conversations with people, and also compliment the original content creator. You could also give people who are smaller than you, or bigger than you,
shout-outs in your videos. If you’re so worried about shout-outs, what I would tell you,
Gary Vaynerchuk talked about this in his keynote at VidSummit. He talked about instead of
trying to worry about collabing with him or KC, where
the answer’s gonna be no, why don’t you look at
the people next to you. And I couldn’t agree more. The reality is that you
are more likely to build an audience and community if
you play with the channels that are at the same level as you and are in your niche, or
they’re a little bigger, or a lot smaller. You will probably have
crossover audiences, and you’ll have massive engagement, and you’ll be able to
cross-promote each other’s videos. A high tide raises all ships. And more creators could
stand to work together. And it doesn’t always have to
be some big, elaborate collab. It could just be as simple as
referencing somebody’s video. You know, you can either ask them or not. And if you have something valuable to say, hey, so and so did a great
job on their content, or so and so referenced
this in their video, you should definitely check it out. I think think they have an
interesting point of view. Whatever it is, that goes a very long way to building more community and to tapping into the larger conversation
of your niche or genre. So there you go. Five things, five things you can focus on that will grow your YouTube channel to 10,000 subscribers and beyond. Obviously there will be
a video where I cover how to go to 100,000 subscribers. I have a lot that I can
definitely state there. That’ll probably be a multi-part video. I’ve revisited it before, but I think there’s a lot more that I
can say on it without making it necessarily an hour long video. Although I guess I could
just do like a three or five part 45 minute
documentary like Shane Dawson which would actually, maybe
that’d be kind of cool. Maybe I could do that with other friends that are 100K subscribers or more. What do you guys think? Is that how you want
me to cover that video? Let me know in the comments section. That could be interesting. Anyway, I hope this
helped you out and helps you understand how to build
and grow your YouTube channel. Drop comments below with your questions, but I’ll be very honest with you, every question you’re gonna
ask, I’ve probably answered in one of the 200 plus videos that I’ve done covering YouTube topics. Anyway, like this video if you like it. Don’t forget to subscribe. Check out the other awesome
stuff here on the channel. As always, you guys, thanks
so very much for watching, and don’t forget, go out there, and create something awesome today. Take care. (lively music)

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