100 thoughts on “How to Free Up Space on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

  1. dude you are living in the past. deleting and re-installing….that's your solution???

    move to an android device and clear the cache with a click of a button

  2. now helpful at all, obviously deleting apps is what one would think to do, I have deleted all my photos and apps and it still says I have no storage left. Iphone SUCKS!

  3. That's amazing thx so much that's the best and it helped me so much I was facing a lot of problems to extend I deleted all my photos and some apps I use so this helped me a lot thx so much 👍👋

  4. i have an ipod touch (5th generation),i keep getting a pop up saying not 'enough storage' but I deleted almost all my apps and all my pictures. what should i do?

  5. Please help. I only have 2 photos, 5 songs, 5 apps, and my my iPad has completely NO space. I can't even do hardly anything, because I have deleted almost everything.

  6. I've done this and it doesn't work my storage still goes down I was hoping for something DIFFERNT I see these videos with the Shity storage in settings I NEED A NEW METHOD

  7. this is not helpful. i have 1 app and i have 0 megabites. ur method is extremely unhelpful for me. your vids r just like any other. :/

  8. I found a really cool USB drive that you can transfer your media from iPhone while you are on the road. Check it out

    Read more

  9. My pictures take up hella room and I have like 13 of them… It says that it takes up over 800mb when it really shouldn't do… The hell do I do about that?

  10. I only have Instagram and I don't have space and I only have 22 photos but it says I have got over 500 photos

  11. This vid didnt help me. My camera roll was taking up 15.6 GB! So i went to my sister and she deleted all the stuff from the recently deleted and now im happy. 🙂

  12. OMG thank you thank you thank you! I had no storage and had moved all my photos from my phone to the computer and it made no difference, but did what you suggested and ended up with 4gb extra!!!!

  13. Im out of space abd no matter what i delete it stull says im out of space all i have is my music now can somebody help me!? Plz 😢

  14. How can I delete data from the saved apps because they're still taking up my storage even though I never played them. I'm struggling to free up storage for uploading my videos for iMovie.

  15. Hi Andy, you were really helpful with my last question. My question is can I retrieve a file I deleted from the trash? So, I've emptied the trash and I want to retrieve one of the files I've just emptied from the trash. Can you help?

  16. Can someone help me? I'm using an iphone4s 8GB😑! Don't ask. I factory reset it and when I look at the storage (available) it's only 4GB it was supposed to be 8GB. Does the update of IOS 9.3.5 add more space ? Someone tell me!!! Notice me senpai!

  17. Mine says im using up 20 gb but i only have about 10 apps using 100+ mb and the rest are small 50mb around 15 apps… I don't get it

  18. So if I delete Candy Crush (I'm on Level 1,000) then immediately get it back again, will it erase all of the work I just did? Or will I have to start back at level 1 again?

  19. …. I got 800 mb and my ML is updating cost 100 above mb i think 7 months and I'm out of mb and i know this…. this is what i do

  20. How can free up space on my "Mail"? After deleting: sent, junk, trash, draft and Inbox showing 3 unopened without attachments. Usage is still at 1GB

  21. Best find ever. I just cleared a third of my total space! I have had this thing full for so long, didn't know why. Wish I hand searched for his earlier, works a treat 😁👌 Thankyou so much

  22. All of my apps are deleted. I can’t do anything. I’m not even on the YouTube app because I deleted it. I’m watching this on safari. Please is there anything I can do I’m literally at max storage

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