How to Format an Ebook & Send Free Copies for Kindle

How to Format an Ebook & Send Free Copies for Kindle

– Hello everyone, my name is Mandi Lynn. I’m the author of the fantasy novels Essence and I Am Mercy and thriller novel She’s Not Here and also the creator
of Author Tube Academy. And today, we’re gonna be talking all about how to format your ebook. (gentle piano music) So there is a wonderful software out there that allows you to very
easily format your ebook. It used to be that you
kind of have to go in and remove all the
formatting of your paperback and then put in the
formatting for the ebook. However, this software called,
I think it’s called Calibre. I’m not really sure how to say
it but it’s a free software. I’ll leave a link to it down below so you can check it out
but I’m also gonna hop onto my laptop in a little bit and
show you exactly how to format your ebook step by step
using the software. But before we jump into
that, there are a few things you need to do to prep your manuscript before you can put it into the software. So, I’m assuming that you’ve already formatted for paperbacks so assuming that I need to
say that you need to remove at least one of these
fancy little title pages because usually for paperback
or hardcover, you have two, you have one of just the title,
and then you have another of the title and the author’s name. So you’re gonna wanna remove one of them. But you still want to
keep the copyright page, the page that states the
other books you’ve written, and the page that says who
the book is dedicated to. So once you’ve done that, then you kinda wanna
check out your chapters. So if you have a drop cap,
I don’t know if you guys can see it just because
the settings of the camera, but if you do have a drop cap, that means that the first letter of the chapter will be a big letter. You need to remove that and
make it back to a regular letter because it will not
translate into the ebook. Once you’ve done that
with all your chapters, you’re gonna wanna jump
to the back of the book where you have your About the Author page and hopefully, your About the
Author page will have links to your website and your
handle for social media. And with that said, you can’t do hyperlinks
in a paperback book, however, you can do
hyperlinks in an ebook. So go to anywhere where
you might wanna add links, you might want to advertise yourself or tell people to go somewhere. Make sure you add those links in. And once you’ve done all
that, you’re ready to hop over onto the software and
start formatting it there. Alright, so here we are
in the lovely program. We have Calibre all set
up but this is basically what it will look like when you open it. It looks very ancient but I promise you, it does everything that you need. So, I’m just gonna hop right on into it. We’re gonna go up here
and click Add Books. I’m gonna find my copy of She’s Not Here and I’m gonna open it and there it is. So what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna right click, edit metadata, and individually, and we’re gonna just go in here and change the information, so She’s Not Here and then Mandi Lynn. And then also over here as well. And, yep there we go, this is the way they sort it, so it’d be your last name
then your first name, and then just a few things down here, so publication date October second. Publisher, if you have a
publisher type it in here, if you don’t just leave it blank. So Stone Ridge Books, and it is indeed in English. And then we wanna change the cover, this is just the first page so I wanna go ahead and hit browse, so there we have the
actual cover right there, and we’re gonna hit okay. And now what we’re gonna do is that you can see it’s over here and pay attention right here so this is the formats that it’s in. Right now it’s just in
a Word document format, we want it to be in any ebook format. So the way you do that is
go ahead and click convert, and then up here is all
your different options, you can make it into
EPUB, MOBI, PDF, and ZIP, and anything else that
your heart can desire. I personally publish
strictly through Kindle so that would be a MOBI file, so I just click MOBI right there and then I hit okay. And you’ll notice down
here it says one job and we can see starting
conversions of the book, and we’re just gonna
let that do it’s thing. Okay so it just finished and you can tell it finished because it says zero jobs down here, but then as well as formats we have the MOBI format right here. So the way you actually download it is that you just kind of hover over right click, and then save format to disk and then choose where you wanna save it I’m just gonna save it on my hard drive. Alright so you can see that
it’s now saved right there so you can see I actually
have two different formats. But now the way we test
to make sure it’s okay is that we’re actually gonna go ahead and email this book to us. So what I’m gonna show you how to do you can do to one, test your ebook as well as send it out to
readers to read for free. So if you want to send out advanced reader copies of your book and you wanna do it
through the ebook method, this is exactly how you would do it. So the way you send your
book to someone’s Kindle is that you just put
in their Kindle email, if you don’t know what
your Kindle email is just go to settings and you’ll notice that under the settings you’ll see the Kindle email. And they’re usually very odd, they’re not anything
normal as you can see. It’s got a lot of numbers and letters. But then basically all you do is you go to attach
and you find your file. So I’ve got my file right here that’s the wrong one, so I’ve got my file right here I’m gonna click choose, and that is it. Now what I do want to make a note of is that when you’re sending a document to someone’s Kindle for the first time they have to approve your email address. So there’s a little quick
tutorial on how to do that and I’ll leave that linked below, it just makes it so when you
send something to someone you don’t have to go through all these rings of getting approved. Just try to get your email address approved by the person beforehand that way you don’t have to send it twice. Once you have their
email address filled out and the document attached, literally all you do is hit send. You don’t need a subject, you don’t need a body, you just hit send. So that is how you format an ebook I hope this video was
helpful for you guys. If you enjoy it let me know
in the comments down below, or if you have requests
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9 thoughts on “How to Format an Ebook & Send Free Copies for Kindle

  1. Calibre has always been a little too basic for me ๐Ÿ™‚ When I tried it, it gave little to no control over how the book was divided into sections or over the advanced table of contents. It's quick and efficient, true, but so is uploading a docx file to Kindle and then downloading their mobi conversion. So I only use it these days for mobi to epub or epub to mobi conversions. If you're not Kindle exclusive and you format directly through Amazon's KDP dashboard, you can then simply turn that mobi into epub with Calibre, then submit the files everywhere else.

  2. Omg I so needed this!!!!! I'm trying to teach myself all of this right now!… I'm going to check your vids for more uploads on how to self publish and write e books๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ“š

  3. How many different free e-publishing/publishers exist? If I publish with Amazon am I restricted from publishing my ebook anywhere else? I'm curious about getting into this ebook writing racket.

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