How to Fix “This Item isn’t Available in Your Country” and Download any App from Android Play Store?

How to Fix “This Item isn’t Available in Your Country” and Download any App from Android Play Store?

What happens when you find any amazing app
and you can’t wait to get your hands on it. You instantly go to Google Play Store and
search for the app to download and install it immediately. But all excitement comes to an end when you
see an error message saying “this item is not available in your country”. Some apps are country-specific and are restricted
to be used in the other countries. If you belong to a country where the app is
restricted, tough luck for you! Well, don’t get disheartened as I’m here
to guide you with cool tricks to download any that is app not available in your country. Hi Friends! I’m Rahul from TechReviewPro and in this
video, I’ll guide you with multiple tricks to download and install any app not available
in your country. Make sure you watch until the end of this
video to know the easiest method to download any app that is restricted in your country. [Music] Are you ready? Let’s get started but before we proceed
please subscribe to TechReviewPro channel and tap on the bell icon to get instant notifications. Fix the error “this item not available
in your country” by changing country profile Google Play Store has recently got a feature
where you can change country profile in your account. All you have to do is: Open Play Store and
tap on the hamburger icon to access menu, now scroll down to find account. Tap on it and you’ll get an option to add
a new payment method. Simply add a US based credit card, debit card,
or net banking information. You may also purchase a US based Redeem Code
for Google Play Store, from e-commerce sites like Amazon. This is particularly good as not everyone
gets access to US based credit or Debit card. So this works for anyone. But it is worth noting that you can only change
your country once per year. So if you change your country to US, you won’t
be able to switch country back again until one year. Now go to app info for Google Play Store with
a 3D Touch and then tap on information icon denoted by i . Here I have got 3D Touch functionality
on my Nexus 6P. You may prefer conventional method if your
device doesn’t have 3D Touch functionality. Simply tap on storage and Clear app data. Now your device is ready to download any app
that is not available in your country. Go ahead and search again, you’ll be able
to download it. This is really cool trick! But of course, this involves money! But what if you don’t want to spend any
money, and download any app not available in your country almost for free? Well, that’s where our 2nd method comes into
play. Get Restricted Apps by Faking Location Using this trick you can fake your location
and download any app from Google Play Store which is not available in your country. Simply download any good VPN app. If you are not sure which is the right VPN
app for you, you may follow the link in the description to download the VPN app I use. After downloading the VPN app, you may configure
it to use. This VPN app comes with 7 day free trial which
is more than enough for now. Start surfing from a location where the app
is available. Obviously, most apps are available in the
US for sure. So, choose United States as you virtual proxy
network location and you are good to go. Now, go to settings and then navigate to apps
and notifications. Now tap on Google Play store, then storage. Simply clear the app data by tapping on Clear
Data followed by Ok. Awesome! Now go to Play Store and search for your favourite
app that is not available in your country. You’ll be able to download and install the
app easily. This is really a cool trick and works for
everyone. Quick but Dirty Method to Fix This Item isn’t Available in Your Country Another cool way to download any app restricted
in your country is by doing a simple Google search for its apk file. You can find many Android app market other
than Google Play Store which provide you the apk file of the restricted app. However, it’s never a good idea to download
from third-party app stores as these apps may be harmful for your device and might steal
your personal sensitive information. If you want smooth experience on your phone,
never allow installing apps from unknown sources. Download the app from the Play Store only
because the app downloaded from the Google Play Store are secure and keep your Device
performance at its best. If you found this video helpful, please hit
the like button and share with your friends. Also don’t forget to subscribe to TechReviewPro
channel to get more cool tips tricks and reviews related to Technology. We bring the Pro thing only! Thanks for watching! I’ll see you in the next video.

80 thoughts on “How to Fix “This Item isn’t Available in Your Country” and Download any App from Android Play Store?

  1. Hey bro, BIG THANKS. Keep doing a great job. Please is there any way to fix iphone forgotten apple password??? Or unlock it

  2. I'm going to try the 2nd method and come back to tell if it works! I already downloaded the Cyber Ghost VPN app!

    Edit: it worked perfectly.

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  4. Hi, trying to do the second method, tried many VPN, and cleared data but GP store never changes country. I can go into Account and US still shows along with the VPN country.

  5. Hello, I installed the cyberghost VPN. The message I'm receiving is account not confirmed after inputting email & password

  6. need help. i bought phone in dubai n now move to US, why i can add my card on the phone. i can not do any purchase online. like paypall to. the billing address can not change. it still says dubai.

  7. Thank you so much for your video. You made my day today, I've been trying to change my settings for years because I couldn't be able to download some apps because my setting is from my country. Thank you again you're my hero. 😁🤗

  8. hello! great video, but i cant get the 2nd method to work, the only method i can use as the app i want doesnt have an apk and i dont want to spend either lol
    my vpn puts me to my desired country and i can watch some youtube videos that i wouldnt normally be able to watch because of country restrictions but for google play store, it just wont work

    any suggestions ?

  9. I'm unable to play video from hotstar app since it says it's not allowed in this region. I tried your methods but still the same issue.

  10. Waw u are a genius, the cyber VPN dint work so I used kiwi VPN and did the rest the way u direct it to us,and it works

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