How To Fix Microphone Problems in Windows 10 | HP Computers | HP

How To Fix Microphone Problems in Windows 10 | HP Computers | HP

Fix your microphone when it is not working correctly in Windows 10. Check the microphone hardware, and then test the microphone again. For a microphone with a USB connection, disconnect it, and then reconnect it to another available port. For microphones that use a microphone jack, disconnect and then reconnect the cable, making sure it is plugged into the microphone jack. On your computer, select Start, type Sound Settings, and then select it from the results. Under Input, test your microphone. If the issue persists, continue to the next
step. Update the driver in Device Manager. Connect your computer to the Internet for
best results. Select Start, type Device Manager, and then select it from the results. Expand Sound, video and game controllers, and then right-click your microphone. Select Update Driver, and then select Search automatically for updated driver software. Windows searches the computer and Internet for an updated driver, and then installs one if available. Return to Sound Settings and check the microphone again. If the issue persists, continue to the next
step. Run the Windows troubleshooter to diagnose and fix microphone problems. Under Input Sound Settings, select Troubleshoot. If your computer has multiple microphones connected, select the microphone to troubleshoot, and then select Next. Read and respond to the troubleshooter screens to try to fix your microphone. Return to the Sound Settings and check the microphone again. If the issue persists, continue to the next
step. On your computer, configure the sound settings for your microphone. If using an external microphone with a built-in volume control, turn the volume up to at least fifty percent. In the Sound Settings, select Sound Control Panel, and then select the Recording tab. Select your device, and then select Set Default. Select Properties, and then select the Levels tab. Set the microphone volume to at least seventy-five, and then select OK. Select OK again, and then check the microphone again.

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  1. Omg thank you so much! My HP don't have all of this extra stuff nor does it have all those settings but I'm was able to find similar things with enough digging and I've fixed it. Thank you so much!

  2. Any help with my audio trying to go through my laptop vs my microphone. Ex: When I try to talk to my friends, it goes through my laptop, not my microphone.

  3. well the biggest issue I'm having is that windows 10 cant even find the microphone both in the front and back of the PC tower it was working 3 days ago but one day it just stopped and cant be detected. I've gone though every setting i can find to solve this issue even brought in a technician and he couldn't find the issue ether. He thought it could have been the brand new headphones i picked up last month but when plugged into a laptop of another desktop they work fine. windows troubleshoot just tells me i haven't plugged them in when they are infect plugged in.

  4. This doesn't work but I know what does.
    Go into the realtek audio manager.
    Then press the little folder found near "Analog"
    It will ask you if you want to enable a popup dialog every time you plug something in.
    Click enable.
    Unplug your headphones/microphone and plug it back in.
    Select the proper device. If you want to use your internal mic with headphones select headphones Do not select headphones with microphone.

  5. I use Apple headphones and when I plug them into my HP, I’m able to hear the audio but the microphone doesn’t pick up any sound. Does it matter that they’re Apple headphones? I switch to my Mac and the mic works fine…

  6. Alright guys. Set up your mic as a new device if it doesn't show up. Uninstall your audio driver. Restart, set your mic as default (make sure it's enabled and allowed on your device) then you can reinstall your diver (s) and update. This is how I fixed mine, like this comment so others can see it if this works for you too.

  7. Hello! I tried all the above mentioned methods on my HP laptop. When I record my voice in voice recorder a wheezing sound is coming. How will I fix it? I am using my smartphone's earphones btw… I tried recording my voice in smartphone but there was no wheezing sound..I think my earphone is OK.

  8. whats happening with me is i am using the default microphone but its detecting noises from the PC like in game sounds or my friends talking on discord and its causing their voices to echo back to them

  9. i have followed every tutorial on youtube/web and nothing is working i can perfectly hear through my earphones but there is no audio coming through my microphone the headset works perfectly on xbox this is so annoying can anyone help ( I have tried all the troubleshoots as well)

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