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  1. " the noise outside makes us wanna fit into the container,and that stops us from differentiating between what is my mind saying and what is my intelligence saying and what happens is the noise becomes your voice that noise becomes what you think is what you're saying " such a great talk and this is my 2 time i watched it .. شكرا لكم خطاب ملهم ( it means thank u its was an inspiring talk in arabic )

  2. I was honestly a little surprised that Tom invited Jay Shetty to his show. Usually guests who are invited have built a career out of their hard work. I’ll just leave this here.

  3. I can't help coming back to this interview. I actually listened to it twice to capture the ideas shared with spotify podcast and youtube here each once within the same evening. Absolutely love it.

  4. ”growing up in an Indian household, you'd have ended up being a doctor, a lawyer or a failure.". I won't agree to that completely….
    But this video is really good😍

  5. Jay shetty always felt fake, he copied many quotes by other people and carefully compiled them to become famous. HYPOCRISY – 100

  6. Tom id just like to say your show is a part of my life now. Every Thursday night I sit at home with my wife and watch a new episode. Every episode we become more educated and have a greater perspective on life. so much.
    Much love. ❤

  7. More great Jay stuff:

  8. When I can't lie to myself anymore
    so why bother to lie to strangers, right?
    If I`d heard you speaking this truth 20 years ago
    would have thought "of course am smarter" than this pretty face who knows nothing .. and I had presumably humble look at life…fortunately, the arrogance of a young person is not permanent. and today am so Thankful of these people around me who I have chosen -like my dear friend since primary school
    for Years she`s given away these old camera roll boxes/don't know if this is the right translation for those/ and she has decorated those to look nice and are safe, small ashtray go always with you. So we wouldn't dumpe our smokes on the ground anymore.
    So it is indeed important of how we choose to see and live our life and How one person can make a change in others lives
    When my sister go running takes a bag with and pick up trash from ground on her route.. these are small things but y don t have to be Gandhi to make good things for yourself and others.. Right Jay Shetty ?

  9. "Jay Shetty is making wisdom go viral." would have been better if it was his own wisdom – or if he would have given credit to the actual wise ones.

  10. Wow….thank you Tom and Jay for the knowledge bombs. Great advise ant tips, definitely watching it again, I don't want to miss a thing. Great show Tom !!!!!

  11. This guy is a con man. Completely full of shit. Astonishing the sheer number of imbeciles listening to this scum. This tool was never a monk. He’s a douche YouTube influencer playing the weak. Hilarious.

  12. I learned searching in the content of your experience is endless. Just more and more ideas which are interesting, but never truly fulfilling. Try resting in what is aware of what is happening.

  13. I can't believe that it was 53 minutes long, I feel it was 5 minutes. And wow, I feel more eager to learn from Jay Shetty. One of the greatest interview to date!

  14. Thanks Tom!! You are really THE BEST INTERVIEWER on social media. You ask all the right questions just as I’m thinking I hope Tom asks “this” question. Absolutely brilliant interview and this channel is a blessing. 🙏 Life is a big place, much to learn, a lot of fine lines between being lost and found and a mysterious journey into an unknown destination. We are all searching and it’s platforms such as Impact Theory that are assisting our search. Impact Theory is one of my “happy place / looking for me / self growth outlets ❤️🙏🌎⚡️

  15. I don’t want to be negative, but I deal with criminals in my occupation and this guy has a quality to him that I also sense in a lot of criminals. I hope he’s not, but I get the same vibe.

  16. I love Impact Theory, Jay, and Tom. Thank you both for sharing. There is always a lesson to take from each episode. 💕

  17. Hey guys… If anyone wanted to know who is that Monk , who inspired him to be an urban Monk… So let me tell you HE is the Founder Acharya of ISKCON – His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada..🙏

  18. "The most successful people in the world; healthy, wealthy and wise choose education over entrainment. Transform and revolutionalize the entertainment industry so that it becomes educational without anyone knowing, so it is still completing entertaining, it is still like watching Netflix, but you are learning about human behaviour, the mind, neuroscience, everything, without even knowing you are. That's the greatest win we can have in our society"

    A big bravo!! 👏👏👏👏

  19. How to discover your goal in life ??

    1- Be Open to have new experiences & meet people who are different than you

    2- Choose a new experience that seems interesting & be around people who are successful doing it to learn ( observe what they do )

    3- Mimic them for a while ( it’s not about the great results they have … you have to try to do the same process , the hard work…

    * Most of us don’t fit .. so we are living & acting based on others expectations for us.. not doing what we really want in life

  20. 1) try to be exposed to unique experiences and role models. 2) Find that experience or role model and shadow it/him/her with all the pros and cons it entails. 3) Go yes or not with it (how well does the process (not the result) work for you?)

  21. 🎧 Search "The MMS Experience" podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast and other platforms for Daily Fearless Motivation, inspiration from Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, The Rock, Denzel , and more!! Worldwide 😘

  22. Best interview I ever watched on YouTube! Thank you for doing this and impacting us in a such positive way! Xx ❤️🙏

  23. Despite all appreciation for Jay Shetty, I just want to mention that the interviewer was really good as well. He asked very interesting questions at the right time and drew understandable conclusions. Impressive.

  24. Hello Tom. I have recommendation of books for Jay, if you can put them to him. One is Nehjul balagha and another is The Quran! 😀

  25. Worship One Creator
    not his Creations
    Ideal life is Faith in Monotheism Pray & Obey balance your Emotions &
    Patience be kind to Humanity
    Everyone is Responsible for his Choice Actions Deed's in Hereafter
    Without Devine Guidance Humanity is Lost in Desires Deception of Evil Traps of World
    God knows what's best for Humans
    Understand Purpose of Life
    God wants Humanity to Purify your Heart's Mind's Deed's body Soul's by following Devine Law's Qur'an Word of God ,
    For a Purposeful Successful Life
    Follow the Prophet Mohammed for a Meaningful Life
    Tc of Right Knowledge True Faith
    Mind based Spirituality is misguidance Deviation from Purpose of Life
    Well-wisher @ Peace

  26. I am as powerful, as I make myself, I am the main provider of my power supply, and I am the main source of my power drainer.

  27. Listening to Jay today made me feel lost …it's like I know nothing but Jay also said that we should open ourselves to new experience and learn new things..that gave me hope..of being a person of substance

  28. omg i used to observe even when i was a teenager , I always asked myself if thats what i want to be, and then my inner self answered, thats why I live now the life that i want 🙂

  29. Jay Shetty I wanna tell you this if you read this that I am going to help your dream come true although you already know you are actually living your dream but wisdom will be spread soon. The harmony of world will soon be achieved.

  30. I liked the advice he would give his younger self: "don't give up words". For me one would be "don't give up music".

  31. First, find out what is that you want to achieve then align or surround yourself with others who have already taken the path that you are on. It will open you up to awesome strategies to achieve success.

  32. I love this guy is one of the person that inspired me to make me know what I want to do with my life he is my legend he makes me create my channel too please bro I need subscribers and view on my channel and am looking up to you

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