How To Find Time To Learn the Russian language?

How To Find Time To Learn the Russian language?

Hello friends! With you Max and today I
want to talk to you about time about time, yes, about time management.
In Russian, we say time management. And why did I have such a question?
Why did I come up with such a question? I’ll show you … These are my Chinese textbooks and I’m constantly trying to find time to learn Chinese. But I have …
You know, here, in China, I work, I have a job and i work … well … eight or
nine hours every day. Also, I shoot videos, I record podcasts,
and I have a website. Oh, by the way, about the site … You can go to my site and
freely get a full lesson from my membership program.
Yes, so go to the site, enter your E-mail and you will receive a lesson. Yeah, the site … And
I have a personal life! Hell, yes! I want to go somewhere sometimes: in
cinema, in a restaurant, meet friends, but I have absolutely no time for it, no time. And I started thinking: “why that is happening? “We, we are with you, we live in
the modern world of the 21st century. We have, we have gadgets
we have mobile phones, computers in pocket, in our pocket we
have a computer! Wow! We have different devices that help us, help us
to do things faster. We have computers, anything! But we
constantly feel pressure, yes, pressure from above. We are constantly in
stressful state, yes, stressful. We always run! Look outside, here,
there is a street, look at the street! All people go like this, no one goes like this.
Very few people who walk slowly. Why?
And here’s what i think. First of all, initially, initially time management, it
told us: “if we have the technology to do
things faster, then we will have more time ”
So, I have, I have a phone, i have a phone. If I want to read
a book, if I want to read a book, I don’t need to go to the bookstore I don’t need to waste time I don’t need to buy a book. I need a *imitating computer sounds* – make a couple
touchs of the screen and book is here, fast, wow! Cool! Another example: we can order
food by phone. Hello, yes, yes, yes, please
today noodles with vegetables and coca cola, yes, thanks! Everything is fast, everything is fast! But
it turns out that we do things faster, but number of those cases, number of tasks, it is constantly growing, it is constantly growing and what can we do about it?
ok Stage two! One smart man came up with such a thing, he came up with such stuff: we need to prioritize our things to do! Prioritization, that is, to arrange the priorities. This task is important, this case is important but this is one is urgent and important. I.e
urgency and importance, urgency, importance. And we can
prioritize things, for example, work this is a priority activity. For example,
playing a game on the phone is not priority thing. First – work, then –
a game. Prioritization. But, I think that something is missing here something we
missing out. And I think the main point here is time. We, also, must think
about our time. Like how … what can I do now, today to get more time tomorrow? Or the day after tomorrow? Or in a month?
What can I do now, this is the first moment, the first important point, what I can do now so that I will have more time tomorrow? How can I
automate some affairs, some processes, some work. How can i
automate? ok, automate is cool! Second moment. How can I
delegate some work? How … Who can do this job for me? I can’t
do everything, everything, everything, everything, everything. Sometimes it’s easier to pay money and give some work away for another person and there will be time for more important, more
priority cases. That is, we increase our free time. Free time is
getting bigger, bigger and bigger. And number three, sorry …
Number three is the simplest thing you can only think of!
Number three is “do not do”, do not do, yes, don’t do! For example, you want to learn
Chinese you want to learn Chinese. But, all your day it’s
filled with affairs: work, then, I don’t know dancing, then pick up the child from kindergarten,
or pick up the child from school, then dinner, then watching TV, for example, then
sleep, yes. This is our day. And how can we in this day add Chinese language, or
Russian, or Italian? We need to think not how to add it,
but how to remove something first, how to delete something. How not to do something. And if we remove something, then we will have time. Usually, usually people think like that “Okay,
this is my day, this is my daily routine, my schedule,
and I will include Chinese in my daily routine”. .Ok, for example, when I have breakfast, I can watch the video on Youtube.
When I have lunch, I can do the exercises. But I think this is the wrong approach. Yes you
can, for example, if you go to work, or drive to work by car listen to some
podcasts (podcast of Max, of course;), but … And this is okay,
But doing something constantly … Having breakfast and watching video, having lunch and do
exercises … every minute you’re doing something!! No! It’s important to think about
your emotional state. Being in stress and under the pressure are not very
good ideas, this is not very good. Therefore, to include Russian or
Chinese in your day you need to remove something from this day. I think so, therefore, now I’m trying to do the maximum of those things, the maximum of those cases that in the future
will be able to give me time yes that will give me time. Friends write me if
you have any problems with time management? Do you have time to learn Russian? Do you just have time to walk and enjoy life? Or are you also constantly in such a stream …
you know, like a hamster who is constantly running around the wheel …
write to me! How do you solve your problems with time management? I will
wait for your comments! Go to my web site! There you can
get a whole lesson from my membership program. Wow 10 audio files, many texts,
please, friends, everything is for you! And see you in the next video … Bye bye! Ahh what to do!?!?! ??! ??! So, Chinese … no, okay, no, wait! Chinese can wait, Max, okay, okay …. I shot a video that means now I can … Oh, I can play the guitar!
Yes, great, I can play … no, no … Chinese first! So, no … or the guitar …?
Damn, what to do?

53 thoughts on “How To Find Time To Learn the Russian language?

  1. каждый раз смешно, как ты в начале типа не подозреваешь, что тебя снимают 😀

  2. Расслабьтесь и не принимай близко к сердцу DUDE, рано или поздно мы все умрем 😛

  3. Я все понимаю вас без проблемы. Вы отличный учитель на русском языке. Кстати ваш английский язык тоже прекрасно. Большое спасибо за видео. Афтаб Сарвар из Пакистана.

  4. Спасибо Макс! Что мы делаем автоматическо это навык да ? Я читал что 40 процентов что (?)мы делаем каждый день это навык. Мне интересно теория как изменять навыки. Я прочитал две книги про эту тему.

  5. Наверно да. habit is привычка and skill is навык. I meant to talk about habits. How to say “will power” Changing a habit is different than just using willpower to do something different.

  6. Привет, Макс, и спасибо за ваши видео. Мне они очень нравятся!
    Какую программу вы используете для редактирования (edit) своих видео? Вы редактируете очень хорошо!

  7. "Подкаст Макса конечно 😉"
    Отличное видео как всегда! Я пишу расписание каждый день – иногда я все делаю… 😅😅

  8. Макс я тоже не могу найти времена чтобы изучать руский язык в настояшии времени. Но я стараюсь включить руский язык к моему расписанию. И я думаю, сколько вы тратите время на что-то, вы получите больше результатов из этого.

  9. Знаешь, как я учу китайский язык, Макс? Я выбираю китайскую пословицу, читаю и пишу её много раз, например: 生命是一襲華美的袍子,爬滿了蝨子 либо 生命是一袭华美的袍子,爬满了虱子。(shēng mìng shì yìxí huá měi dí páozi, pá măn le shīzi: Жизнь – это великолепное китайское платье, покрытое швами). Это очень интересная учёба. К сожалению, я делаю это самостоятельно, так как я живу в Бразилии и я не знаком с китайцами. А скажи, не общаешься ли ты с ними? Мне кажется, что они очень дружелюбные люди. Удачи!

  10. but when is "enough time"? in this consumerist era the answer must be "a little more".
    I study Russian as a pastime and at a relaxed pace, that's my priority, friends and movies need to patiently wait in line.
    great video, by the bye.

  11. Вы просто супер, я с удовольствием смотрю ваши видео каждый раз. Они очень интересные и смешные. Вы отличный преподаватель!

  12. Я нет времени! Я узнаю русский на расслабиться но я только делаю мало каждый день. Ето медленно но я ещё очень нравятся после год 😉

  13. I try to learn Russian and anytime and anywhere. Any free time that I have a take my smartphone and start practicing.
    You inspire me whole lot too, even though I don't understand everything.

  14. Hi Max, это трудна найти времени : я сделаю не много русского языка, но каждый день. Спасибо за видео!

  15. Я слушаю твои подкасти и уроки пока я работаю потому что я работаю в офисе. Только я в офисе, и я использую настройку "повторяние". У моего телефона есть блутуф, так что могу слушать в моей машина. Каждый день я ездил на работу 20 минут. Обычно я могу слушат один из твоих подкастах утром и слушать другой подкаст вечером пока я езжу домой.
    И когда у меня есть обедный перерыв, я могу слушать или читать текст от твоего вэбсайта.
    Спасибо большое за столько интересних темах и за твою работу!!!

  16. Я иду в работу на поезде. Я смотрю и читаю уроки в поезде. Туда и оттуда как 45 минуты. Это хорошо, но я не могу практиковать поговори.

  17. Hey, Max, how you doing? Max, I have a little question, 'bout grammar (as always, I love it). In the subtitles in this video, you said "…если я хочу прочитать книгу, мне не НУЖНЫЙ (sic! как сказать это слово по-русски? sic! that's Latin) идти в книжный магазин, мне не нужно тратиь время,…", this modal word 'нужно' should be used instead of 'нужный' because the thing needed is an action/a verb in the infinitive, 'идти, тратить, покупать', (not an object), so you should say 'мне не нужно идти в книжно магазин'. Correct? Правильно? Спасибо, Макс.

  18. я перестаю учиться на неделю, если устала. Мой мозг работает лучше после!

  19. Очень хорошее видео, Макс! В последнее время у меня очень плохой тайм менеджмент.((( К сожалению, думаю, что проблем—мой айфон.((( Он действительно сделал мою жизнь удобнее в некоторых сферах, но я замечаю, что я могу часто и долго сижу в интернете или ютубе, а не занимаюсь русским. Не знаю, что именно делать и как хорошо ограничить мое время.

  20. Спасибо за хороший мотивация Макс. Когда я езжу на работу, я слищу твой подкаст и другие подкаст. Тоже читаю прости книги. И я согласен с тобой, нельзя каждую минуту чем то занимать. Есть день когда я ничего по русскими занимаюсь 😅

  21. я не думаю об этом. У меня всегд есть своя книга русккого языка в сумке или на диване, около меня. Это мое любимое дело!

  22. Привет Макс! Can you maybe do a video or podcast in the future, where you explain when to put "По" in front of words?

  23. Максим, я уверена, что однажды вся твоя работа, все вложенные силы, дадут свои плоды, и у тебя будет больше времени для отдыха! Ты большой молодец и работяга! Не спроста ты МАКС ) всё по-МАКСимому!

  24. Привет,Макс. Я понимаю тебя полностью. Это очень сложно и трудно учить китайский язык как я учу русский язык😂,кстати Я изучаю экономику по-английски , поэтому я тоже изучаю русский язык по самоучителю как ты.

  25. Great insight. I personally have problems with it. I'm trying to maximize time and do everything while eating lunch, dinner…Agree that our emotional state goes down. And when it goes down, it's not good because we self-sabotage it. Because of too much work, quality can drop too and next our health.


  26. Это правда, мы должны провести наша время хорошо, потому что у нас есть много время.

  27. Привет! Well, I am currently studying spanish, french and russian languages (my mother tongue is greek). Yeah I wish the day lasted longer, but I have to do these and a lot more that I am interested in, in a very short period of time in my day. So, here's what I do. I do small things to include the languages to my everyday life, so as to have an everyday contact with the languages. For example, my telephone is in spanish, my facebook in russian. I also read articles that I am interested in in spanish or french, fantasy books or science in english and other books in spanish – this way I read something that I want to read but in the language I am studying, that's two things in one (if I can say this in english) saving time! I also try to be thinking in one of these languages during the day or at work, or making dialogues with myself (strange as it may sound!). I listen to your podcasts while walking or running and I watch your videos while relaxing – yes I find time to relax, it's a priority to me or my brain will explode. Sure you have to read grammar, so I read even a little every night before I go to sleep, but I think the key point is to include the language in your life by any means! You can also "like" some pages that you are interested anyway but "like" a chinese or whatever page. For me it can be a science page in spanish/french/russian so the language will be poping up in a way that interests me while I am scrolling my fb initial page drinking my morning coffee!

    So, these are some ideas from me, я не могу написать все это на русском языке, I am a beginner yet!

    Keep teaching us!


  28. Just fall in love for the language you want to learn and believe me,you will find enough time to learn it as quickly as possiple! :))

  29. I'm running the Marathon with your videos! 🙂 but can you do video of how to know your Russian level like A1 and so on? Because I feel like I'm over the place with my Russian, I do understand a lot but I lack the basics, so I need to know where to start or pick up where I left of. Thanks again.

  30. Макс, эта тема очень близко на моём сердце… лол. У меня нет проблемы с таӣм менеджментом, но для меня не бывает достаточно часы в днём. Каждый день мне нужно работать восемь или девять часов, есть и чистать посуду. Потом я хочу читать, изучать русский и испанский, смотреть телевизор, говорить и встречать с друзьями, спать много… да, очень трудно. Мне очень занята и это – огромный проблем!!!
    Спасибо для видео, как всегда 🙂

  31. A friend of mine that studies Russian sent me here, I'm halfway thru the video and I already know you're gonna help me a lot with expanding my knowledge of this language. Greetings from Italy♥

  32. Thank you very much for your videos and your helping. What I like is you're using the vocabulary we are learning into a real conversation. Thas is why it's easier to memorize the new words. Greetings from Colombia. :)))

  33. Спасибо большое.
    It is a really good idea to think about what we do today to save our time tomorrow. Thank your for your video. I finally started reviewing Russian language after graduating from college so many years ago.

  34. я всегда плу. Каждый день работаю и ничего не делаю. Хочу изучать русский язык и грузинский но всегда устал. Только смотрю видео по интернет. И потом ночью не могу спать. Это очень грустно жить вот так.

  35. Quite a radical solution to the problem – work fewer hours and want fewer things. I worked in Spain for 3 years on 800 euros per month working 15 hours per week, which some people can't believe is even possible. But it meant I had a 3 day weekend and time to do 20 hours of Spanish classes per week (offered to me for free) and I had a good social life and enjoyed my time there. Having more responsibilities like a wife and kids would obviously change things, but in the earlier years of your life this is a good way to find time to learn languages. Even later in life you can make time by not playing video games, using social media or watching TV.

  36. Thanks for another great video! Is the Boya Chinese textbook suitable for a self-learner or I need a teacher, please?

  37. Привет мах
    Я понимаю все когда вы говорите, ну когда я хочу говорить, мне трудно говорить правильно слова

  38. здорово Макс, ты безусловно самый лучший учитель, и ты очень добрый, как всегда понравилось твое полезное видео молодец

  39. I liked your method teaching Russian ; you make it enjoyable ! keep going , I wonder why don't you have enough followers , your channel is one of the best channels or the best one ! Good luck , I have subsribed to you channel !

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