How to find startup ideas 2018 + AUTODESK GIVEAWAY

How to find startup ideas 2018 + AUTODESK GIVEAWAY

– Hi everyone, so I am
extremely sick today, so I wanna apologize in
advice for being low energy, but I wanted to make this
video and really cover how to identify your startup idea. Basically how do you come up
with an idea for a startup? Well the easiest way and I think really unless you have the idea already and you know it’s a good idea, but the easiest way to
come up with a startup idea is to determine your types of opportunities. Now what do I mean by that? What do I mean by types of opportunities? Well opportunities for an idea basically are anywhere where you can find needs or problems. Now these needs and problems
are unidentified sometimes. And their identified in other times. When are problems identified? Well for example, if you have back pain, then you go dang I wish there was some sort of medication I could take for back pain, so that’s for
example an identified need. Now in order to solve
these needs and problems, we come up with solutions. And these solutions sometimes are defined or they’re undefined. So wherein lies the opportunities here? Well, if you have an identified problem and an unidentified solution, that’s where your opportunity lies. That’s where you can create a business and this is called market poll. So for example medicine. You know that there’s a
lot of different illnesses in medicine and a lot of
solutions don’t exist yet. That is where your opportunity lies to create a business or for example, say you have a defined solution, but no defined problem. This is where you can sell your
solution to a niche market. So for example, people like
millennials that watch TV on their computer or that just download
all of their music online and they don’t buy albums
from artists anymore. That is a solution that
Spotify came up with. So they came up with a
subscription based service and then they pushed it
into this small niche and then obviously now
it’s grown a lot more, but that is how this sort
of technology was pushed. It was pushed onto a
niche and then it grew. So both of these different opportunities is where business formation comes in. Where do you not have any opportunities? That’s when you have an undefined need and an undefined solution. And that is called fantasy. So both of these opportunities, so having identified problem,
no identified solution or unidentified solution
and unidentified problem is where a business can come in and that is how you come up
with an idea for a startup. Hi guys, so basically I just wanted to say that I am doing a giveaway with Auto, wah. With Autodesk to their
conference coming up October 17th and 18th, and I’m actually going to the conference and so Autodesk was kind enough to give me two tickets to
handout to my subscribers. So the tickets are each worth 300, I’m pretty sure it’s worth 320 euros which is more than US dollars. It’s a two day conference
in Darmstadt, Germany. Basically you just need
to leave a comment below to let me know that you wanna
be entered into the contest. You need to be an AutoCAD user or a student or an educator and you need to want to
come see me in Darmstadt and be a subscriber, that’s basically it. I will pick two lucky winners to attend the two day conference. So yeah, let me know if you want to come.

32 thoughts on “How to find startup ideas 2018 + AUTODESK GIVEAWAY

  1. NYC video , I'm just in foundation of engineering. This is my last year: And Also Completed 'Autocad' a Software of Autodesk.
    I like your video 👌

  2. Great video! My last business idea was to sell dupes of famous brands since I live in China and hey have copies for everything but than I realized it’s illegal! 😭😭😭

  3. Have always loved your videos, still waiting on the one on SOPs and LORs. Also Autodesk conference giveaway is dope and I would like to be a part of the conference. Thanks

  4. Great video, I use AutoCAD for electrical drawings and instrumentation, I'm doing my last year of Mechatronical engeenering.I wanna go to the Autodesk conference.

  5. JESS take care
    Get well soon
    Its a great Video explaining what do one needs to do…its actually about creating your opportunity. Believing ourselves. Give our Best. Trust our struggle.
    That is how an idea can be converted to a great Business.
    Thank you so much.
    Its nice watching your videos
    As I am also a Mechanical Engineer and finding out ways to make my dreams come true…
    I know AutoCad too.

  6. I like the way you explained it in a matrix type box…
    Love your videos…
    And i really need to get the ticket..i have been learning autocad 2D and also worked on solidworks…

    I m a grad student of mechanical engineering…recently studying the research paper on TSALBP which can be solved from genetic algorithm which is NSGA- II

  7. hey i am hoping to win that autodesk because i want to experience using that cross finger thank you and God bless 😊

  8. I interested in the conference. I really enjoy your content. You bring up a lot of topics most YouTubers do not. I am a industrial engineering major and autocad user

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