38 thoughts on “How to Download Your Facebook Data

  1. how do i navigate my Facebook downloads once i have them? I want to explore my old messages with people. the icon to the left of each heading shows a blue google chrome picture probably because they are all html files? I can see names of people i've chatted with but i can not go further and see what we've actually typed to each other. Please help.

  2. Why does it take 12 hours for the system to get you copies of your own data? Time for NSA and/or others to scrub the data they don't want you to see???????

  3. Hi there never asked me for my password just said will notify me when ready by email thanks for turturiol most helpful have a nice day 😀

  4. do you have to deactivate or delete your account to download your data? or can u keep your account as well as download data?

  5. I just want my pictures and stories about my kids (so i could write them down in ACTUAL book some day) i don't care about the rest of it. It's not like i'm going to sit there and read random comments from six years ago. The problem is I will actually have to weed through all that crap JUST to get the good stuff……. but the ultimate goal is to delete that time hog. i also noticed my laptop hates that website. it runs quickly, smoothly and quietly until I pull up FB.

  6. Thanks. After I download the files can I delete it in my "Available files"? and why I cant open messages in HTML? Thank you so much

  7. Download a copy doesn’t pop up for me. My technical support team thinks it may be due to the time I’ve had the fb account.

    Is there another way to request the data ?

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