How to Download Twitter Videos to iPhone Camera Roll (Without Jailbreak)

How to Download Twitter Videos to iPhone Camera Roll (Without Jailbreak)

Hey what’s up guys! Welcome to another
episode of liGeeksBlog and I’m your host Dhvanesh. there are a number of times when you
want to save videos from Twitter to your iPhone camera roll. Unfortunately there is
no straight way. However, you don’t need to be disappointed as there are number
of file manager apps like MyMedia that lets you download Twitter videos and save those
videos to your camera roll. In this video I am going to share the hack to download
Twitter videos. First you need to download MyMedia app from the App Store. I have added a link of the app in the
description below. Once the app is downloaded next go to Twitter select the tweet with
a video that you want to download tap on the share icon then select share via
copy link to tweet now navigate to the home screen and open the MyMedia app now select the browser tab from the
bottom of the screen and open website I have
added a link in the description below now paste the copied Twitter URL in the
box and tap on the download button scroll down and tap on the download button
next to resolution you want to download give your video a name and tap on the Save button now video is downloaded and you can
access it from the media tab. select the video that you downloaded and tap on the
save to camera roll. that’s it now that video has been stored to your iPhone’s
camera roll. did this trick work for you? share with us in the comments below
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YouTube channel I am signing off thanks for watching and we’ll catch you in
another episode

100 thoughts on “How to Download Twitter Videos to iPhone Camera Roll (Without Jailbreak)

  1. Amazing!!! I did not believe it would work, but it did exactly as you guided. No downloading of paid apps, no twists whatsoever. 👍👍👍

  2. Using iOS 12 Shortcuts App, you can download Twitter Video on your iPhone camera roll without any hassle.

    Watch this now:

  3. Great, it’s an Indian man making a video on downloading a sketchy app. You wanna see bobs and vagene too? This seems like you’re trying to see our info by allowing access to your app.

  4. Bahut bahut dhanyavaad.
    Thank you so much.
    It works!
    By the way, listening to your voice make me really want to visit India, as soon as possible 😊

  5. Пokaзываю kak дeлaть110 дoллapoв в сутки. Подpoбности на кaнaлe.

  6. Hey just a little tip if it takes forever to download go to the media page on the app and it should already be there.

  7. i’m not one of those bot comments lmao. been trying to figure out how other twitter users got a hold of videos without screen recording. this app actually works and i’m so grateful 😭❤️

  8. It actually works, but you cant share the video further though? 🙁 tried to post on snapahat but it didnt appear in my camera roll

  9. This isn’t working. At least not from iPhone. There is no option to “save as” when you click download the video just starts playing. Long holding the download link doesn’t do anything either.

  10. Hey guys…..I like to refer jose.ph1315 on Instagram . He is a pro hacker and I vouch for him.

    He helped me at a reasonable price.

    Ps:You all need to be careful out there cause a lot of people claiming to be hackers but are all fake and some are not good as they project themselves.
    Stop wasting time watching videos like I did and contact him now.

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