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  1. @redmer9 You can purchase ringtones from the iTunes store or you can use a ringtone editor to edit your existing songs and use as ringtones. There are free apps you can download to do this.

  2. @litleeagle2011 Ringtones downloaded from iTunes would be edited already. There are some free ringtone editor apps in the App store if you wanted to create and edit your own tones. Just search for Ringtone Editor.

  3. I have purchased a ringtone on my ipad and cant download it on my iphone without it making me pay

  4. Hi, is it the exact same ringtone and are you using the same iTunes account? Once you select download it should display a message similar to 'You have already purchased this content, click to download again for free.'

  5. Hi Amandeep, have you tried a different USB port on your PC/laptop? If so, it may be worth trying a different USB cable.

  6. Hey,I purchased a ringtone and right after I restored my phone and now I can't download it because it says I have to pay for it again.Also I already tried to just continue and download it an see if it would say "to have already purchased this tap to continue etc…"Help!

  7. When you connect the iPhone to iTunes (via cable/computer) does it allow you to restore your iTunes purchases to it?

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