77 thoughts on “How to Download Other People’s Instagram Stories

  1. Sorry if the iOS app is missing, seems Apple might have taken it down or it's not available in some countries. Search for it anyway and you'll find others that do the same thing.
    Also, for those talking about using a screenshot, apparently Instagram is going to bring screenshot notifications to the platform soon so this will still allow you to get around that, as well as download videos and bulk download 👍

  2. I actually need to do this because we had bloggers for an event and corporate wants me to share their content. BUT the blogger can’t download her story sooooo…..yeah. We wanted some organic material from the actual event but we may have to wait for them to finish a photo shoot

  3. Cute videos! Like some fans post cute Video on their story about bts and i would love ti keep it instead of searching it on youtube. Crob it and post it

  4. Haha why I want to save a story!? I'm surprised at the comment…like it's something weird. Well, the real question is why would people want a story to disappear after 24hrs? In all seriousness, though my son posts an awesome picture and story that would be much better saved than lost forever.

  5. So, one reason is when a maker does a time lapse vid that you want to see how they do certain parts of the creative process. Thanks

  6. My friend snapped me yestrday anh he shared me when im dancing in his story and i wanna have that video thats why im here

  7. Why, for educational purposes of course..


    Well at least someone had the balls to finally say it.

  8. Making a documentary and some people's stories are good material and have that casual and spontaneous condiment to it that you might not get in an interview or something like that.

  9. Currently I have a crush on Tom Holland and I'd like to download his stories to make longer videos with them. In case you wanted to know. Thank you so much.

  10. Bro, u copy pictures not the running stories (( the reason I wanna do this: I don’t have music Lyrics options on my account somehow available, so wanna create a story on 2 account and then transfer it to the main account ( hope was clear enough) . So do I have any option to do so? Thx tho

  11. My family posts cute video stories that my mom would like to see, but she's not always able to get to the computer to watch them due to health problems. I wanted to save them so she can watch them later when she's able.

  12. Because I have a video playlist called “USWNT players but it’s just them being dicks to each other” and every time they scare or prank each other I need to keep it to cute my seasonal depression

  13. Reason I want to download someone else's stort: I was at a wine tasting with some newly made friends and didnt take any photos and videos but they did and I'd like a copy for myself. 🙂

  14. Thank You this was both helpful and simple 👏🙌🖒 On my Channel I share alot of celebrity content, need to be able to save stories 🤗

  15. My daughter is traveling Europe with her grandparents and I want to download the stories instead of asking her to send me a million pictures

  16. There is a particular song on other people's stories that I want to find and since stories last only for a day, I need to download it asap before it expires.

  17. My mechanic installed a 12 thousand dollar transmission for me and uploaded a video of it going in on his story. I’d like to keep it

  18. Not only does this goof get to judge you for wanting to record IG Stories. He's not even remotely helpful or useful. Way to go jackass!!

  19. I want to do this because someone filmed my brother drinking a whole bottle of beer in a single breath, like you would drink a shot, and this page with impressive drinking feats published it on their Stories. I wanna save it because this deserves to be preserved for posterity.

  20. I dont have story music feautur in in my old instagram account , and i dont want to open a new one so i download story music from my 2nd account and post em in my old one

  21. Thanks for this! Really helpful! I do it so I can save other people’s stories templates – like an ‘about me’ IG story template for example – not stalking lol 😂

  22. I had my music played on the radio and he took a video of it and posted it on his story I would like a copy of that video of my song playing live on the radio in the radio station Studio

  23. Im following a page bur their stories is in Spanish, a language i dont know so i wish to save them and decipher what they are saying in my own time

  24. I'm here cos AURORA posted an ig story today that really touched my heart and I want to save it to remind myself later. It's about how ppl keep commenting she has perfect skin and they wish they had the same but she says she gets pimples too they come and go like the seasons. There's no need to feel bad cos it's a part of life. It means so much to me as a chronic sufferer of acne 💜

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