How To Download Movies Using uTorrent 2017 | Download Movies For FREE

How To Download Movies Using uTorrent 2017 | Download Movies For FREE

Hello Guys! Welcome to our channel Techclicko We are back with new tutorial today that is how
to download movies from Utorrent. Torrent is best platform to download Movies,
Software, Books, Songs and anything you would like to have on your system. To download movies or any such things from
torrent, first we have to download and install a software called Utorrent. Then only we can download movies of our choice from torrent. So today we have sub divided our guide into
two sub section. Frist will involve steps to download Utorrent
then we’ll learn how to download movies using the same. To download Utorrent open any browser and
type Download utorrent in the google search bar and hit enter. Click on very first link ->you can see a big green free download button. Click on it and select the location of the
file and click on the save. The very next moment, Setup of Utorrent
would be downloaded. Now click on that setup to install, click
on run. Now next ->Now click on next again ->Then
I agree ->Then next ->Then next again ->Next again ->Now I accept ->and then finish. The utorrent is installed now. Now we’re
done with the first section. In the second part we attend to download torrent
movies. Minimize this utorrent, there are number of
website which offers torrent movies like extra torrent, torrent, kikass and more. All of the websites
function almost same. So we’ll learn to download movies from the
most famous website. That is torrentz, now go to this website ->Hit
enter. You can see a big search field on home page,
type the name of movie or navigate throw this options. Like I want to download “Everest” ->Now
click on search ->you can see a big list of option on the next page. Select any link by clicking over it. Just try selecting the link with highest seeds
and the resolution of 720px is recommended for movies. So it seems a better choice to me. Click on it. In the very next page you can see a list of
websites which offers the same movie with the qualities you demanded. Now click on any link. I recommend you to go for “”. It is very easy to navigate website and ads free. You won’t find any difficulty in finding
the download option. Now we’re here on download page, you can
see these multiple option here. Like download torrent, Download verify torrent
file and magnet link. I’ll show you the difference in all of these. Now click on download torrent ->and select
the location of the file ->and click on save. In the fraction of seconds, your torrent file
would be downloaded. Now click on this downloaded file and click
on ok. Movie will start downloading right away, depending
upon size of the movie and your torrent speed. It may take time upto 2 to 3 hours to download the complete movie. Now let me delete the movie since I’l show you
the difference in downloading the movies from magnet link. Now in the downloading page again, click on
magnet link. You can see this pop-up, now click on launch application. Now you can see the same windows we saw before,
now click on ok. And your movie start downloading. It’s a minor difference in the both the ways.
So don’t panic when you see just magnet link option out there. Infact this is somewhat easy to download movies
using magnet link. Now download as many movies as you want and enjoy
your favorite movies. But before this hit the like button for this
video and subscribe our youtube channel. Bye bye and thanks for watching.

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  1. Thanks, TechClicko. Just started downloading my favorite movie after watching your tutorial 😀

  2. , here we can see all new movies list and all. but on next step we are not allowed to download torrent file from those links. I think BSNL isp had blocked 🙁

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    What should I do?

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  9. Can someone help me? Can't download movies every time I searched the movies its appeared like this Torrentz will always love you. Farewell.

  10. hey it is not coming… it its the url which you have requested is blocked as per the government rules..

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