How To Download Movies From Torrent In 2018

How To Download Movies From Torrent In 2018

hey what’s up guys hazet here back with
another video on the channel and in today’s video I will be showing you guys
how to download movies from torrents alright so in the first just go to this
link at the description and download utorrent and when you downloaded
utorrent make sure to install it after the installation complete make sure to
open it up and go to it the second link in the description and install any VPN
because a lot of countries torrent is not legal so the VPN will allow you to
access all those torrents so make sure to connect your VPN and now
you can able to use any torrent site you want but my personal favorite is the
Pirate Bay so go ahead to this website called
Pirate Bay and now select the category you are looking for so if you are
looking for movies of course you are gonna select video now search for the
movie you want to watch and here you can see all the search results you can also
see the uploaded date and file size too so now just download one you want for
download click on the window and click on get this boren now you will see a
message pop-up says for open torrent now if you don’t see this message that’s
mean you are not running forint on the background so make sure to open up
torrent when you do it now click on OK and there you have your file guys that
the first few moments it will be download very slowly so give a few
minutes and it will be speed up and fans it guys that’s how you can download
movies from torrent I hope you enjoy this video if you do make sure to give
this video a big thumbs up because each of the likes are so much motivated for
me and also make sure to subscribe if you new to the channel because I do make
those types of videos and as always thanks for watching
my name is hazard and I am out

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  1. i know i've been messaging you for ages now but if possible could you get me a fortnite drift banner with my name on it because i don't know how to edit names

  2. And how the hell do you figure out what movie is after the lyrics writing the title of the movie ?! Remember what movie is after their title ?! No picture, no trailer !

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