How To Download & Install Offline FM Radio App APK on Infinix Note 5/Stylus Without Root

Hey guys it’s Eric here and i’d be showing
you how to get a proper Offline radio app on your android One smartphone without root.
Call this is an update to my Infinix Note 5 Stylus review where i mentioned a few things
missing from the Android One smartphones. Meanwhile the giveaway is still up for grabs
for a few more days so be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications.Here’s are the
simple steps to take to get that Radio AppFirst off, visit the link in my description box
to download the Radio APK file. Now if you don’t have a file explorer, i
suggest you do so because FilesGo isn’t going to see this APK format for some reason.
You can Install my favorite file explorer called ES File Explorer from Google play store.I’m
just going to go ahead and install the one i currently have and then find the file from
my Local storage>second home>Download folder and install that Radio APK.Once you’ve
done that, you can open it, plug your earphones in because it’s required. Hit the play button
and voila. Let me put that on speaker so you can have a listen.
You can see a full list of stations that are available in your location as well and refresh
the list if you ever move to a new location.You get an option to record whatever you’re
listening to on radio. You can playback what you’ve recorded on your Google Play Music
app that comes with stock android. Besides the Note 5 and Note 5 Stylus. This
radio App is compatible with any android phone that has the FM hardware. Hope you found this
video useful, if you did, give it a thumbs and let me know in the comment section. Also
follow me on Twitter or Instagram and that’s where the giveaway winner would be announced.
I’d see in the next one peace!

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