How to download images using Inspect Element

How to download images using Inspect Element

Greetings to all of you! Welcome to another video of Computerized Channel! A lot of times, when we are trying to download and save an image from internet, it’s file type is not .jpg, so when we double click on it to open, it’ll simply not open. I’ll show you a way in this video, so you can download, save and open any image from Chrome and from any website, by using Inspect Element. So, let’s see how that can be done. At first, we open Chrome and we search for any website, for example, i’ll go to DeviantArt. I’ll enter the site and choose a random image, this beautiful lady here, for example and i’ll right click on it. We can see here that there is an “Inspect” tab at the bottom of the list. We’ll click on it. So, an html code will open here. That is, programming language. Hovering our mouse on every part of that code, we’ll notice in which part of the website, every part of the code refers to. The specific image we want to download, is this one, which is checked with blue background. We’ll right click on that code and right after that, we’ll choose “Copy link address”. We are going to close Inspect Element and open a new chrome tab, pasting the link we’ve just copied. We’ll hit “Enter” and see that the image will appear in normal size and right after that, while right clicking, we can save it very easily, you can see that its file type is .jpg, that is image type. Moving on, we choose the location where we want to save it and just by hitting “Save”, the image will be downloaded in our system. It’s a very simple method for downloading images from any website and you won’t face any problems, while opening any image, because the file type will be .jpg. This was today’s video, thank you so much for watching up to this point! I’ll see you again in the next one!

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  1. Are fucking serious, you can save it directly without using the inspect element and this method download just the thumbnails

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