How to download google play store apk and install it in your android device

If you want to download the Google play store
application manually and install in your android device then what you do is go ahead and open
a browser. I will be using Googel Chrome and from here
you will open a site called Open this website and tap on this search icon
here and then you will search for play store. So you will see all the different versions
of Google Play store. So, the latest version which I can see is
Google Play store 14.2.58. So, if you want to download this version,
tap on this download icon here. Scroll down and then tap on this link here. Scroll down and then select “‘Download apk”,
tap on it. Now you can see now download is going to start. So, tap on “OK” and then let me select “Open”
and then what you have to do is you have to select “Install”. So, what does this do is this will download
the Google Play store and will install automatically to your device. So, let us wait for few seconds. Now the app is already installed. So, let me open it. So, this is the Google Play store. If I go and check the version, I have to tap
on this menu option. Go to “Settings” and if I go down here this
is the latest version 14.2.58.

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