Ya’ll Must got a cool TV like me because imma show you how to get Google Chrome on Your Android TV I’m gonna show you first here that i uninstalled Google Chrome on my TV.
So I can go through this process with ya’ll so look it’s not in my app drawer area
you try to search it on google play store On the Android TV itself does not
pop up when you search it in Check it out nothing there See told ya’ll so what you gonna do to make this work is You’re Going to grab a web browser not the mobile version I’m need you to get a desktop web browser go to play dot hey listen links
in the description so you sign in with your same Google account as your Android TV find Google Chrome select install and then it will show which devices it can
download to there I had a phone and it has my TV on top select the TV and watch the
magic happen and your app drawer On Your Android TV look it’s remotely downloading, DOWNLOADING!!! let that thing download now it’s going to install give it like
a good two minutes to install then you go to settings, apps, and then a list will
pop up I’ve downloaded apps Google Chrome will pop up right there you
select that and hit OK and now we’re into Google Chrome just get through that
first step self-explanatory so now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna just
search up a URL or whatever the case maybe usually on a smart phone when
you pull down to the top it will come up with the address bar but it’s not
popping up so I’m gonna just type into Google area right there
so I’mma type in something simple, look we up and running and
as easy as that you don’t have to go through no downloading to a USB stick none of that stuff and all that everything is right here At the palm of your hands
I’m sure you got a phone hit that desktop mode and go to play store install from there on your phone straight to the TV as easy as that all right guys if
you like this video LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE and I’ll come back with more


  1. Several questions. Where do you find the download. The video says play dot something that I can not hear. What devices can be used to down load chrome and how do I connect it to the TV. Also what do you mean by signing in with the same google account as your android TV. I only have one google account and far as I know I can not sign into it with my TV until I can get Chrome on the TV.

  2. Awesome, informative video. However, Chrome must have watched it too because it will show up as it's downloading and then disappear.

  3. Awesome cheers…it didn't pop into my menu but I went into apps then open, then signed in and accepted the t&C's.
    Once in chrome I did have to use my infrared mouse and keyboard to use… I can scroll with remote but cannot select any search item's. Up-shot I now have the updated terrarium without adds and I needed to do this to get it on my Sony TV 😉

  4. I was able to downloaded it but now it looks like the google screen is frozen on my tv. I can not manipulate anything with my remote control, do I need to buy a keyboard ?

  5. Alright, I am facing a challenge. The app installs and then the icon disappears from the desltop. It is installed but no icon. Now when I try to use the browser I cannot find the pointer. What to do sensei?

  6. The only annoying thing on searching is it's so slow like it's both hard and easy cause you can type one by one and search with only one hand.

  7. My Bravia XBR-55X800E shows up as not compatible on the Play Store. I've had so many problems with this TV – I wish I had gone with the Samsung.

  8. Too bad my tv is greyed out and can't be selected. And its a Sony Bravia with android as well. Guess this no longer works.

  9. I am getting a notation that has my tv "greyed out" but says no eligible devices for apps to install. Am I doing something wrong? Wish I could screenshot the pic.

  10. I was unable to select my TV to install despite signing into the same google account on both my TV & separate web browser. Please advise on how to deal with it

  11. Bro, how did you connect your mouse and keyboard, is it just plug in and go? That's sick. The remotes for these things suck

  12. Can u please write steps in the comments section..I was not able to hear u properly..and please how to download voot TV too

  13. Am having problems to install it.
    Are you able to help?
    When you get the drop down and you choose your TV, for me I can't choose it it say tv not compatible, I have a Sony bravia smart TV KD-55X8509C

  14. Okay 4 those of us who has they Grayed out Option to select Sony Android Tv … What do we do ??? Step by step !!! Can we get that ???

  15. no more chrome in the new sony android tv …. stupid browser that cant stop pop up – that will make you frustrated as u will directed to the advertising site

  16. Yah… looks like you have a Sony TV there son and that method no longer works. I know cause I came here looking for a fix and you aint got none!

  17. Android is cooler than Roku in that aspect. Roku won't allow search engines on it because you would be able to watch pirated movies.

  18. Not working for me. I have Sony Bravia with Android TV. But when I go to install it through the browser it says my tv is ineligible and is grayed out in the dropdown.

  19. Watch a 30 mins video in 3 mins. The BEST extension in google chrome store.
    Plus,the state of the art Artificial Intelligence algorithms automatically analyzes videos to locate and pull the precise location of key points of interest like – topics, scenes, people, sentiments, brands, expressions, labels and much more. Allowing you to rapidly gain intelligent insights from any video.

  20. From what I've read this only works on 2015 and 2016 Sony Androids. Mine is 2017 or 2018 and the TV is grayed out. I used Puffin browser from Google Play Store to watch South Park. Built in browser wouldn't play video.

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