How to Download Fonts to iPad and use with Design Space

How to Download Fonts to iPad and use with Design Space

Hey everyone it is Audrey with Audrey and I want it to get on here real quick and show you how to download fonts
onto your iPad especially for design space. I have a friend actually I
have three friends one of them just bought her Cricut explore air 2 and
she plans on using her iPad so a lot of these videos that I’m going to be doing
are a lot of videos that are going to show you how to use your Cricut on your
computer or even on your iPad so let’s jump right into the iPad and let me show
you how to download it now the first thing that you’re gonna have to have is
going to be the app called any font which is right here it’s a buck 99 so
it’s like two dollars in the app store and it I’m gonna tell you right now it
is well worth it okay so you will need to have that any
font a dollar ninety-nine in the app store that’s the first thing now um the
next thing that you want to do is you want to go to your Safari and go to the
font da font:12px verdana make sure that that any font
app is installed before you do this okay so right now
is a zip file and in order to bring it into the iPad now before I did this
video it said open in and then had it had another app right here and it wasn’t
any font so I just clicked on more and when I hit more it brought this up this
air you know these different apps and everything and then you choose copy any
to any font now what it does is it opens up the any font app alright so now here
is the list of fonts and I want autumn in November so I’m going to click on
autumn tap on it autumn in November and now it’s asking me tap icon to install
so I’m gonna tap on the icon and now it’s saying this websites trying to open
settings to show you a configuration profile do you want to allow it and I’m
gonna tap on allow and we want to tap on install now if you have a passcode you
want to put in your passcode here alright and now it’s just let you know
it is profile installs the font and that’s what we want it to do so tap on
next it’s warning you that the profile is not signed and I’m just gonna say
install and install Wow lots and lots of all of these things all of these
walkthroughs I’m so glad I’m walking you through it because I know that my friend
Deanna would have probably already stopped by now you’re going no I don’t
know what all of this is so now we’re gonna tap on done and then open this
page in any font let’s choose open and now there’s autumn
in November now another font I want to add is Magnolia sky which I
go ahead and download it downloaded it into this um any font app but I never
did install it so I just downloaded it now I’m gonna tap again to install let’s
see if it gives us the same prompts okay we’re gonna allow very interesting so
it’s not signed and now this is an OT F so let’s see if there’s any difference
install we’re gonna do our password again okay tap next tap install tap
install tap on done lots of stuff to get this okay and now we’re gonna say open
all right so now it looks like both of them are in here if I tap on that let’s
see okay now let’s go back to our home screen and let’s open up our Cricut
design now I did you know I have not added this Cricut design down here so
what I’m gonna do is just tap and hold that down until it starts wiggling just
like that and then I’m gonna tap and hold it and I want to move it down here
because this is where I’m really going to be using the Cricut design space a
lot so I’m going to tap on my home button again stop all those things from
wiggling and then tap on my Cricut all right now I’m gonna tap on my canvas up
here to open up the canvas now I’ve already got let it’s toe been working on
that so what I’m gonna do let’s see if it brought in the text and
now you see these are my system fonts this is all of the Cricut fonts these
are all the system fonts meaning what fonts do I have on the system I’m using
which is the iPad right now and this of course is all so I’m going to search the
fonts so I’m a tap on that and we just download it autumn in November and there
it is now I’m gonna click on that go let it snow there we go let me click that
move that down here make it bigger and there you go there is autumn in November
alright so there you have it that is how you add fonts to your iPad specifically
to be used in design space if that helped you out let me know if you have
any questions let me know in the comment section below and as always if you would
like to see more videos like this be sure to hit that subscribe button and
until next video y’all be blessed talk to you later bye

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  1. Thank you so much for posting these instructions for iPad users. I am brand new at all of this and I’m definitely very eager to learn. I just love how you explained the step by step slow so I can take it all in and understand and didn’t just say “ I already did this” and go from there like most of the others. I will subscribe to your channel for more step by step instructions for the iPad. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  2. Just watched your video and thought oh great I can finally download some fonts to my Ipad from DaFont. Follow the instructions. Downloaded the AnyFont app first. When i go to DaFont and choose a font to download i get a screen full of letters/numbers. Any ideas as to what I might or might not be doing.

  3. Loved your video. You really did a fantastic job. Very easy to follow along. Can’t wait for your next videos.

  4. Hi there…i just followed every step in this video and it didn’t show up in the system list of fonts

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  7. Thank you soooo much for a very step by step video. Beginning to use my cricut and could not find anything basic to walk me through. Do you have more videos ?

  8. Hi Audrey,
    I'm looking at purchasing my wife an iPad Pro as a surprise for creating fonts and using Procreate. My only concern is storage space. What Gb size of storage would you recommend purchasing in the iPad Pro? I'm just not familiar with the sizes of the multiple fonts you may store on the iPad for use. Any help would be great.


  9. My gosh I have been pulling my hair out of my head trying to figure this out!!!! To be honest I was thinking about putting my Cricut up for sale just this morning!!! But you just may have just saved me from a huge mistake!!!!! Thank you so much!

  10. I’m pretty sure I did everything correctly but every time I type it in, it kept saying no result found. This tutorial didn’t help me but I will still subscribe.

  11. Thank you for going step-by-step, I would be like your friend and give up trying to install fonts. So I installed the two fonts you did on the tutorial, but when I go to install another font, I can’t find it in my Design Space. It’s listed but when I go into Design Space, I will do a search for the font and it is not there. What am I doing wrong?

  12. Sooooooo helpful !!! Thank you !!! I spent about 2 hours trying to figure out how to add fonts to my Cricut ! I bought this app and it’s a LIFE SAVER!! Thank you sooo much !!!

  13. Ok I followed all steps correctly until I attempted to use the font within design space… it can’t find the font when I look within systems and I followed all of your previous steps to the “T”… help😭

  14. I honestly don't know what happened but a couple weeks ago I literally spent over an hour responding to all you wonderful ladies (and gents). I came back here last week to find that ALL of my comments disappeared! I wanted to cry. I'm hoping that you all will see this and know that I appreciate every single one of your comments. Thos of you that asked a specific question I will be responding to you again and praying that my response does not vanish again.
    I'm finally able to get back to crafting so I'll be uploading more video plus I'll be uploading new videos on Faith, Encouragement, Motivation and some other fun stuff.
    Be Blessed,

  15. I have several fonts on my computer that I want to be able to use on my iPad/iPhone. Is there a way to copy these from my computer to these devices?

  16. When I follow the steps, and open the zip in any fonts, nothing shows up! I followed exactly along, why is it not working!? Please help!

  17. We'd recommend using iFont – it's free, rather than paid like AnyFont, and includes handy features like Google Fonts integration. Give it a go!

  18. Thank you so much. I have been strugglingwith this for a few hours , watching otger very confusing videos. You are awesome. You were very clear with the instructions, easy to follow along, went at a good pace so I could write instructions down. I was about to give up! Wish you lived near me I would have you over to teach me how to use the cricut properly. Thanks again

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  26. Awesome video!! Thank you! I Just bought the Cricut maker, I’ve never owned one before, so I’m brand new at all of this, but so excited to learn!!!

  27. Please help!! I just tried installing a font and it’s not working!! I followed your steps and I’m getting something that is telling me I have to go to my settings and download the profile?? It gives me a link for Apple support and now I’m all confused! What is wrong?? I have an iPad 6th gen.

  28. Do you know what could be going wrong if I follow all the steps to upload fonts but then when I go to the Cricut app it doesn’t come up ?

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