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  1. What’s up Roberto?! Waiting to hear what’s new & what you took in from vidsummit. Keep making these vids. They help drastically 🙏🙏🤙🏽

  2. Thanks for the upload Roberto! You have helped my channel reach 16k subs. Although I’ve had to take a break because of work I love the success Roberto has helped me achieve.

  3. Every time I watch a new video, your quality seems to keep getting better and better. I mean both the information and the aesthetics. What camera do you currently use?

  4. I was thinking about these concepts thanks for the free game I’ve been considering my next moves thanks Roberto for the help 🙌🏾

  5. Thank you for this. I caught this in your live stream, but having it spelt out in its own dedicated video is really useful.

  6. You're right, Roberto. Many creators neglect comments and it could be understandable if some of them didn't openly cherry pick whom to reply or react to as many do. Still I understand that creators feel compelled to favor their supporters in and outside YouTube, but everyone who takes time to contribute to your content through comment (trolls excepted obviously) would like to at least know their words are not ignored. Taking some days to analyze comments probably doesn't hurt that bad. You practice what you preach, as well as Nick, Brian, The People's Bookkeeper, Ian Corzine and many others despite how fast you're growing or how big your load of comment currently is. Thanks for doing your best!

  7. That's a good question. I have never thought of my target audience. I think my target are parents. Then again, I want people to be inspired by my channel. So in short, my target audience are parents that want to be inspired and I am planning on delivering value by showing them that disability ain't inability. I hope I am clear lol

  8. Hello Roberto my target audience is electric guitar players in the blues rock genre. I share my knowledge of 35 years On playing lessons and gear. Thanks for all the great tips and motivationl👍🎸

  9. My target audience is the adult Minecraft community, with a focus on building, but I also want more generally to help with things in Minecraft that people who have been playing for ages take for granted and assume everyone knows. So I've got my Let's Play series, some tutorials and also playlists of How To and Potions. I need to make more videos in the tutorials and How To categories. There are elements of those in the Lets Play, but dedicated shorter videos are more useful to people seeking help or answers.

  10. I always thought of my target audience as people who enjoy cooking with a little bit of cringe. Is that too broad? Is that too ridiculous? I’m just trying to make these recipes we explore interesting throughout the entire video.

  11. Great video Roberto…very resourceful…. I am a freelance writer. Can you help me find some work? Thanks alot

  12. Great vid! Im going to jump out of my comfort zone and do as you asked. I'd like some feedback on my description of who I serve: I create personal and business development content from a Biblical perspective. Not sure if that is clear or specific enough, but I welcome any constructive feedback. Thanks.

  13. Yeah, Great video! Good to see you back my friend. My photography channel is growing thanks to you and a few other creators, so thanks for the awesome content!

  14. Yes! Love love love this video! Couldn’t wait to hear about this! Thanks Roberto! 🎃🍁 So, my target audience are people who are looking for healthy and delicious plant based vegan recipes. People who are compassionate, health conscious, people who love animals and nature, people who love good plant based food and are curious about the vegan lifestyle. Thats pretty much it! 😀

  15. Dude, spot on, such great strategy!! Very helpful and I definitely need to get my game on with social media. Love the ICED strategy and that is my 2020 goal. So cool meeting you at VidSummit by the way. It was an unexpected surprise and you gave me such clarity in the few minutes of advice you gave. Thank you.

  16. Really powerful information. Glad I have notifications on.

    Question: Who is your target audience and how are you going to serve them?

    Answer: My target audience would be families. I was raised on reading rainbow, Sesame Street, etc. I also watch a decent amount of gaming channels on youtube, for example coryxkenshin and I want that type of engagement for my channel, while at the same type utilizing my talents.

    I have a lot of work ahead of me of course and I'm currently working on making my content better (Using a mic instead of my mobile phone for recordings, practicing talking in front of the camera, working on my real-time character so I can start livestreaming as well as producing episodes faster as well as other things).

  17. Hi Roberto! you inspired me to make a youtube channel. I hope you would check it out, I want to know if im doing anything wrong and what im doing right. Thanks!

  18. I love it. I’m really rethinking identifying my audience with mental health content because I want to help everyone of all ages and genders and all that haha

  19. Hey great to see you back.. love your vids Roberto. we outreach to our target audience through social media (mainly FB) but are turning on to YouTube more of late. 👍

  20. I realize this is an “unacceptable” answer, but my target audience is me. (That’s my answer, the rest of this comment is just thinking out loud)

    I look out there and I don’t see anyone else who wants to be creative instead of just pumping out whatever will get them views and money even if they’d rather make something else, anyone who watched LOST and FRINGE multiple times over, or misses the early days of Smosh and Tobuscus, or once made a really dumb stick figure comic as a kid about a guy that never finished anything but somehow blew up the universe at the end of every comic strip… So I make content I would like, and I put it out there, hoping that it’ll “catch” some people who are like me. People who are weird in a good way.

  21. This was perfectly articulated Roberto! I appreciate you sharing this. My target audience is the everyday person who is trying to better their self everyday. People who are trying to grow and change their lives for the better in all areas. Finance, mindset, behavior, communication, etc. That's the type of person I am and the type of people I aim to serve! Thanks for giving me something to think about 💪🏁

  22. My target viewers are people who want to be resellers or already are. Also people who are just fans of the genre because its entertaining to them! Problem is there are many different layers to doing this depending on your likes, wants, and hunger! I tend to cover a lot of them but the only thing that ever seems to get traction is storage auction videos and sports card videos. I dont want to be limited to just those because I know so many ways to make money buying and selling. Im wondering if the algorithm realizes they are all the same niche?
    I think i serve my viewers with experience and examples! I want to teach people that are interested my 20 years of knowledge of the game for FREE! I talk about past experiences that worked and didn't work and I try to be organic with my story telling . I think i have the ability to open peoples mind to something new if I get the chance.
    My other question is also a video idea. I was not able to access my yt for 4 years and once i got it back it seems like i cant do anything the algorithm will suggest. Before that i was doing really well and had some pretty big videos but I cant seem to get anywhere close to that now after 2 years of getting serious. I know i have tons of room for improvement but ive been doing this a long time and i see some rookies kill it right after they start! Does the algorithm die after inactivity and stagnate subscribers??? Im sure there are others out there that have this question too and i never see anyone cover it…

  23. Answer of the Day: My target audience are self taught illustrators/artists that want to get GUD with their craft. I plan on delivering content that shows how to be more productive, inventing new strategies on mastering the craft, and how to make a living from their craft.(last part I'm still working on to figure out,so i can show my audience in the near future)

  24. Greetings Roberto, our target audience is homeowners, especially first time homeowners. Our slogan is build wealth, do it yourself. We want to encourage everyone to take on a project rather than hire someone and save a ton of money.
    This is one of your greatest videos!
    The number one key to success on YouTube is to show the audience how they will benefit from the content provided.
    We just purchased 32 acres of undeveloped farmland. I know you are a dog guy from a previous video. We hope to set up new businesses so we can help as many people and animals as possible. We will soon launch our new channel, Juniper Farms. We hope to have many shelter dogs and cats hanging out on our property soon. We just got 4 soon to be homeless goats 😀
    This video has made me rethink exactly how we should focus more on how our new audience will benefit from watching videos on our new channel and offer that proposition statement in each video. Thanks much!

  25. Roberto, thanks for dropping these facts! Creators, we should remember the social aspect in social media.
    Answer to the QOTHD: My target audience is gamers and content creators who want to learn how to build and maintain their gaming PC's on a budget. My aim is to reach them through search; in my niche, timeless topics are constantly being searched allowing for old and new content to strive. My job is to create value so that an audience would have a reason to want to come back and watch more videos.

  26. This is exactly why I started a Japan-centric channel for when I move out to Tokyo at the end of 2019! I'm gonna keep this as my personal channel so I don't really care how well it does and that gives me the freedom to experiment!

  27. Spot on, as usual. I always remembered you because you actually responded to my comments. It's a simple, yet powerful thing.

  28. My target audience is typically Male between 18 to 58, loves horror movies and stories or Female between 25 to 46 and loves horror stories more than movies. I bring them gory and scary stuff. i also have a facebook group dedicated to scary stuff. It grows daily. Converting them to a podcast can sometimes be a challenge because in the older age group it doesn't seem to be as widely known, but people are learning.

  29. Thank you Robert for the tips there are somethings I need to work on and more that I need to add. This may need work to but my target audience are gamers who are looking for for help in video games like how to, tips, game updates and guides also gamers who want to stay up to date with gaming news. Thank you again for the video.

  30. I got really bored in California so I started traveling around the world can somone tell me if I should keep making videos or just likeee quit lol

  31. I hope I can answer this right but my target audience I would say is people who are I to mobile gaming and even play the games that i do and or even thoses that might be interested in playing them and what I want to deliver is some decant gameplay to show the audience how fun and exciting the game is and some good plays too and even try and show case something new that has come out for that game. I think the iced method is not only effective but also just a cool name too much love roberto as always❤

  32. Heyyy Roberto! Thank you so much for all your content! My target audience are women 18& over who are interested in crafting, like watching crafting and budget DIYs and decor, and women who like to craft but need a step by step tutorial to see how the DIY was made. My point is to inspire and motivate their creativity and have a safe, non judgemental** place to chat and have fun!🤣

  33. Roberto, I understand this topic from both sides of the fence. On the one hand, I started a DIY blog years ago, and within months I was completely overwhelmed with the amount of emails I got from readers asking me questions. My Gmail Inbox was so full that Google auto-delted over TEN THOUSAND emails I could not get to. And on the other hand, now that I'm looking to replicate that website on Youtube, I realize that I'll probably be even more overwhelmed with comments, but I will have to come up with some kind of system or policy to responding, because I know how miffed I am at Youtube creators who have a loyal audience and never ever reply to a single comment. The struggle is real. But you are right, you have to engage with your audience–it's the entire point of build a channel around a specific topic.

  34. Thanks for sharing this. I have recently (August) finally defined my niche after trying different things since I started (January) and needed to define this for myself so here we go:
    My target audience are parents, grandparents, educators, and everybody else with an interest in educational questions.
    I serve them by sharing my knowledge and experience as a teacher for 31 years now, in both Sweden and USA.
    I also have an unstoppable thirst for learning and my constant research of new methods of teaching and other interesting educational topics is something I share with my audience.
    I have just started to do a live stream once a week where anyone interested can share their ideas of topics I should cover.

  35. Hi Roberto. I make videos about the impending collapse of world debt, our financial systems, and our very way of life in America. Hope you have some of your net worth in physical gold. Thanks for the advice today on growing my channel!

  36. Thanks for the info, I’ll use this to help grow my channel. I know my audience, guess I have to be more clear! Thanks, Roberto!

  37. I'm going to shoot you a DM on Instagram like your last email said I could; but just in case other people are wanting to know to:
    – Is there a specific plug-in or app or something to manage comments and make sure that you reply to them and engage with them? I do my best but I have still found un-engaged comments from weeks ago, which I must admit is not good enough from a channel my size.

    My response to the QOTD: My target audience is people who want to know an EXACT process to follow in order to learn a language, rather than just hearing "You can do it!"

  38. Hi 👋🏽. On this channel I plan on changing things. I haven’t posted anything in a while, Idk if it is even a good idea to keep the channel, but when I come back I my target audience will be stay at home moms or working moms. I want to motivate them though motherhood and child birth by sharing my story. I have another channel ( I just started in September) witch is a kids learning channel called JonesyKid TV. Over there my audience is obviously children and I serve them by giving a quality fun learning experience.

  39. At the moment I aiming towards a bilingual (Brazilian Portuguese-English) audience that's both can be stimulated by 3D visuals and or be interested in hiring me as a freelancer 3D artist. My question here (that is kinda answered in the video): is that a problem if I keep my "human view" and experiences or it's better to divide the public into two profiles? Tnx for everything!

  40. My target audience is people who want to learn to grow some of their own food but can not with traditional methods whether it be because of financial or physical limitations. Cheap and easy, off grid hydroponics that anyone can do. No weeding, no tilling, no problem.

  41. My target audience for my wife’s and my apparel craft business are people looking for custom gifts that you cannot go into a retail store and pull off the rack. About 90% of our clients are female between 19-50 years of age with kids or grandkids. They are looking for items with specific names or high school colors or logos. I need to increase my marketing strategy to make them feel comfortable ordering with us because we use top quality tshirts blankets etc. We use vinyl for the lettering and graphics with a heat press. We go the extra mile with the presentation by having a nice purple colored craft bag and white tissue paper as an accent when we deliver the goods. We try to make it feel like it’s a high-end product at a fair price that is accessible to everyone and to make people feel good about themselves and what they are purchasing for their friends or loved ones.

  42. My target audience for this account I am typing on now is people who are interested in film and TV reviews. Most of the people i am trying to reach is the superhero fandom such as DC (CW) fandom. I want to make as much content here as I can without burning myself out and I sometimes miss my deadlines because of my 9-5 work which is my main focus because of the holidays coming up. I am doing the best I can to serve my audience here with excitement to them coming back to my channel and look forward to my content here. I enjoy the video Roberto! I also enjoyed taking notes because it will help me stay focus on making myself better with making the content I want to make for my audience here! 🙂

  43. These tips work on ANY social media platform. It comes down to ATTENTION! If you pay attention to your people, your people will pay attention to you. Lol and you just said that in the video xDD.

    As for my target audience, it is creative artists, filmmakers and gamers who appreciate storytelling and the culture behind on how this stuff is made. What I am looking to improve at is clarifying it better to my audience and anyone new who shows up.

  44. I was planning to start a YouTube channel late last year offering tips and strategies on video production as that's what I do for living. My focus was gonna be on range from the beginner who knows nothing about video to the pro.

    That was until I nearly lost my life last year as a victim of gun violence which resulted in 10 surgeries and 4 months in the hospital.

    The whole experience has me wondering how I can fit my experience into a youtube channel as the fact that I survived and will eventually fully recover has been an inspiration to anyone I share my story with. I still want to create content in trh video production niche but now I have an entirely different audience and I'm not sure how to mix the two. Any advice from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

  45. My ideal target audience would be , people those who need help with money management, minimalism & Different investing ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  46. My target audience is people interested in helping the sick, the hungry and the thirsty people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

  47. Great message Roberto. My target audience are women ages 25 -34 who have struggled to accept themselves and their bodies and are working on a self love journey. The value I bring is encouraging them on their journey with self awareness tips and how to create Self portraits.

  48. My target is generally young (I'd say age 10-13 and then typically shifting older), specifically people interested in Minecraft. The goal is to entertain them around the content they already enjoy. As well as original formats that aim at leaving them with something to play at the end of the day. Some of the ways I aim to differentiate my content is by making it more visually interesting and keeping a pretty quick pace. – To be honest, I really don't know what I am doing. I just make content because its the thing I love doing, and people seem to enjoy it. I'd love for this to be more than a "hobby" at some point because I love the work.

  49. Hi Robert— My goal is to provide workplace leaders with a steady diet of useful data and insights from the employment litigation and workplace food group.

    My audience seems more likely to be on LinkedIn but the search capability and instructional nature of YouTube seems more appropriate.

  50. What I'm really focusing on most as per (potential) 'future' video content, is… an audience of those who would like to save big on their daily expenses. This could be anyone, even those that are 'rich.' I'm not only focusing on daily expenses being common bills, groceries, at least one vehicle and auto insurance, a house/apartment… I'm also considering the ability to donate to non-profit organisations. My LLC/ORG plans would give its members the ability to buy high cost/ticket items and pay for them in full instead of making payments.

    I really like the process of public speaking…

    1. Tell 'em what you're gonna tell 'em.

    2. Tell 'em.

    3. Tell 'em what you told them.

  51. Great vid! My target audience is female entrepreneurs struggling with Impostor Syndrome and overwhelm. They’ve been in biz for a bit but are stuck and not moving forward due to self doubt and a lack of confidence. I coach them on how to create their own mindset routines that break through the fear. I also teach them better planning, organization, and leadership strategies so they can get off the hamster wheel and start gaining traction. These are all women who know WHAT they want and even what they need to do but just don’t how to overcome the initial fear of doing it, of playing a bigger game. I’m not new to this coaching (been a belief breakthrough coach for almost 10 years) but I am newly serving women in biz and LOVE it. I know these women cuz I’ve been self employed myself for nearly 20 years. They’re my biz besties, my colleagues, my collaborators. I’ve been in their shoes and get what they’re going through, and I actually know what they need to do and have tools that work. But I’ll telll ya, it’s harder to build on social now than it was 10 years ago! I started from scratch when I pivoted and regret slowing the momentum I had gained from previous social accounts! I don’t regret the pivot though. These women are who I’m meant to serve and I absolutely love it. ❤️

  52. I produce clean comedy videos for people who are interested in awkward and satirical humor. Thanks for being a beast at explaining the YouTube game!

  53. There is still a few months left in 2019 Roberto, with thanks giving and the holidays coming you have some time to prepare for some of the off time people will have. I sincerely wish you all the best for 2020 coming, you give allot to your viewers and it's apparent it is with heart felt and sincere wish to inform and empower those you share with. I would really like to see some creative tips and reviews from you on the things you enjoy about creating or production, whether it is lighting hacks or what you love about your gear and what sets it apart. Your videos always touch on methods and mindset I think some production and workflow tutorials as well as some brief reviews of the gear in you links would be a natural succession,. Once again thanks for sharing Roberto and best wishes for a solid year end and a successful and productive new year to come!

  54. Hay man I am really inspired from your videos and you have made me to create my own YouTube channel Gain Money And Tricks and assist aothers.
    Your hard work is unforgettable 😉
    Like ❤️ Comment if you are agree.

  55. For this channel my target Audience is female gamers, which by the way has been overrun by males lol. My other channel targets weight loss strategies for women with thyroid disorders, more specifically Graves Disease. I have so much more content to share for my 2nd channel but I'm seriously slacking.

  56. My target audience is hikers and backpackers.

    I plan on serving them, by providing tips on many hiking issues, and gear ideas and reviews. I also hammock camp, and I provide information on hammock use, and different gear involved with that.As well
    as providing video documentation of my own hikes and backpacking trips in the rockies.

  57. My target audience is the “underdogs” people wanna be somebody and win who never really had anything and feel alone , im tryin to motivate people , be that person they can “spend time with” that can give em hope that there’s ways to make it out and be successful/ happy

  58. One of the best videos uve ever DONE! Ure right a lot of these creators don't reply to people's comments. Uve already replied to several of my comments on ur videos. Just here to show Love bro. Keep em coming. Thank you.

  59. Roberto, my target audience is those who enjoy college football and want in-depth analysis of specific players and teams. I reach them by analyzing specific players from various teams across college football.

  60. As always Great info🔥 Also glad you're feeling better! … Question of the day : I've realized I'm not looking for an audience.(it's a responsibility I'm not up to take on) Going to stick to making creative content for myself and creating a body of work/portfolio in hopes of joining a creative team. somewhere someday 💚💛❤️

  61. Great vid Roberto. My target audience is the disability community. I’m going to niche down on providing short form educational videos on disability topics.

  62. Great tips 👍. I always reply to all my comments but I do not get many even with 10k+, what am I doing wrong? 🤔

  63. Great method, really needed something like this. To answer the question, I run a motivational channel in India. My target audience is the people of the age group 15-30, of India. I post about the major problems these people face and try to discuss these in lay man language, so that everyone is able to understand my ideology.

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