How to delete playlist on Youtube | Mobile App (Android / Iphone)

How to delete playlist on Youtube | Mobile App (Android / Iphone)

How to delete playlist on Youtube | Mobile App (Android / Iphone) Open Youtube app Open your channel Go to playlist Let’s try delete this playlist Tap Playlist option Select Delete Sample 2 Now clear your Youtube app cache DONE How to delete playlist on Youtube | Mobile App (Android / Iphone)

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  2. um i have a problem, when i click the triple dot icon on the playlist, it only shows share and info, theres no delete sign anywhere. help!

  3. To delete a playlis: press the three lines in the top right corner of your screen, then press "my channel" , then press playlists, then you can press the three little dots and press delete. Welcome 😀 <3

  4. if yall want to delete a playlist you didn't create then find the playlist by opening the navigation menu and searching for the list of playlists and then select the one you are trying to get rid of. search for the check mark icon and press it.
    problem solved.

  5. Deleting from iPad or iPhone on iOS 9

    The answer is YOU CANT DELETE SOME PLAYLISTS from either the app, or the mobile site it insists on making you use with Safari. MY SOLUTION was to download another browser onto my iPad (Snowbunny in my case, there's a Desktop button hidden in the bookmark menu) and go to the full site. It was still confusing, since different lists seem to hide the command in different places, but I was able to find the delete for three lists. Usually, it was three tiny vertical dots while you were actually playing from the list. If you've already emptied the lists, as I had, just add something to each list first.

  6. I am usually an expert at these things but since Google makes YouTube really complicated I assumed I would have to look it up, but it is actually a lot less complicated than I thought.

  7. Oh, okay I get it! This "How to" video is from 2015 and that is why the visuals show a process which worked/ works on my iPhone 4 & not at all on my Android cell bought mid 2017. But Thank You for the effort and especially for an instructional video sans voiceover. I have many friends, new to Cali, American English as well as having access to newer technology. So your easy-paced instructions followed by you carrying out each step is both extremely helpful and rare!
    Peace, Regan

  8. Thanks bro and for those who didn't understand
    1 : write comment
    2 : go to home
    3 : find playlist
    4 : tap the dot things
    5 : tap delete

  9. Thanks for sharing…it really did delete my playlist videos but not the title of the playlist, its still there…how can I completely delete it???.. Or can I??? Thanks again😊

  10. I do this and mines still won't delete. My playlist is too long and I need to delete some of them. This kinda pisses me off.

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