How to Create Playlist on YouTube Channel 2017

How to Create Playlist on YouTube Channel 2017

hey today I want to show you guys how to create a playlist on your YouTube channel this is definitely something you may want to consider doing once you get quite a few videos uploaded on your channel and this will help organized video so people that do come to your channel they can find certain types of videos really easily so to do this first thing let’s go to youtube com in the upper right hand corner make sure you’re logged in to your account and then we’re going to come over here to the left and we’re going to look for my channel now if you don’t see this drop-down just click the three little lines right here and you should see the drop down so we’re going to go on my channel okay once on my channel we’re going to come on down to where it says playlist now once on your playlist you want to do is up here you’re going to see right here it says new playlist so let’s go ahead and just click on that now this is where you want to put the title of that playlist so I think I’ll just make something up call this one my best adventures then I’m going to hit create okay now I want to go ahead and add some videos onto this playlist so the first thing we need to do is go ahead and click Edit and then you do have some options here if you just kind of hover right here you’ll see a pencil to the right hand side if you click that that does give you the option of redoing your title if you feel like you want to change that name and then you just can click to get back off of it now you do have an option right here to add a description right here you can always add something so you can just added something in here real quick and I just typed in real quick these are my favorite adventures from the southwest just a little description and here’s a little tip for you guys to add a little search engine optimization on your playlist to help if you found a little easier on you tube is to add certain words in the description that relate to this playlist you know those keywords are very important for finding on youtube so once you get that just go ahead and just click outside the box now we want to do is add some videos so let’s kind of come on over here to add video now you have an option of just searching on YouTube or videos if you have a URL of a particular video you can just click on URL and then paste it right here or you can go to your YouTube videos which I’m going to do here okay now that I’m on here I can go ahead and just scroll up and down to all the different videos I have on this particular channel so I’ll just go ahead and just pick up a pick a few here and then once you select the videos that you do want to add I’m going to hit add videos now I want to do is change the video for the which one I want to have up on top here so I’m going to actually grab this one down here and if you come to the left you’ll see your your hands are the four arrows so what you want to do is just drag this thing up to the top and as you see it automatically changes the picture up above too and once again you and if you want to adjust any of these you can always take one and drag it down and position these to whatever spot you would like now we want to do is click the share and let’s go ahead and copy this link this is going to help you out for getting this on your channel so i’m going to right click and hit copy now let’s go back to my channel and as I scroll down I want to add this new playlist on here so I’m going to add a selection at the bottom here okay so what I want to do now is I want to add that new playlist on my channel page here so I’m going to go ahead under content where it says select content I’m going to hit single playlist and then choose a playlist I’m going to actually click on that and I’m going to go enter playlist URL and then that URL I did copy earlier or click on this and hit paste add okay and then once you’re going to what you’re going to see is the playlist just popped up right here so I like what I see I’m going to hit done now this playlist is actually on my channel but I want to do is I want to move this playlist up towards the top of the channel so what I’m going to do is I’m going to hover over and you’re going to see a pencil a down arrow and up Ariel so I’m going to go ahead and click that up arrow now you’re going to notice this this is a fault i notice this is happening on youtube and i think it’s something in their programming as i hit up arrow if this thing does not want to move so what I have to do is I have to refresh my page ok once i refresh my page I’m going to go ahead and scroll on down to look for that playlist that i just uploaded here it is right here my best adventures now i’m going to go ahead and hover and i’m only going to see one arrow and a pencil so i’m going to go ahead and click that arrow as you see it now moves and you do have the option of moving it back down to if you want to so I’m going to just take it up here just a little bit so you do have one more option if you want to do is take this from horizontal to vertical what you’re going to do is you going to hover over and hit the pencil and then right here under single playlist you have a horizontal roll on a layout here so if you click that and you can go to vertical and then it done so what that does it actually kind of helps break up the page a little bit so here you got an horizontal horizontal and in a vertical and a couple more horizontals so it’s kind of a neat way to kind of break up your page here to make it look a little nicer okay and the very last thing I want to show you is how to delete this playlist if you don’t like it so you need to do if you hover back over to the upper right of that plate list you’ll see the pencil let’s just click that and then we’re going to come right here where the trash bucket is click on that it’ll automatically delete the playlist off your channel there so anyways I hope this video helped you out if it did definitely hit that like button down below share the video with anybody you think this could help them out and we’ll catch you guys on the next video here you guys have yourself a really good one

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  1. well done. a brilliant step by step of how to create a playlist. most other videos re too clicked de click and done 20,000 moves with the mouse whilst you blink. well pleased now. just created 2. chuffed!

  2. Yeah but they updated again and I can't find it the same way, you wouldn't happen to know how to do it with this new update, do you?

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  4. OMG, You just helped med out tremendously, thank you so much as I'm new to all of the YouTube techniques and I watched several videos but really understood how to make a Playlist when I watched your video. To some folks this may be a easy task but I had no idea as to what to do until I viewed your video as it was easy to follow, very detailed and straight to the point. So I now successfully had a playlist on my channel thanks to you! Now I have to figure out the part on my channel where it says for "Posted Videos" and then I think I'm set. (As you can tell I'm technically challenged, lol ) Thanks again, your the man!

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    Best Wishes n Blessings. Keith Noneya

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  16. You might have to have so many videos on your channel before you are allowed to create a playlist. That option to create playlists appears on my old channel with hundreds of videos, but the new channels I am creating do not have that option.

  17. I just subscribed.  Great Video and I get it but since I am a new YouTuber, don't think this is dumb, why do we want a playlist?? I assume it may be helpful for searches??  Also in the playlist settings should we click both boxes regular and official??? Thank you.  Not sure why I am doing this but I sure know how to do it now.  lol

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